Celebs at Anita Dongre show at Lakme Fashion Week

Woah! What is up with Neetu Chandra. she kinda looks tacky!

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Credits: pv

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Urmila matondkar Looking stunning as always

Urmila matondkar Looking Stunning.

money cant buy taste, rightly said for BOLLYWOOD!

No doubt an unflattering look for Neetu Chandra (who has never been known for her fashion sense) however she is naturally very pretty and @ DailyMail I'm pretty sure they're real, darling! ;)

Sangeeta Bijlani is rocking it! I wish i could look like that in that age.

neetu looks sexy

bijlanis face is soooo tight and frozen that she can barely manage to pull off a smile.
kinda sad to see these wannabe has-beens turn up for events like these

neetu chandra looks nice...i like her look except for the tye-die on the bottom part of the dress

Who is that girl in pink with big zit on her face? What bad makeup!

boobs man!!!

Pooja mishra looks like 10 yrs more than the time i saw her last in big boss.

Ok men love cleavage.But isnt this way toooooooooooo much ?

lol she should have come naked.How desperate is that

Neetu chandra disappeared for long and now she's back with a huge cleavage exposure.

wowwww Neetu Chandra boobs...........

Neetu Chandra always looks tacky. And she needs some oil-absorbing wipes.

don't like any of the multi-colored candy outfits. I like the B&W ones.

urmila is so gorgeous and talented and seriously under rated

what is she wearing? and what is a purpose of her wearing?

sangeeta bijlani stil luks so pretty...urmila too looks quite nice and neetu chandra ...no comments...

a parade of the poorly dressed

Pooja Mishra? is that you? if you are you've started to age...

those OO looks fake.

Ppl. Pls hire a stylists OR get a MIRROR

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