Introducing Siddharth Malhotra from Student of the year

Introducing Siddharth Malhotra from the Karan Johar/SRK flick Student of the year>.

This guy is quite a looker. Hope he acts well too. The guy was raised in Delhi.

Its nice to see a fresh face on the screen after a long time.

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Credits: pv

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hi sid how r u

he has charm as well as looks to die for.wish him all the best for movie and career ahead.

hot; too cute; swt smile looks awesome.. love him

hi siddharth how r u

siddharth malhotra is karan johar's boy-friend. i was in the US when karan was directing my name is khan and siddharth was his assistant. you wouldnt believe that he would even sleep in karan's room so many times in spite of knowing that everyones knows he is in karan's room. i think siddharth is actually gay and genuinely loves karan. karan is mad about siddharth. the other day i saw karan crying because siddharth got upset as karan wasnt giving him much importance that day, so, karan took him to his fav restaurant in new york n got him a watch worth 5 lakhs. siddharth even showed it off to everybody on the sets that karan got me a watch. how sweet is he!!

Kjo is in mad love with him.......on set,he was his love,prince.....and more.....let them love....both of them need each other....hope Sid will not ditch him.....

Yes he is kjos boyfriend.....that's y he is the hero of student of the year.....on set kjo used to take special care....mad in love......

Follow Shahrukh Khan n Karan Johar s next collaborative production "Student Of The Year" only on @soty_fc (on twitter) - Retweeted by @kjohar25 ;-)

So what if he is a boy toy?!!!!!! Wasn't Kat Salman's girl toy all this time.


looks ok.

you girls do know he's GAY right?

he look a bit like shahrukh too the roughness on his face

haha hope so

He was Rohit Bahls boy toy and became Kjo's

he looks totally cute in the first pic .... he looks like a super hot version of shahid kapoor in the second picture and I don't like his third picture at all .... he's good looking and hot and cute with that shahid kapoor smile .... he resemble him a lot especially in the second picture but of course taller and hotter.

he is cute...........

oh........... the 1st pic in black is over dose of hotness

Oooh, very cute.

is he crossed eyed??

Woow he's a hottie, hope he can act!!

he is totally cute

definitely a looker though..Karan sure knows how to pick them...

He is KJo's protege & was a model from Rohit Bal's collection. Certainly a looker than most younger stars...better looking than Shahid & Ranbir...older & taller version than Shahid...even though Shahid is older than him.

Kjos boyfriend!

Wonder what he did to get a chance in films....

Yeah Karan Johar's boy toy.

OMG!! combination of M.S.Dhoni and Shahid Kapoor

OMG!! combination of M.S.Dhoni and Shahid Kapoor


Karan Johar's new boytoy whom he's casting in films as payback for *ahem* services rendered. I wonder if this Malhotra dude renders the same *services* to SRK. Won't surprise me if SRK does a cameo in this new film

i think we all know how he got into karan's movie!

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