Anushka Sharma and Julia Michaels are doppelgangers and we have enough proof; Watch out Virat Kohli

The Bollywood actress looks eerily similar to the American singer in a recent picture and netizens can't get enough!
Photos,virat kohli,Anushka Sharma,Julia MichaelsJulia Michaels and Anushka Sharma
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Anushka Sharma is back from her long holiday with husband and ace cricketer Virat Kohli and has made headlines all over again! Unlike most times, this time it isn't trolls who are bickering about her. Instead, it is about her newly found doppelganger! There is a belief that there are seven people who look exactly like each other all over the world. And while most of us are yet to find them, the Sui Dhaaga actress seems to have found hers! And it is none other than American singer/songwriter Julia Michaels who was even nominated for a Grammy a couple of years ago! 


Aus makin my hair extra floofy

A post shared by Julia Michaels (@juliamichaels) on

It all started when Julia posted a picture of herself on her Instagram and captioned it "Aus making my hair extra floofy".. Indians on the internet wasted no time and immediately spotted the similarities between the singer and the Indian actress. Some called them sisters, while others called Julia the "white" version of Anushka! 

The picture in question has Julia posting with her short platinum hair a nose ring and her grey eyes glistening. She does look eerily similar to the Bollywood actress who often poses in a similar way for her selfies and even sported a similar haircut but in her au naturale brunette locks. 

As always, desi twitter had a blast comparing the two and there are already tons of memes on the same! One of the most popular ones even has the caption "@juliamichaels looks more like @anushkasharma than Anushka herself!"
Do you see the similarity between the two? Comment below with your thoughts. 


Anushka is a beauty !

I think Anushka's ditto resemblance to the late Pakistani singer Nadia Hussain is the uncanny.

julia is 10 times better looking

Anushka doesn’t look like herself any more, she’s had work done on her cheeks and chin..

so this means anushka isn't "THE ONLY ONE OF HER KIND"...omgggggg ;-)

must have given her pic to the cosmetic surgeon !

Anushka s hair should also be colored (photoshopped) in same blonde shade. They will look exactly same. They are eerily similar..

Ah, so this foreigner was her goal in all the cosmetic surgeries


There are some similarities.

Julia looks far better than Nush.

VK's luck has no bounds

But she doesn't look like AS in general

This is the closest doppelganger pic I've ever seen

Gorgeous gorgeous anushka and julia too! Twins!

Shes better looking actually

I mean no. Ms Michaels runs rings around the other one.

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