Hrithik's son Hridhaan Roshan's new photo

Hrithik's son Hridhaan Roshan's new photo
So cute!!!

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Credits: facebook

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Cute kid, but not a patch on his handsome dad. Looks more like the mom.

Awww what a cutie! Looks like his Mamu :)

omg! very cute!

I'm sorry but Zayed is much more hotter, good looking and handsome than Hrithik .... Hrithik might have green eyes and a slim face structure but have you seen him put on weight? his face looks so bad even with a little weight on it .... remember laksh how bad he looked with weight fat on his face .... his body was not fat it was fit but for some reason he had weird fat on his fat .... have you seen Zayed gain weight? Zayed has a nice as heck body but even when he gains a lot of obvious weight on his body his face is still looking handsome and good looking .... he has features that are perfect .... a skinny face will get weird looking over the years but a slim/heart shaped sort of face structure will look young for a long time it's been proven over the years .... Zayed doesn't have the bestest eyes like Hrithik but it looks perfect on Zayed he's far far better looking than Hrithik any day for me but of course typical desis would prefer Hrithik for his green eyes .... Hrithik has to work hard and keep his body fit to be looking good but yes he's good looking but Zayed is no less and for me he's much hotter. The kids MIGHT look a bit like their mom who DOESN'T look like Zayed at all .... Zayed face, nose everything is way more chiseled BUT they would resemble him a lot and who knows they might resemble Hrithik as well later on. They will be good looking for sure.

SOOOOOOOOO CUTEEE! ADORABLEE! both bros hrehaan and hridhaan will grow up to be handsome young men just like duggu:)

Uber cute :))))
He's sooooooooooo adorable !!

yeah, it is totally unfair that good looking hrithik's sons end up looking like zayed!

yeah, it is totally unfair that good looking hrithik's sons end up looking like zayed!

he is adorable

cute but he looks nothing like his father sigh

he's got good genes

ha ha so so cute, omg he looks just like Suzanne.



he looks more like his mum
hes a cutie


he is cute but has moms eyes

Very Cute!!


he looks sooo much like susanne and also like hrithik's mum. so sweet.

Omggg Hridaan is so freakin adorable! Hmm none of Hrithik's sons looks like him, they look more like their mother.

he is adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:) soo cute

soo cute

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