Cannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes a dramatic entry as daughter Aaradhya twirls around her

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been accompanied by her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan as she made a grand appearance at Cannes 2019. Check out their latest pictures.
Cannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes a dramatic entry as daughter Aaradhya twirls around herCannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes a dramatic entry as daughter Aaradhya twirls around her
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Cannes 2019 is underway and many well known Bollywood divas have already graced the event with their presence. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also made a grand appearance at the event today along with her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan

For her red carpet look, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan opted for a metallic golden-yellow-one-shouldered gown. Her dress had a sweetheart neckline and a small slit which was followed by a long trailer. Ash's daughter Aaradhya Bachchan looked adorable in a yellow dress which had a huge rose flower placed on the left side. 

The mother-daughter duo was all smiles as they were making their way for the event. Just like her superstar and stunning mother, Aaradhya also posed and smiled for the cameras. Their pictures prove that they had a lot of fun.

Check the pictures out:

On the work front, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was last seen in the film Fanney Khan. Her upcoming project is Mani Ratnam's next in which she will be essaying a negative role.


She is the only one who took her child! People there must be laughing behind her back

Plastic Ash... Please leave your child at home. Stop this over exposure. Let her have a normal child hood. Learn from Hollywood. Ash needs to protect her child’s privacy not flaunt her like she is her favorite doll that she needs with her all the time.

Aishwarya Rai doesn't seem to have a good style sense. She needs a new stylist. Her BEST Cannes appearance was in 2007. Her make up, hair and dress all were perfect then.

Seriously what's wrong with Ash ?? No other actress has got their children along. In her effort to shower maternal love she is selfishly suffocating her daughter's childhood. This is not LOVE.

why? its only when they are young you can tag them along.. once they are 10 .. they will start walking out with friends more like Sharukh Kids...

I think we have had enough of your ugly weird child...

Yes thats what you think. We've had enough of this dirty mindset , say it in public about anyone's child and you'll be slapped left right and centre! You spineless coward hiding behind the screen calling a child ugly reflects that your soul is ugly

While it's a proud moment for all of us,she should be applauded; but no sick people are spreading hate ,all you haters have a sad life

It's a proud moment for only herself, her abnormal daughter, and Loreal. She's there to sell makeup to earn money.

If someone criticizes..the Bachchan PR calls them’s not hate red ,it is reality ...isn’t it’s mother’s responsibility to protect child from taking them to adult parties and seems she doesn’t listen to anyone...she thinks she is too big a person...well in reality she is outdated and selfish who just want to be in limelight .loreal should bring in new fresh faces. times have changed.....with paid media and paid fans ,you cannot change young people’s mind.

If someone criticizes..the Bachchan PR calls them’s not hate red ,it is reality ...isn’t it’s mother’s responsibility to protect child from taking them to adult parties and seems she doesn’t listen to anyone...she thinks she is too big a person...well in reality she is outdated and selfish who just want to be in limelight .loreal should bring in new fresh faces. times have changed.....with paid media and paid fans ,you cannot change young people’s mind.

For the people commenting negatively on Aish looks and Aradhyas whereabouts...

1) she is the mother, if the parents have no issue who are you to whine and nag about their child's whereabouts.

2)For people who are worried about the child's exposure, so far no one has damaged her rite.. i bet her parents can take care of it very well. If the mother wants to take her wherever she goes be it .. its her child and her decision!

3) if your anywhere near 40's and can look like Aishwarya then start nagging.. When the entire world is clapping on her gown .. Only Indians can criticize such badly ... don't show soo much insecurity either!!

i am a mother of two daughters and have been travelling around the world, my eldest daughter who is 7 years old been to 39 countries along with us.

so stop complaining and spread positivity.


I know people who are over 40 and look much better than this self-proclaimed most beautiful woman. Calling Ash Trash beautiful is a joke. Have you seen the shit load of makeup on her plastic face. Not to forget her wig, extra large false eyelashes, cheek implants, lip fillers, and layers of paint. Oh, and she's fat, flabby, lardy. It's an embarrassment to call her beautiful.

Really if you have traveled across the globe (as if it a something to gloat since most people travel for work and pleasure) then how come you still think parents can do what ever they want with their children? How come your horizons have not expanded? I don't care about Aradhya personally but any child overexposed in an adult world especially this glamour world is a great disservice to the child. How do you know she is not damaged? Aishwarya is a selfish humbug but then most of these celebrity types are. She will give Kris Kardasian a run for her money the way she is grooming her daughter for this glamour world. But fear not- she will be a dud like her father no matter what help she will have.

Oh stop gloating and just shut up. There are child welfare agencies around the globe and while the Bachchans can afford to shut any one who raises concerns over Aradhya’s well-being, there is no denying that Aishwarya seems to have serious psychological issues infused with narcissism.

Look at you lolz.
Child Welfare agencies get involved only if they see that the child is abused for your kind information.
Bachchaans might be able to shut India childrens welfare not Paris. (either you dont know PARIS rules on kids or you just wanna spew hatred lol either way i am okay with it)..

If Aish had psychological issues and made it successful so far thats impressive girl!
bring it on ;)


Ash is a psycho and her background shows she's narcissist, self-absorbed, annoying, overbearing, crazy, greedy, cunning. She has brought hell on the people she associated herself with in the past.

Oh stop gloating and just shut up! There are child welfare agencies all over the world and although the Bachchans can afford to shut anyone up who raises concerns about Aradhya, it is obvious that Aishwarya has tremendous psychological issues heavily infused with narcissism.

Are u Bachchan s PR...Can’t digest criticism...face reality.

i am not an AISH fan nor her PR.. but one thing that i noticed is tht the child is always happy in her mothers hand .. whether its hand holding or goofing around..

as long as they dont mind it with each other why do everyone think they even have a say in their relationship ... aint it weird?

when the kids grow up i.e. 10 above teenage.. they will start spending less time with parents .. hence aishwarya is probably making most of her time with her child..

I just dont get the hulaboo scream all around her and her child thats it ..


You are both ASH fan and her PR and maybe ASH herself. The child is always with her mother.... that's all you see about her. She never hangs out with anyone else, so you can't say that I noticed that the child is always happy around her father, aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousins. Ash will be glued to Aaradhya throughout her life, just like Vrinda has been glued to Fakewarya. lonely,dominating is ashwariya .....I think she doesn’t listens to anyone...who takes kids to adult functions?...this sends such wrong message ...exposing children to fake world....she must be taking money for her daughter from L’Oréal.

Aish takes Aradhya to these awards abroad coz it's an all expenses paid award. That's why she takes her mom, daughter and nanny. She stays in the most expensive suite. It's a free trip

Not healthy for kid of her age to be constantly tagged along in this glitzy glamour world

She breaking her daughter to show business world. Seven more years, she will enter Bollywood/fashion/model world. Job well done

she's spoiling her too much, the overexposure of glamorous stuff is not healthy for the kid at all. We don't see Karishma, daughter, pose like this or fake smile but ash is teaching aradhya all that at such a young age

Karishma's daughter, Akshay and Twinkle's daughter, Sanjay Dutt's daughter, and other star kids too.

This level of clinginess is setting up Aradhaya for a lifetime of mental health issues. Please don't bother telling me this is normal!

Plastic wearing plastic.

Is there a day when this woman doesn't paint her face and entire body with layers of makeup? She's Aishwarya though, Queen of Plastic and make-up. Her entire beauty revolves around makeup. Ash is incomplete without makeup.

So this is how the most beautiful woman in the world and her daughter look like? LMAO. It's hilarious that Ash has convinced everyone she's the most beautiful and Aaradhya is the ugliest child in the world. If Ash is as beautiful as she has exaggerated herself to be, why isn't the child remotely cute? Since Ash is the most beautiful thing ever to have existed on Earth, then 1% of her DNA would be enough to make anyone beautiful. But Aaradhya has 50% of Ash's most beautiful exceptional genes, still she looks fucked up. Aaradhya is the proof how many plastic surgeries Ash has had. Aaradhya is a proof that Ash's beauty is fake, plastic, makeup dependent.

Shame on you for calling a child uncute and calling her names,this reflects upon your ugliness. Stop dragging the child into all of this.

neck up yay..looks like the old ash..but the dress is trash..are they replicating the met ball themse here.

That is one ugly outfit. Ash looks like a trash bag. A colorful trash bag. And she's wearing matching shoes. Omg!

She's so fat, unfit, flabby. She is the laziest person ever. She makes no effort to look healthy, fit, smart. And L'Oreal really loves her...that's why they're still using her plastic face, fat body, and unfit figure to sell their brand. Aishwarya you're one lucky woman! You get everything without doing anything.

Aishwarya herself takes her daughter to such high end events to bring her in front of the camera and then says I'm giving Aaradhya a grounded upbringing. And her fans believe her...

According to Ash, Aaradhya was born with light skin and blue eyes. But her beautiful face was hidden for more than a year. No one knows the reason. But when Aaradhya's face was unveiled, everyone was shocked to see a very ugly baby. That light skin and blue eyes were nowhere to be seen but they will make a comeback in about 5 years.

That's her real skin color. She's as dark as her daughter. It's surprising that she didn't bleach herself to look white and hide her real skin color. But her pathetic fans will say that she got a tan to become brown. Hahahaha. Kareena and Karishma are true fair skinned women. No matter how many times Kareena goes into the sun, she doesn't get tanned. Ash, on the other hand...

just want to see your skin matter what !! kareena will never get an invite from loreal or cannes with or without her chalk skin or dumb fans

Ash looks like the host of a mermaid themed kids birthday party

What happened to blackwarya's extremely fair skin? Isn't she, like 10 shades lighter than all brown people. Did she forget to bleach her entire body? Usually, she's covered in white foundation from top to bottom and her photoshoot pictures are edited professionally to make her fairer than white people.

Probably I'm weird but for some reason I had tears in my eyes watching aish strutting down with her daughter.The bond between a mother and a daughter is very special and this pic represents that so vividly.Aishwarya as always is beautiful and awesome.Haters can keep quacking.

Every picture of Fakewarya and Aaradhya represents the very special bond between this abnormal mother and daughter. All their pictures vividly represents their over the top display of love. We get it Ash Trash, you're the best mother in the world. You love your daughter more than anyone can love their child. Ash Trash fans can keep quacking.

It’s really sad to see what Aishwarya has become...


Why is Aish dressed like mermaid having kids party.
Ahhh... whatever!?

Poor Aradhya has already learnt how to be fake with the posing, pouting, strutting, makeup, dress up, and never a hearty, childlike smile or doing normal real things only starry things. She’ll be so confused with reality in a couple of years but then at 17, she’ll magically get white skin and intense blue eyes and perfected features and she’ll think that’s reality.

The picture is pretty sweet but why is there an incessant need to show the world how much she loves her ? Once or twice is ok but every picture is a shout for attention. Her daughter needs a normal life with regular friends, school, homework, playdates and whatever else it takes to stay grounded. She won t have a childhood if all she goes to is Cannes and Fashion shows, decks up in designer clothes and blows orchestrated kisses to her Mom when the camera is watching

Aradhya is a sweet kid..but this kind of frequent exposure and modelling as a kid, everywhere her mom gets invited, will soon earn Araadhya the moniker of being the 'most annoying star child'..esp with that pouting and posing.
Aish should take the blame for all the flak her poor kid will get. For someone with a level headed upbringing from a middle-class family, she's clueless about how to keep her kid's exposure limited

She was raised to be an annoying, overacting, attention seeker by her wonderful parents who taught her to think highly of herself, be egoistic, always be the center of attention, drama queen, crave praise, and do whatever to be on top. Unfortunately, she used her PR to spread news that her parents raised her with down to earth, humble, dignified middle class values. What a joke! Her actions are the opposite of what she says.

Cutie patooti love

Eww yuck. How can anyone use such cute words to describe this ugly duckling?

I only know of kids that age crying non stop asking for more play time. I have never seen or heard of a kid enjoying these ramp walks. If given slightest chance, they will run to the nearest friend and play. Either this kid or mom are weird. I bet it is mom

That must be 10-20 years ago... now kids are very smart. I see kids in my neighbourhood who are 1.5 yrs, 3, 4 yrs practicing dance, singing etc on their own.. that too trying to sing in different tones! so amazing and you say they cry non stop lol... those days are gone

Don't expose your child at such a young age so much to the public eye where it can badly affect her budding personality & self esteem.

What an empty life she must have.. if she is obsessed over projecting this mother india image.. maybe her kid is really ALL she has - no support or love from husband and in-laws and no career to speak of. Everyone talks about the kid but shouldn't Ash have a life outside of being a mom? She's also a woman, her own person, a professional. Doesnt she do *anything* apart from mothering? No hobbies or friends?

Her in-laws have supported her a lot. They never tried to stop Aishwarya from doing whatever she wants. Since she got married, she has been working, modeling, doing brand endorsements, acting in movies, attending award ceremonies, going to Cannes and Longines events, hanging out with her parents, cutting store ribbons, flying all over the world.

Now I feel it’s bit of show off from mother’s end. She is trying to prove everyone wrong nothing else. Initial days of her marriage she use to cling to senior bachan and now to her daughter. This obsession is very suffocating for children. This age will never come back , child needs to catergorise good or bad things from her friends. In short let her live a carefree life. Too much love is also not good but this woman is the only mother in this universe.

We all know you dote on your daughter but this is over the top. Never see Rani, Shilpa, Lara etc posing like this or taking their children to red carpet. Their not as popular as Aish yet they have more sense and grace not to shove it down public’s throat. Sitting with her or having a giggle would be much more natural than this.

she is molding her daughter for a Bollywood life. Quite early though. Pl let the child get some education, at least high school diploma

Aishwarya will never let Aaradhya become independent and make her own decisions. She's just like her mother Vrinda who is clingy and controlling

Her only fault is that she is born to psycho and insecure parents. They r just using her to be in news. Jab badi ho jayegi tab dono ki akkal thikaane lagayegi, for all the hatred she got till she becomes independent to make her own decisions.

Halloween party???

Fire her stylist

This child will in another 8-10 years try for bollywood. By then family name would have faded and the audience also changed. She will struggle like her dad. Mom had her beauty to save her. For no fault she will be unfavorably compared to her mom in terms of looks and criticized. But Aishwarya is setting her up for failure with her over zealousness by thrusting her in everyone's face so obnoxiously. Keep your private life private and your child to yourself. No one is that interested except to mock you

she is grooming the child for Bollywood life. sad

Highly unprofessional

Gold gift wrapper . Uggh ! Awful sense of dressing. Move over , Aishwarya . You are no longer turner heads. Make way for Kangana and Deepika.

Honestly only Huma And Diana looking beautiful and classy others are failed badly

First off, I am not going to comment on the post but on the comments.
How hateful are people really to critique an entertainer and her kid with so many judgements? If you want to criticize her dress or style, that is fair game. But hands off on getting personal!
I for one am happy Aishwarya Rai takes her daughter along, just like "Take your Daughter to Work," Day. If I were in her place,I may not have the courage to do this, just because of poisonous trolls. More power to Aishwarya for giving two hoots.
Second, who are these anonymous twits to judge her decision? She will have to deal with the kid if questions arise. She is the parent, and not the commenters. I am sure she will do it well.
Third, Aradhya is a lovely looking kid, and I see love between all three of them. Shame on folks trying to bring down someone who did nothing to them. Whenever I needed some entertainment, I watched her movies with gratitude. She put in her best in her job, and let her enjoy the perks that come with her hard work. Shame on those who enjoyed her movies, waited for her appearances, and pick apart her personal life.

Some thing is horribly wrong in her dressing sense or I don’t understand fashion.. whatever she is so beautiful, why can’t she dress up properly. Aradhya looks very cute , giving her mom good competition

Aaradhya has taken to her dad dominantly, while she should've taken towards her mom. Hence, her fucked up looks. Imagine coming out of aishwarya and still ending up ugly.

Aaradhya looks nothing like Abhishek. She has taken after her granddaughter (Aishwarya's dad) and her brother. Look at their pictures and see the resemblance. But yes, coming out of Aishwarya and still looking ugly is a proof of Aishwarya's fake and plastic beauty. If Aishwarya was naturally beautiful, her daughter wouldn't have fucked up looks. The daughter inherited mom's real looks.

No offense but why does she have to advertise her daughter wherever she goes.

She is not advertise her daughter but using her to be world the best Mom

Ok I am a big Ash fan, she looks great. She’s glowing from inside, it’s amazing to see that. However, she needs to set limits with her child. Is she the only celebrity at Cannes who is a mother? No. I don’t take my children to work and this is Ash’s workplace not a place to play. There is nothing wrong with her taking Aradhya with her there but she has a nanny for a reason, leave the child in the room or get the nanny to take her to play. She doesn’t need this kind of exposure, she is setting the kid up to be compared to her when she grows up. It may be all fun right now but it won’t be when she’s older and people start to tear her apart for appearances. You can tell by Aradhya’s walk that she is strutting it, when she tries to do it later and nobody pays attention and instead start saying nasty things in comparison to her mother it will be a nightmare. She is a beautiful child but the Indian public is nasty unless you are blue eyed and fair skinned. Here’s crossing my fingers that Aradhya grows up to look like Deepika (cause she has the beautiful eyes) and I am proven completely wrong. PV please post.

I am sure she is sticking as odd one out in the Cannes as well. Many of the celebs taking the walk are parents and have kids. Does anyone know any child enjoying staying in hotels, taking high profile walks, and late night parties? They would rather play in the dirt than to be on that carpet. The mother is the crazy, stupid, idiot and dumb person here.

Her daughter will grow up to be just like her. Materialistic

Her daughter will grow up believing this is what real life is. All this glamour, fashion, parties, limelight, makeup, outer beauty instead of focusing on education, morals and humility. All this will go to her head and it will be too late then

At least she is not a skeleton with all bones. You dont have to show your bones to go into cannes. Aish is pretty and she knows it

Gold fish? Looks more like a gold whale

Hahahaha. This comment is gold.

Attention seeker mother and daughter

Nobody can bring it on like Aishwarya! Been looking forward to seeing her ever since the festival began. There is no comparison with her and other BW ladies in attendance. For that matter anywhere. The most beautiful woman in the world indeed!

The most plastic fake woman in the world indeed. Amazed at how anyone can still think she's the most beautiful woman after looking at her fugly biological daughter and the layers of paint on Ash's plastic face.

Why can't Aradhya spend time with kids her age? Why does her mother drags her to these events which is not appropriate for a child? She is grooming her instead of letting her enjoy her childhood

Kylie and Kris Jenner 2.0

Aradhya never have school it seems

Do you live in India? Do you know that schools close for summer around this time. Even if it hasn’t it probably will in few days. Aradhya is probably in 2nd grade. She isn’t going to miss a whole lot of studies if she misses a week or two of school. Grow up guys. Let the lady and kid live.

she looks like a gold fish

Aish has become a one-dimensional personality by focusing excessively on her child. It's almost like there's nothing else about her except being a mom. Females are already under-represented in the workplace. Working moms need toteach their daughters that sometimes it's okay to put work ahead of the family. Sometimes it's okay to focus on your career.

The most abnormal, neurotic mother around. Abhishek do something for the sake of your daughter - take your wife to a psychiatrist!

exposing a kid too early is so wrong. ash seems to start preparing her daughter for movies. when will the kid enjoy her childhood and lead normal life?

Ash wins the red carpet yet again.

As a Ash fan, I feel so proud of all our desi girls...
Hail Ash! Hail Deepika! Hail Kangana! Hail Priyanka! Hail Sonam!Hail Diana! Hail Huma! Hail Hina!

Except Ash this year all desi girls were white washed, chemical injected and almost photohop animated. Ash is pregnant

You are rocking it Ash

Sweetest mother-daughter duo in Bollywood.

I like how everyone agrees that Ash nailed it at Cannes, as always.

Say what you want, but that's one ugly kid.

Your parents hated you huh? You are UGLY from within.

And you are messed up in life. What manners! How can you call someone ugly? Did you choose your face or body? You didn’t. Have some humanity

And you are messed up in life. What manners! How can you call someone ugly? Did you choose your face or body? You didn’t. Have some humanity

Stunning both of them!

Why take aaradhya with her...leave her with her dad or Nani

Noooo! What is she wearing?!

She’s wrapped in a gift wrap paper. But I love the nude lips overall looks good

Aaradhya's dress looks lovely, she has better sense of dressing than her mother or most actresses and at such an early age.

Awww cho cute !!!!

Yikes her outfit looks like tinfoil. Does not suit her.

What the this woman wearing? Is she going to enter the spaceship?

She looks 40 these days..but, beautiful.

Aish if you are reading this please lose some weight if you can't for movies atleast lose some pounds for cannes

Aish if you are reading this please lose some weight if you can't for movies atleast lose some pounds for cannes

Aaah Disappointed ! Aish if you are reading this please lose some weight atleast 10 kgs. If not for movies atleast for cannes

She looks like a gold fish while her daughter looks very adorable!

AFter years , we got to see original pics of Ash without filters and photoshop.

I love the fact that she obsesses over her daughter and that is quite endearing to watch, trolls should stop bashing her for that!

She really can’t manage with out her daughter can she. It’s like she is already mentoring and grooming her for the movies.

Aaradhya seems such a sweet, well mannered child. Wish Aish had dressed her in a different colour cos the yellow distracts from Aish's outfit. Let's not lose perspective, the focus (as far as sponsors are concerned) should be totally on Aish not on any side-show/distraction.

Queen of Cannes, indeed!!!

Aaradhya adores her Goddess mother!

Ash rocked Cannes and Ara is fanning.


Aaradhya is a munchkin. Cho chweet.

Basically the child is working doing what her mother does. Aish must be really struggling to lose weight it’s not easy after 40

That’s what I thought. Not that she is as fat as she was but she looks huge.

Aaradhya looks so pretty.

So sweet!


Atleast she is not wearing red lipstick....

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