John Abraham launches Yamaha scooter @ India's Auto Expo

John Abrahamsits on a newly launched scooter as he poses with Yamaha representatives during the 2012 India Auto Expo in New Delhi

Credits: daylife

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JEEZ!! The bike is PINK because it's a ladies scooter Yamaha have just launched - morons!!! At the Expo John didn't really want to sit on it but the blokes surrounding him encouraged him to do so. He IS their brand ambassador so he couldn't refuse. But the launch quite clearly stated the bike is aimed at GIRLS!

John and Bips gotta get back together pronto. They made a hot pair and I miss that.

I love how John's scooter is PINK ;)

Pink Motorbike?

Great thighs! Hee hee!

Oh my gawd John even makes a pink scooter look good! ♥John Abraham♥

I think John has found a fountain of youth somewhere! He's looking great these days! So fresh!

woooooo..... luv u john.....:):):)

John looks fab!! His LA holiday with his new lady has put a new light into his eyes.

John & Bikes .................made for each other!

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