Arjun Kapoor with sister Anshula Kapoor at Karan Johar's birthday bash

Arjun Kapoor with sister Anshula Kapoor in black at the KJO birthday bash. Anshula just graduated from Columbia university.

Also spotted are Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor.

P.s: For those asking the other guy is Mohit Marwah:)

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Credits: pv

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That SMILE! He must have the best smile I've seen on any male actor.

arjun regaining the weight, nooooooo

I love Arjun!!

its really huge name !!

tats mohit marwah!!!...grt family pic.

He is Mohit Marwaha,Anil Kapoor's sister's son.cousin of sonam and arjun kapoor....

Check out mohit's twitter n you will know tht guy standing nxt to ssnjay kapoor in fact is mohit who is anil, sanjay's sis son. The person calling others idiot they themselves need to get their facts right before being so confident.

That's not harsh, how do i know well he is my brother's friend n I have seen him many times.

Thats mohit marwah ..anils nephew ...Nice family picture :)

Arjun looks really good
so does his sister God bless them!!!

wow harsh is so handsome :)

Harshvardhan is cute!!!

Thats Anil Kapoor's son, Harsh Kapoor

dats not harsh..,harsh is skinnier n darker..d guy in d pic is mohit ..sonam once posted his pic on twitter..

That is Mohit Marwah, son of Sandeep Marwah.....its correct.

Hot Arjun. I so want him!

sanjay kapoor look like ashish kapoor

That's harshvardhan kapoor not mohit marwah

U idiots..the guy with arjun and sanjay is Harshvardhan..Sonam Kapoor's bro..get ur facts right people!

The other guy (not Arjun or Sanjay) is very good looking!

OMG who's this Carbon Copy of Anil Kapoor ?!!!!

WHO IS THE GUY BETWEEN Sanjay and his wife??? He need to join Bollywood! hes attractive!

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