Cannes 2019: Deepika Padukone takes cue from Ranveer Singh's bold choices for yet another unconventional look

Deepika Padukone has put together yet another look for the Cannes Film Festival 2019 and we think everyone is going to talk about it. Check out the pictures for yourself.
Cannes 2019: Deepika Padukone takes cue from Ranveer Singh's bold choices for yet another unconventional lookCannes 2019: Deepika Padukone takes cue from Ranveer Singh's bold choices for yet another unconventional look
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Deepika Padukone knows how to keep it simple while she adds a personal touch as far as her red carpet looks are concerned. And well, after a total of four looks for the day, DP has shared pictures of the final look for her second day at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. We have seen Deepika in four looks for the day already and her fifth one is a  life like look in a lime outfit along with that headband of hers, and oh of course, the extra layer.

Deepika has never shied away from putting out bold looks and neither has husband Ranveer Singh. For her 5th look at the French Riviera, DP sure did take tonnes of inspiration from Ranveer as not only did she pick a very different colour but also a very unconventional outfit. Deepika wore a Giambasttista Valli couture for the red carpet look and we think that though not so familiar for us, she is pulling it off with complete confidence.

Check out the images right here:

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Looks like it wouldn't be wrong to call DP's second day the French Riviera quite an eventful one given the varied looks that she pulled off. Which one has been your favourite and how do you think did the actress do with this outfit here? Drop in your comments below.


She looks like a cross between bigbird from seaseme street and a toilet brush doll holder

The epitome of DOING THE MOST.

sorry not impressed..Thank u NEXT !!!!

Her occasional elegant dressing sense failed to rub on her husband but his eccentric and ridiculous style rubbed on her successfully. Do we need to prepare ourselves to see Deepika in clown clothes? Scary.

send in the clowns..oops! don't bother. deepika's here.

The turban headband was worn by old women around 200 years before to hide their scanty hair,please google Georgian fashions .Time to seriously look out for a new stylist (this one is incapable of looking after such a beautiful woman who should pose no sartorial challenges whatsoever ) who drags her down.

Cannes is for glamour and Met is for avant- garde but guess dumbika will never get it. Look at Liya lebede standing behind her in classy glamour

she mistook experimenting for goofing ! her high headed designer has brought her styling even down

She looks great. Sonam should take lessons on how to wear anything and look so stunning.

Nobody is looking . See the ppl around ha ha ha

The cameras are always focusing on the opposite direction of where she is standing...they never face Deepika lol who is she blowing kisses to?!

She looks amazing! Well done for pulling off this Giambattista look, fashionable, fun and confident!


atrocious, period.

The whole look is ridiculous, she needs a new stylist. But that apart, how and when did deepika get so pale

Ugh, argh, and an unbelievably hideous look. The pink turban on the head and the lime green long tutu cum big bird look with pink stilletos?

Who styles these people? When they mistakes, they make big ones.

Why is DP even there? What film is she promoting? Why do they all act like Aishwarya wanna-bes, gone horribly wrong?

I have no idea why she wore this, is she stupid not to realize it's a terrible look?

Has she lost it? What is the world is she wearing? Such an embarrassment!

There is only one reason DP is wearing this exploded over sized tutu is to get photographed. She figures if she gets photographs even for worst dressed at Cannes 2019 bad press is better than no press and offers will come her way.

And yet she made it on the best dressed list of all international magazines for both her red carpet looks. Desis commentating on haute couture is like an American lecturing India on cricket.

WTH is she wearing ?? She is looking hideous like a chicken or parrot & what experimenting the trail is similar to last years dress... btw on RCA fashion u landed on the worst dress list sorry I forgot to mention u look like a joker honestly .

She looks horrible - she has haggard features. Even Sonam could not salvage such a look. Every year she keeps looking worse.

yellow chicken.

She looks like big bird

Whom is she blowing kisses at? Nobody is even looking at her. Hideous!

To the cameras in front of her. Gosh do none of you idiots know how red carpets work? Official photographers are lined up on both sides of the carpet and the celebrities rotate their shots.

What a fun and unexpected look !

Totally Met Gala worth.

Fantastic. This is working and the confidence is radiating on her face. Pretty face too :)

Fantastic. This is working and the confidence is radiating on her face. Pretty face too :)

She has the height body and flawless complexion to experiment any look quirky or otherwise. Bravo Deep team!!

why does skin looks pale these days ?? Can somebody explain why are they desperate to walk red carpet for met Gala and Cannes or do they get invited formally ? I don't see the purpose unless you are endorsing a film or some makeup brand.

You can't say it's a boring choice though.


Her make up is so chalky and it's melting. Is she really endorsing a make up brand?? Well I don't like what I c, so I won't buy wht ur selling

Deepika never disappoints. She looks fabulous!

she looks ridiculous and so are you if you think otherwise, thanks

I am a loyal fan but I don’t like her look (the headgear doesn’t go with the dress), but that smile is killer. She could wear a sack and still look amazing.

Cabbage patch

I haven’t seen lime in a long time. Love it

Hahaha Hahaha haha she looks so stupid. SMH look at pic number seven you can see it in DPs face she regrets her dress choice. Her makeup is even terrible

the clothes are wearing her. beautiful young woman, but camp/OTT fashions are not her forte.

This is CAMP! Why is she always mixing up both the events?

Kiwi fruit shake! ;)

Met Gala dress got delivered late ;)

That's a freaking parrot

Not impressed at all and what’s with posing like this all the time? Ridiculous !!

Boy does she hate her hair! Either tightly pulls back into a tiny bun or super tight ponytail and now this! LMAO Please change your hair stylist

Wore Met Gala dress to Cannes

Kiwi fruit :D

her looks constantly reminds me of her previous looks. please hire ranveer's stylist if you want to do quirky style


such an ugly dress ewww!

her shoe choice is always wrong

Lol she forgot to take off her shower cap!

Fantastic. Love this.

Finally DP delivered the much required drama at Cannes.

Love the risk she took and also she carried off it well.

Haha pulling of a met look at Cannes. DP you one confused soul


After seeing them butchering the red carpet.. waiting for aish and Sonam

Why god why?

She is an insult...

OMG, yet why can't she dress for MET every single year, is she an idiot?

similar to pink last year minus the head gear.


Hahahahahaha! What a silly fashion trend

Uffff this dress looks like a bowl of lettuce

She is still not out CAMP mood. Looks like reusing all options of Met at Cannes.

What’s the deal with this bow thing? Looks ridiculous on her


The whatever that's on the head ruined the look. The gown is gorgeous.

This is a met gala apt for camp theme. Somebody mentioned deepika confused Cannes with met gala. Wearing the right dress to thr wrong

Cartoon's wife -> Mrs CARTOON

Haha correct

Beautiful Deepika...kisi haters ka Nazar na lage...

Wow one of my favourite colours, lime green! She looks fab here, minus the head gear...the turban doesn’t suit this look, anyways got to give it to her for trying out different themes this year!

How old is she? 52?

DP looks like she’s having fun but one never knows with her fake laugh dayum

DP is glowing...her skin is looking so effin flawless

Not a fan of this huge outfit but I really like that she experimented with such a bold fun colour...lime green is so summer and she looks adorable in that dusty pink headgear

Do they really have to give so many looks? I think it’s an overkill now..

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