Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana At Their Mehndi

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Wishing the couple a very blissful married life together!

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May Almighty Allah Bless u both.

rab ne bana de jodi

Nice different and beautiful ....... So elegant!!

Phone addiction is everywhere, i won't be surprise the trend will be that phones are even found in peoples' own coffins!

The turban wih grey frock is baluchi ,and yellow turban is punjabi.

copy of indian designers

ok the grey is a frock,its a baluchi traditional dress,turban is punjabi,may be he is half punjabi and half baluchi or may be the girl is baluchi.

Pl someone post some more pics for the event and gust thx

in the 6th picture, atif has his phone in his's your wedding man!!!

Who are they again???

#1 post.

They both look lovely, god bless them.

Wed, 2013-03-27 23:54 — Fiza_Khan
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PV deleted my comment - my comment was that Aishwarya looks good even without makeup & with dark contact lenses. I posted some photos of her with minimal makeup & PV deleted it. Maybe some Aishwarya fans found it "offensive," I wonder why ... especially because she still manages to look good without it.... Stop being a loser.
You're right but you mean she was...

I just love the bridal dress.


the couple looks lovely! he bride is overshadowed by the groom.

atif u and your waif very beautiful i love u soooo much nd mis u soo much

turban suits him. after all his ancestors were sikh.
he should have broken tradition and gone to golden temple for marriage in amritsar.

Congrats to the lovely couple :) and yes the bride is very beautiful

Aww so cute!

@nabby -h this is mehndi functi0n n0t their wedding

Congrats to Atif & Sara though, very good looking couple...

Cute couple congrats

who are they?

Her hair was such a mess!

wow...lovely..wishing them all the love and blessing from Allah...

Both Atif and Sara look lovely

Seems like Atif changed his attire in between.

woww just love that huuuuge turban thing fanning out peacock-style! bet they become all the rage now!

looks like any normal wedding to me.

the bride looks so pretty. I love that orange dress.

they are a gorgeous couple, wish them a happy and fruitful married life! god bless them!

She is sooooo beautiful!

Cute couple

Is he wearing skirt on grey kurta...?

What kind of groom dress is this...? I think one shouldnt wear this much odd dresses on their big day...

He should work in bollywood movies.. Would love see him on screen!
I Love Youuuuu Atif ;*

His turban is 4 times the size of his head, looks silly!

HAha it looks like groom is more intrested in photo session than in his bride. All his posings look so fake . Bride is charming & dignified .

wao atif looks so much better then many bollywood actors wish he would do movies i saw him in bol and he was great as an actor

now THAT's what i call a statement turban!! fabulous!

now THAT's what i call a statement turban!!

wife is so beautiful

Congratulations to the lovely couple! :)

Pagar ( Turban ) suits Atif very well and is great indeed. Also the frock dress usually wore by dancers in Punjab along with Wasket is now making inroads into Mainstream weddings and in ceremonies and that is great.

he looks like naseeruddin shah.

Did he change clothes in the middle? I know people do that to dance and stuff but it's usually the bride and not the groom. lol! their outfits.

why is atif dress like this ???


They look good!

I am wondering why the groom changed his clothes....the bride is in the same outfit.

Honestly....Paistani designers are the best. I am always blown away with their work when it comes to eastern bridals. Manish Malhotra is so over rater here, his work looks tacky but Sabyasachi is really good though. The bride is beautiful.

Why are u gettin married Atif.. I Love You soo much
Anyways happy for u :)

His turbans are making quite the statement!

he looks like theres a peacock on his head.

atif is in a traditional dress :P

He is dressed culture specific,

cute couple!

thats mehndi picture not wedding!

Beautiful, they look like dolls!

this just looks like the mehndi..more pics to come i hope..


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