The Bachchans at Anil Ambani's party to celebrate Big B's birthday

The Bachchans attended a party hosted by Anil Ambani on occasion of Amitabh Bachchan's birthday. Here are some photos of the Bachchans & the Amabanis from the party.

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Credits: Bolly-freak

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there were rumours about Ash and Anil Ambani at one point.

Ash and Ambani. hmmm

I gusss after Jaya barred Amit not to be lovey dovey( bluffing public saying what a dotting FIL) with Ash, she decided to find the closeness with Anil.
What a price Abhi paying ?
And which woman wouldnt want to hob,nob with successful, rich, famous man.

Even Ambani looks uncomfortable in the 12th and 14th pic. Really wasn't any need Aish! Abhi looks kinda annoyed or may be just really tired.

Fri, 2012-10-12 15:37 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

whos the scary lady in the second photo, she looks like halloween has come early!!!"

dont really like her.

So happy to see Aish like this, she's getting back in shape and looking great in this outfit. It's better than the Big Bash appearance. Nice of the Ambani's (too much money to spend i guess) lol.

Who is that with Jaya? HER TWIN? LOL

Happy Bday BigB. Lucky Man!

if old ladies cannot handle high heels then why wear them?

whos the scary lady in the second photo, she looks like halloween has come early!!!

Fri, 2012-10-12 10:58 — Anonymous

I'm not really sure why she had to kiss uncle ji? can't you just say hello or hug??

maybe she wants to make ABHI jealous ...and i think she got what she wanted ...
just look at 12 pic............................

abhishek sure looks displeased with the aish- ambani hug. Looks like the rumours of ambani proposing to aish years ago is true coz abhi seems to know. Wonder why some spouses arent very sensitive to what thier partners might feel in such a situation. Both couldve doen without the hug....then again its thier life and thier wish.....Its all the more awkward for abhi because ambani hugged only his wife......kinda rude...

The Godrejs tho...:/ That guy is always holding his wife's purse...LMFAO!

omg she is not scared to go close to that man who proposed her for marriage once, infront of her husband.... Shows her confidence & self faith
There were many rumors about them in mid 90s
She looks lovely & slimmer :)

They are very tired. Please leave them alone. Ash said that they are also jetlagged and then partying till 4:30 AM and then attend this party. So, please people give them a break! Abhi just got back so he will look a little off.

I'm not really sure why she had to kiss uncle ji? can't you just say hello or hug??

Abhishek bachan should change his designer immidiately

I don't think color co-ordinated outfits are cheesy! They make a very good looking couple and that's that.

Aish looks really good but I would like to see her change her hairdo a little now.

Amazing pics.

Anil still carries a torch for Aishwarya. I have seen Aishwarya and Abhishek color coordinate their outfits on more than one occasion and needless to say it so cheesy. We get it, you're in love! Get over yourselves!

what the hell is abhishek wearing?
why doesnt amitabh lend him some fashion tips :|

3rd photo from the bottom....who is helping whom?

guess neeta is older to tina...yet tina has aged terribly. but neeta is a product of botox but tina is really a complete ruin of body n face

people older than her like waheeda rahman, asha parekh, shabana are all in good shape

tina ambani lost a lot of weight..loooks good

aish looks very pretty :)


Really amusing to c abhi,s face where ash is hugging and kissing ambani....what a picture, all credit goes to some naughty photographer

People will have to age one day, don't you think? No body can ever remain young forever. How old is Tina Ambani she should be in her fifties I presume thus she is not a young girl, she will grow old that is the process of life unless she adoptsSri's way who is fighting old age with every thing she has got. So for those of you that think that she should go under the knife and what so ever should leave her alone, peroid, if she has chosen to age gracefully kudos to her besides it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to fight ageing but that is a battle we are all bound to lose if one embarks on it, from the moment we are born we start to die, apparently the process of existense on this earth ends in death and we shall age and then die.

Please post PV.

Was there a white dress code? How gay.

They all look like they need a quick shower.. specially abhishek bachan..

dont know indians ko fashtion sence kun nai hai


Was Aish being overly pally pally with Anila Ambani which Abhishek wasn't liking?

What happened to Tina....she looked beautiful in her films but that sari is gorgeous....Aish is looking stunning.

who is that with Jaya ? they look like twins wearing the same clothes too.

Oh, this is a different party? I was confused. :)

How many parties is the man having for the one birthday? This is the third one I've come across.

Ash n ANil kissing?

Why does Abhishek dress so flamboyant all the time.

Aishwarya looks great here, much better outfit than the floor length stiff gold kurta.
And that white sari that lady has on is pretty.

I am pretty sure Tina Ambani can afford to wear a bra but every time I see her she is simply in need of support in that area!

13th pic from the top is very funny and look at Abhi's face in the 12th and 13th pics he looks pissed it's like Abhi knows something about Ash and Anil Ambani's past

why Indians looks tacky .....

which Ambani did Aish have an affair with?

Isn't Tina Munim much older than her husband, she is 4 years older than Nita Ambani. If Ash doesn't take good care of her she will almost look her Tina in her later years. Eat right and exercise, is it that hard to do.

where was neeta ambani?

Pleasantly surprised how this colour outfit is complimenting Aish. She actually looks so much slimmer in comparison to the dress she wore at the big bash.

Is that Jaya's sister with her? They look alike!

she should have worn this to the big bash!

see even Tina Ambani(Munim) used to be so pretty in her young days!! Now she is growing old and has lost the charm she used so isn't it natural?? then why people talk bad about Aishwarya about her weight and stuff its completely natural..she might not have high metabolism rate like some people! but at the same time it shows how much people are obsessed with Aishwarya! Beauty isn't just about being slim its about how we carry ourselves!
please post my comment just to shut all the haters out there!and my favorite actors are still Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. why do i need to fight instead of enjoying all of their movies and acting!

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