Bollywood & South Actresses in CCL Calendar Shoot

Bollywood & South Actresses in CCL Calendar Shoot. Spotted are Sonakshi Sinha, Shriya Saran, Sameera Reddy, Riya Sen, Raima Sen, Priyamani, Nidhi Subbaiah, Lakshmi Rai, Kajal Agarwal, Genelia D'Souza, Andrita Ray and Charmi Kaur.


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Riya Sen is drop dead gorgeous

Shriya Saran looks the hottest.

Shriya Saran looks so hot.

Since they want to photoshop so much, why bother hiring a photographer or going to the location? Just put her face on some random model and photoshop the body on a location with whatever outfit. Why bother with the pretense of photoshoots. Look at Priyamanis' ankle for example, or look at Riya Sen's elbow in the picture with a weird pose (what is with that weird posture anyway, is she going to fall?). Chhii

I agree Riya is hot!

genelia is the most stunning south actress ever!!!!

Some of these women are unrecognisable thanks to photoshop overload.

sonakshi is the best by far; the others are all alike

sonakshi :) girl's a classical beauty

my goodness riya sen is so gorgeousss

Riya sen is soo hot...

Riya sen looks fab...

sonakshi looks like a greek goddess. like venus coming out of the sea :)
the rest look like trash you find at night on the streets

yuck so tacky...close to decent is sonakshi followed by shriya

Sonakshi is natural, but it is old photoshoot,

for me Shriya wins, she is just perfect!

Totally photoshopped pictures.... even beauties like Genelia have been photo shopped...look at her left ankle portion

Shreya Saran is a famous A-class escort in the south. 10 lakhs per night. I was shocked to know.

Tacky as hell

I like Charmee the best.

these pics are not sensuous at all. they look forced, overly-photoshopped and tacky.

what is this?? some desperate non-actresses wannabes club??

omg was it sonakshi or reena roy

Photoshop should be banned !! Some of them looks so lousy and obviously tacky !!

sonakshi is lukin gorgeous...full figured woman.....

Raima Sen is soo beautiful..

Sonkashi looks lovely!

Sameera's pic looks a bit over-the-photoshopped..looks kinda weird. And she's such a beautiful woman...and i like the dress of the lady next to Sameera's pic.

Can't see Kajal Agarwal though. Her presence so annoying.

riya sen is just WOW.
jhumka gira re....oooh just feel like watching her in that again now

Lol at Sameera Reddy! Photoshopped to the max!
Priyamani hideous! The only one looked good here is Shriya Saran! The perfecto!


All r so tarty except Sonakshi.

CHEAP, sameera reddy so PHOTOSHOPPED WTF! didn't even recognised her in the first place.

so pretty :))

Shriya Saran kills everybody, God she is Goddess, what a beauty,

just saw her dance during CCL,must say she is best dancer in India right now, so bring her in movies, please!

wow, all wannabees at one place !

Shriya Saran is just WOW

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