Deepika Padukone with sister Anisha at Rajesh Khanna's condolence meet

Deepika Padukone with sister Anisha Padukone at Rajesh Khanna's condolence meet.

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Credits: Solaris Images

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Her face and hair, wow! She looks beautiful, stunning dress!

Hi Ranbir!I hope you will read this. I was reading all the conmemts on this page and was shocked by the fact that alot of people have disagreed with your wedding plans. Look, I am probably not older than any other girl who has commented on this page and, SHOCKED, just like they are.I have not written my actual name because I don't want anyone to know what I think about. Another reason for not writing my name is that when I am old enough for getting a job, I want to do something that noone has ever done in my family, that is work in the film industry! This will sound stupid and sill to anyone reading this, but I guess all of you will just have to wait and watch!I also agree with the fact that if you get married now, you will loose alot fans, including me. I don't really mind who you marry, but keep in mind that marry someone by knowing how much they love, and not by how good they look or how famous they are.I just want you to achieve your dreams of getting a "BEST ACTOR" award, and if you get married now, you will never agian have a chance to fulfill that dream of yours. I am not making you greedy, but just warning you.Good luck with your decisions, and remember what I have mentioned about love, before.By the time,Take Care and live life to the fullest!Your fan and Best-Wisher.P.S. Good Luck, also for working hard for achieving the BEST ACTOR award.

Deepika looks hot in those swimsuit.This cadlaenr was launched by Salman Khan I suppose.I have been in India during IPL 4.In fact I saw the launch myself.

Hot debate. What do you think? 3 9cr7 whheter delhi belly is a quality film or not that we will only know after it releases.As of now I can only see one thing in it it will change some things it will bring Indian cinema close to World cinema/Western cinema where they are not ashamed to use cuss words openly.In that way this will be the Satya of this decade.

she looks so beautiful even when she is sad

she looks beautiful

Every funeral in bollywood nowadays seems like a fashion parade in white..Reminds me of movie page 3

Sun, 2012-07-22 15:57 — Anonymous

she has no dignity and respect . I am surprised how such women are not ashamed of themselves and not guilty concious. Gosh she can do anything to get roles in movies

Where on earth do you ppl get such points out of the blue for her attending a prayer meet? You haters have no life other than think of some random reason to pick on her.. Get over your jealousy instead of making such irrelevant comments!

She has the most delusional fans who can't accept her flaws.

Its so shocking you go on someones prayer meet and the stars full of make up and as if its a movie bash party. Sad this is why all this reminds me of the movie Page 3 so true .

I can't believe people have a problem with what she is wearing. She's in a plain white salwar . And she took the trouble of covering up the glittery embroidery.

she looks heavenly beautiful & divine

if there no chance with rk then delete tattoo plz

the why does she have the RK tattoo still. she wants him back

She looks beautiful :)
And omg, Ranbir fans are the most delusional bunch. She doesn't waste a breath before saying that there is no chance Ranbir and her are ever getting together. And yet, his dumb fans continue to think that their idol is that important. Deepika just did a movie with Dimple ji and has done two movies with Akshay, she doesn't need any other reason.

The outfit and makeup isn't for a condolence meet but more for a premiere... That's why I don't like this cheapo. On the other hand like Katrina or hate her, she shows mature respect for all walks of life.

she looks just like Sanaa Lathan

she is really foloowing every step of ranbir

wth dude??!! r u a psycho ?
dont u realize that she is kind of obliged to be there for Akshay..they have had 3 movies together. (Chandinin ch, desi boyz n housefull)
and FYI
she has clearly stated in a few recent interviews not to question about them getting back together as she wont consider that ever..

you are hot deep..Girl crush alert

she is really foloowing every step of ranbir


may I know what point u r actually trying to make!!??

she is divine

what were these people doing before cell phone invention. get calls 24/7, wherever, whenever whatever they are doing?
show-off bunch.

Classic delicate Indian beauty!

OMG is that her sister ???? i've always believed deepika is not beautiful but has some glamourous attitude.
but her sister ??? she's just an ordinary Indian girl or even less.

So anisha padukone knew Rajesh khanna ? Uhuh!!!

omg the makeup and the designer salwar. she is just looking for attention
i dont think she is there for the prayer. this is why i have no respect for this freak

too much eye makeup.. trying to get back with ranbir? lol

Sat, 2012-07-21 10:17 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

she is looking hot! Why do people look better when they are single?


Bcos they are happier when they are single

Even at a funeral..this girl looks stunning.

gorgeous :)

Nice clothes, is she at a premiere? Like the dark make up too. Well coordinated, bimboo consulted stylist to attend a prayer meet haan?

Dear Deepika.....jahan main jaata hoon, wahin chali aati hai!!!!!! Sincerely your 'ex' Ranbir.

Dear Deepika........jahaan mein jaata hoon, wahin chalk aati hai!!!!!! Sincerely Kat's Ranbir.

luk at her make up lol...

she is looking hot! Why do people look better when they are single?

she is really foloowing every step of ranbir

still looking like a beauty with less makeup :)

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