First Look: Sidharth Malhotra & Shraddha Kapoor in 'The Villain'

Here's a first look at Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor in Balaji's 'The Villain'.

The romantic thriller, currently under production in Goa, will be additionally shot in Mumbai and Bangkok, and release in mid-2014. It stars Riteish Deshmukh in a pivotal, never-seen-before role.

Directed by Mohit Suri, among the industry's most formidable directors, with three consecutive blockbusters to his credit - 'Raaz-2', 'Murder-2' and 'Aashiqui-2', 'The Villain' is among the most keenly anticipated features of 2014.

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Credits: PV

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Sid i am big big big fan of yurs sid yu are asum i love you so much

sidd u r such a awesome blossom........ I just want to say... y r u toooo u..!!!!!!

great couple!!!

Sid & Shraddha look gorg together! I really wanted to see Sidharth & Yami Gautam :)

Lovely jodi.

Sorry! I meant Alia Bhat! Not Alis* :P

Shraddha is so pretty

I'm a BIG BIG Shraddha Kapoor fan! But i must say this is not the way to show your love for someone!

Why must we bash one person to bring up another.

Seems like every few days on PV we have an article on the front page about Shraddha riding on a motorcycle.

They look sooo good together!!

They look super cute together!!

lol some ppl takes things too seriously, 'shraddha is adi's girl' & all dat. relax no one's stealing anyone here. whoever is with whoever its their life lol y force ppl on each other. & all those comments abt kjo missing his bf & all, watever the truth its their problem, don't know abt them but ur comments here does reflect ur personality. & if he really was gay thn y wld alia,shraddha & parineeti opt to work opp him

Very well said, When Aditya himself is saying he is not dating shraddha, why are are fans forcing a relationship here ?
They did one movie together in which they played their characters and that's about it.
Stop spamming here and Get a LIFE !!!

AND YOU AGAIN STOP STALKING ADITYA & SHRADDHA!!!...LOL... If they are and if they aren't is a personal matter and difinitley out of YOUR Buisness!!!
P.S ---> Stop Copying ME! "Get a life"!

he is so handsome.

Loving it! Waiting to see the magic ON screen!!

For a moment I thought it's Yami. Any way they look good here, can't wait for the trailer.

love the vibe around these two. had wanted Alia in The Villain but after seeing Aashiqui 2 wanted to see Sid-Shraddha jodi onscreen. & out of all the onset pics of this two, this is best one so far. love how Sid's hands r touching Shraddha's ;) first actual contact. nothing to take away frm Adi-Shraddha though, but just too excited for this one

Shraddha is looking Super Cute :-)


Shraddha looks really different here from Aashiqui and look at her smile. It's breathtaking. She and Sid make a very refreshing couple. He is so handsome and boyish.


LOL !!! Imagine an AD,
Shraddhaji aap ki sundarta ka raz kya hai ? Aap Kousa soap use karte hai ?
Mein soap nahi Bleaching cream use karti hoon.

Sid is so handsome! they make a wonderful couple.

A fan of neither, but I think these two make a very very cute couple :D Too bad, no chances of of-screen romance here. Well, looking forward to the film anyway.

Sidharth and shraddha compliment eachother very well. One of the best looking pair i have seen in recent time.

aditya n kjo will be be so jealous..! lol

Karan can get Jealous, but Aditya is Single and Happy, Love you Adi

OH Please!!! STOP stalking every post about Aditya and Shraddha! Get a LIFE!!!

gorgeous pairing! they would have beautiful babies in real life! :)

WTF ?? Dont try to link my Sid baby to Shraddha. My Sid deserves Best of the Best and not that Shakti kapoor's daughter

LOL! here we go "the best of the best" queen is in da house! Girl! SID is yours for ever!!! Show some respect and love for his co stars!!!

Oh my Siddy boy looking cho chweet

great combo...........Hotness[SM] + Cuteness[SK]
looking forward to this movie

Karan Johar will be Jealous seeing the pic :-)

nope.. he ll be proud for Sid as much as he would be for Varun, Alia as a guardian.

Guardian ROFL, Nice try to defend SID, But you can change the fact my Dear

Isn't this the same picture which we had seen a few days back on PV, just from a different angle I guess? :/

Shraddha is so pretty and they both looks so good together :)

nice. looking forward to this movie & pairing onscreen

Awesome pair!!! Surely this pair is better than Aditya and Shraddha

+1, I Approve

Shraddha is Aditya's Girl! Period!!!

Was this comment required here ? Why this pair has to be compared with Adi-shraddha.
Adi Shraddha always the best

YES it was required because, Sharddha was paired with Aditya in her last movie and the Fans think Aditya shraddha are the BESTEVER. I thought SID-Shraddha paring is definitely better than the previous pair. Comparison with the previous paring will always be there.


Sidharth looks dashing hot ..superb eyecandy for girls . Wating for this film to see this fresh pair .shradha is beautiful aswell

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