Anushka Sharma flies down to Auckland to catch Virat Kohli in action

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Anushka Sharma has been in the news lately with regards to her budding friendship with cricketer Virat Kohli. Anushka has maintained that they are 'just friends'.

But her recent trip to Auckland may just end the speculations. Fans spotted her yesterday at the ongoing New Zealand vs India Test Match. Guess who is playing in it ? Virat Kohli .

Dressed in casuals, Anushka looked gorgeous as she posed with the fans.

We wonder if Anushka brought in some lady luck for Virat Kohli/Team India!

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Credits: Hemant Parikh

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she doesn't look "normal" .. she just looks better than what she looked like in koffee with karan. The swelling may have gone down...but compared to her earlier pictures.. the change is evident for sure..(cheeks,lips)... basically everything!!

Anoushka if you READ I hope that does not take care of the negative comments written about you they just spiteful

lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely

At least wear better fitting and less ghettoish hot pants if you plan wear such a tiny number.

love anu and virat together....god bless them

Anushka needs some self esteem not another boyfriend. It's no coincidence that she started all this surgery business after the split with Ranveer. The love of a man is great and all but there's no substitute to loving oneself. Otherwise she will continue to mutilate herself unnecessarily.

Another overrated actress who's screwed up her face. What else is new?

Am I missing something? The other two girls look VERY average while Anushka looks gorgeous, like a star, even without make-up. This website is polluted by Deepika fans these days, who go around hating and disliking every good post about other actresses. They are probably mad because Anushka denied being friends with Deepika while the latter blabbered on like a moron about how she is friendly with Anushka...some people are just used to lying. Try seeing your favorite without make-up, forget these two fans, everyone would look more beautiful haha.

I agree with you ,

What is wrong with this girl what has she done to her lips abnormal and not necc she cant even smile properly

Anushka was beautiful... she's messed it up a bit but in no time she will be back to normal. I think the procedure she has gone through is not something permanent and it hasn't used a knife. If it's botox, which I think it is, it's going to lose this impact soon. Let's hope she gets some good advice and simply remains the way she is. She will be beautiful again. Having said that, I can't really say she isn't beautiful any more. She isn't as naturally lovely as she used to be.

Okay! fans of other actresses! stop polluting this post on how the other two girls look better than her blah blah and how her career is ending! the fans are beautiful but she is too! she is an amazing actress and very beautiful! this is Anushka without makeup! before commenting on this post, please check the pics of ur favs in New york without make up and see how she looked! n plz dont even start on the shorts, if she wears it its short but if ur fav wears it its Fashion!! double standards much! PV PLEASE POST

The shorts are too short -_- . If any shorter, her modesty would've been exposed. If I had legs like hers I would've been tempted to wear micro mini bottoms all the time too but somewhere you need to draw the line.

go draw the line when your fav wears the same length! she is dressed casually and did not expect to get clicked over there and she looks amazing!! stop hating! PV POST


Wow you're so pressed. Firstly, I dont have any favorites in the Indian film industry. Their are better movies and dramas outside our country. Second, I'm not criticising her because I dislike her or anything. If somebody else were to wear it, I would've said the same thing. Just because my comment isn't 100% doesn't mean I'm 'hating' or whatever term little kids like to use for every damn thing these days on the internet.

i hate them shorts shes wearing

no offense I like anu but those fans do look better than her, no problem in that in this world some one will always look better/ worst than you, plus beauty is subjective.

Who are the other two girls?

She looks awesome without makeup

with or without surgery- the lady is HOT

love her style of dressing. she is so cute.

hotness personified.

Please those shorts needs to be longer, they look vulgar,

Anushka looks normal here

Well, she IS normal. That hair style & the angle in KwK was not flattering at all. But people need a reason to be gleeful happy about a celeb´s "demise" so they make much noise about nothing, i guess

Exactly! She may (or may not) have got a lip job, but people are quick to assume "it's the end of Anushka's career" and that "she looks like Lindsay Lohan"!! Geez!! Over-exaggerating much!
Anushka, let your work do the have three potentially great films, just concentrate on your films, and ignore all this negativity! :-)

It's very funny when fans look better than the celebrities

Are you kidding ، I do not see the beauty of these two girls ,
Anush look pretty

Her fans looks beauty and awesome

These two gals look much more attractive than her. I have seen Anushka since her modeling days when she use to live in Lokhandwala...very very average looking..she is tall that's it.

What's with her cheeks! She will look prettier if she got rid of those cheek implants!

WTH! those girls are damn cute, I was wondering about whom is this article to begin with

Hey anushka, you should have worn still small re short and longer cardigan.

It's funny how majority of the posts on this thread are talking about the other two girls than Anushka herself.
I am hoping it's not some camera angle or tilt of her head that's making it all seem normal than what we saw on the kWK thread. Every newspaper seemed to have thrashed Anushka about the lip job.

Mind you Virat is a good catch-the best from the current Indian team.Good job Anushka.I think he appreciates you as you are-now NO more plastic surgery ok.And please dont lie.Makes you look bad-especially with your fans.You are talented.Be confident.

She looks gorgeous here..

Who are those two girls??? They should come to bollywood

Just saw a pic of Virat and Anu hand in hand in Auckland, posted a separate topic. I'm happy for her.

Omg the two girls look some models!!! Are they?

The girls look soo much better than her!!!

Thats the first thing i said when i saw this post the fans look amazing themseles.

One of the girls went to school with my daughter.And yes you will find some good looking Indian girls in New Zealand.I hope her presence will lift Virat(and the Indian teams) performance.They suck at the moment.

Hot pant at this stage ? lip job, hot pant--- not bad.

PS: I think Anushka must REALLY like Virat. Both here and in the KWK ad, she seems pretty happy talking about it. Season 3, her attitude was pretty much the opposite-- vehement bordering on dismissive denials.

Well he's quite the catch I guess and she wanted to date someone who's not an actor. There's is a long distance relationship so it must be difficult but good luck to them :)

Anushka is Indian version of Cameron Diaz.

Big No

Wait, the match starts tomorrow, February 6. How did they spot her at the match yesterday??? And Virat didn't play the two day warm up match (feb 2- feb 4) either. She was probably in NZ, but the part about her being at a match/cheering for India and whatnot is probably made up?

She looks pretty here. :) Wow, Love her casual style. She looks great in it.

the fans look like model themselves. wtf!?

She can carry off those shorts. Very hot and cool both. The girl on the right has striking looks.

It's more obvious on camera because of the lighting.

Fans look cuter than her.

I saw them yesterday! Walking around holding hands like normal people omg.

Hey Anushka, is this you? Or your spokesperson? Are the rumours with Anurag true?

Anu and anurag?? I think they're having an affair!!

I don't understand how her face looks different everytime we see her. She looked good on aamirs koffee woth karan segment. Then on her own episode messed up and now after a few weeks back to looking normal. Praying it stays this way and no kwk nightmare.

anushka looks really cute here! lips much more normal looking. hope it stays this way.

here lips look better here, lol.

Am I the only one who finds this Anushka virat love story false.. Something abt anushkas reactions on kwk also seemed off n fake.. She's seems to be trying too hard to tell us she's with him !! But why ? To show she's not with Anurag k? Or to show Ranveer she's moved on too ? God knows !! I just find this new Anushka very bitter n brittle :( used to be a fan !

yes youre the only one. stop being so bitter about her life, she's finally happy about something. let her be.

I like how she has posed here, with her face just in that angle. That makes her lips look proper. If she tilted her head at a different angle, it looks bad. Anyways I hope it settles down soon and I agree with everyone else who said "No more surgeries."

Tooo tiny gawd!

Pretty as. Usual

anushka is so beautiful, i really like it wen dese celebs date outside deir industry ! or else dey wud jst talk abt the industry on and on ... virat & anushka make a cute couple ... i hope dey get married

She looks so pretty now, and god she got the legs to sport in tiny shorts and no ingrown hair, damn...I can't never sport tiny shorts even in the West, too self-concious...

Virat is much richer, successful and classier than that monkey Ranveer. Upgrade !! U ditched her and now are u feeling that heat Ranveer??? Heheh go sulk

You need to know!!
Ranveer is super rich.
Ranveer's dad is a multi millionaire..he's the only son!
Ranveer introduced anu to virat:)

I've read several articles stating that he came from a wealthy family. He's father is very rich. I can digest the fact that ranveer and anuskha have sizzling chemistry on screen.

OMG.......I Just read in the "IF" . Ranveer belongs to a very rich family background. I was surprised because he's very humble. I Love anu before plstic sergry.

OMG.......I Just read in the india-forums. Ranveer belongs to a very rich family background. I was surprised because he's very humble. I Love anu before plstic sergry.

& now you know why Deepika is with him, even when she pretends not to. So funny that people are discovering this only now. lol

He comes from a super rich family but money does not excite ranveer. Deepika already rich so there is no need "money". Money is not the benchmark of happiness.

Errr I doubt he's sulking...he's quite content with his Deepu. :P Let them be.

She looks pretty here :) Please do not get more surgeries :|

plz tell me can i date if i become satya nadela zuckerberg or sebastian vettel one day plzzzzzz

It's so hot that she had to wear short shorts but then she wore a sweater.....?

those shorts are quite short :p

those fans look lik models themselves

one day i will play fr barca and den she will be mine

Hope it stays exactly like this.

Damn, those fans are quite pretty too!

I don't understand why there are dislikes on this comment... what's wrong if someone's complimenting the two fans? Lmaooo

Other 2 girls are million times prettier. Better features with striking looks

Chaddi hai ya patlone???

Ye ramesh aur suresh ki pitaji ki patloon hai. Masterji ek blank aur choti kijiye

she looks good here... hopefully she'll never get anymore plastic surgery

Looking good!

those are some really tiny shorts

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