Filmfare Award 2012 red carpet photos

Unfortunately, FF has not released any photos from the red carpet. These photos are from twitter and other media sources.

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Credits: twitter

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Madhuri looks too over the top. Needs lessons from Sridevi on how to dress right.

deepika looks like a straight ruler.....she lacks softness, femininity, and charm

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Its silly to fight over who look prettier as depends on ones taste. Even I think Deepika is prettier than Madhuri!! There is no need abuse one another about this!!!

Now i know why ranbir and sid left deepika.She has a flat looking figure.Damn i thought she had some boobs

MD's face looks awful! I thought her fans were screaming she hasnt done a thing to her face? :O I beg to differ! The whole look is OTT

I second Mon, 2012-01-30 21:12 — Anonymous

Kill yourself twice ! MD was beautiful once,now neither her face nor her atrocious sense of dressing is becoming her. Deepika looks super gorgeous and youth is on her side. And thats the truth!

Is mad this short?

Look at her with deepika and Abh

I pity her husband a medical doctor on red carpet

Deepika looks heavenly! She is really gorgeous.

Mon, 2012-01-30 10:38 — Anonymous

the person who said "deepika is so much more beautiful and elegant than madhuri" should kill him/herself!!!!!
uh, YOU should kill yourself. deepika looks stunning

madhuri got more work done...her cheeks are so weirdly pulled up.

Deepika is looking trash in front of madhuri.maduri looking elegant though she needs to exercise to tone her body.

both look lovely - too much beauty in one frame

i thought deepika had some boobs but looks so different here.Maybe she was using pushup bra

To the anon below
Sonam needs to tell herself how to dress FIRST!

Oh please, deepika who????? That's what people will say 5 years down the road but never ever will Indians say that about Madhuri. Because when you say Madhuri, most Indians know who you're talking about.

that necklace is doing nothing for her :( she has lost it.

I bet Madhuri is asking Abhishek about Ash and Beti B.

Mon, 2012-01-30 10:38 — Anonymous

the person who said "deepika is so much more beautiful and elegant than madhuri" should kill him/herself!!!!!

^^Why should that person kill him/herself? For having a different opinion? Wow. I actually agree with him/her.

why compare madhuri and deepika....there's a 20 year difference....and deepika is so flat

Mon, 2012-01-30 09:07 — Anonymous

lol, SRK and ranbir

Deepika's body looks totally masculine. Where are her boobs?

Deepika is breath taking! Love that sari

deepika looks too thin here

the person who said "deepika is so much more beautiful and elegant than madhuri" should kill him/herself!!!!!

Oh My God my favorites together.....Madhuri & Deepika.....heavenly

Madhuri looks amazing...Indian, western or whatever...she loks fab in everything. Deepika n Madhuri looks same age n Deepika seems to be so happy to be clicked with Madhuri. Madhuri has a charm n appeal which no other actress has....really hats off to this gorgeous woman :)

What's that bump on the side of MD's face? That aside, her face,skin looks so tight and eyes look brighter. Back to how she was in her younger days. That's some good work she's had done. Perks of being married to a surgeon hey!

MD's waist and Deepika's ;) What a contrast! :P MD needs to tone up like Sridevi...

Deepika looks super hot !!!!! MD so so...Not digging her looks much..

lol, SRK and ranbir

Deepika and Madhuri's outfits are beautiful and so are they!! I love deepika's sari alot!

madhuri is something else !

Deepika looks lika a man wearing sari ewwwwwwww

MD is going the Rekha way.....

Times of India website has some 80 something pics from the red carpet. Almost all of them are dressed pretty nice! I'll be nice to see a post with all of those photos.

neha dupia looks like a dude..

deepika is so much more beautiful and elegant than madhuri

Madhuri finally dressed her age! Thank god for that! And Dippy looks super duper gorgeous! Beautiful, elegant and really classy!

Deepika looks AMAZING.
Best post break up-in your face-hotness ever.

wow..two oh so beautiful women...but must say madhuri and ash have beautiful faces...but deepika that lucky girl has a beautiful face, height and a 10/10 bikini body and can carry off western and indian so is this fair?

she looks marvellous...and stylish as she used to always look in old days....his husband is looking really handsome too..what a nice couple...luv luv luv

deepika is looking gorgeous...Like her in Om Shanti Om Days....i hope the theme was not Retro :P

Madhuri Dixit looks great!!! Seems like everyone wants to take a picture with Madhuri!!!

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