John Abraham's new House's picture (Vogue - March 2011)

John talked about his new house in the Koffee with Karan's episode. Well here you the bollywood hunk's "Sexual house" (as Karan described it) where he lives his "simple life" (as he said). :P

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Credits: pinkvilla

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wow jon....

for the jhon abraham
you are living in the dream house ,i reaiiy like your house &you

this house is just WOW!

No took lots of efforts to make this marvel into one....describing john's personality,simple and transparent.

hye john sir.your house very beautiful in inthe world

oh its just hot sexy and damn adoerable... love your home more then u john.... :p feels like the best house of INDIA!


Gorgeous Bachelor pad

very good cute home pam999

Fri, 2011-04-01 06:56 — Anonymous

Every bachelor's Dream House...!


Sat, 2012-06-09 07:29 — Anonymous

The awkward moment when Karan Johar repetitively uses the word 'sexy' for Johns house and then the two fags preceed to giggle about it :S


Couldnt agree more!
I bet Bipasha broke up because of that, (those two were havin an affair)

The awkward moment when Karan Johar repetitively uses the word 'sexy' for Johns house and then the two fags preceed to giggle about it :S

John is perfect

john ur home is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

hay john sir i am azhar and i am big fan of yours your villa is very beutiful.

your room only i like but i don't like

shit house get a bigger house

nice house jhon

awasome house ..............i like very much

John your house so cool near arabian sea .Its like you.

in my opinion, his house lacks a bit of personality, colour and pizzaz, but then again, maybe that's how he is as a person- simple and conservative. It's DEFINATELY stylish though, just not very homey. As I like to put it, its a house fit for a model/actor, which he is, so its all good. :)

ur house is so beautiful dear its really
u knw one thng my frnd ..... loves u so muchhhhhhhhhhh
she wanna to marry wth u
my wishes wth her

bharat yadav

oh really fantastic

hey john i m shahrukhi in london and i m your big fan in this whole world i c ur home really its amazing like some of dream to my eyes its like that when i meet u and i touch ur hand and a big hug but if you meet me but i know its dream for me but i wait for my whole life when u read this mail then u think one mad crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fan write this text so pls give smile for me and now i c ur upcoming movie its realy to hot pls care of urself and i know its request that give me your photograph and ur lovely comments for me and ur signature its really dream come true for me john i m really happy

hey john mene ab tak aap k ghar ko bahar se dekha tha bt today..... now i know k aap ko aap k ghar se bahar anna pasand q nahi......
bcz ur home is like jannat jhan har koie rehana pasad karega even me bhi:-)
alan ne such me bohat acha kaam kiya hai u r so likey u know...... n bips 2...
okkkkkkkkkk then john ya (farhan) bye tc cya n luv u?byeeeeeeeeeeee allah haffiz

i liked it but wats so sexual about it duh

Every bachelor's Dream House...!

All the celebrities ( even in U.S ) especially bachelors have the same brown and beige color scheme in their homes..I wish they would put some brighter colors in there which reflect their personality rather than the house looking generic.

I presently work for a world-renowned architect whose work stands among elite and I have to say, I love John's home, the open house concept with the many glasses window .... creative ideas with the luxurious interiors - uncluttered and unpretentious! He is simple at heart!

its a beautiful house i love.....totally suits my taste....i wud love live w. him in that house

his apartment is nxt to sea kist co-op housing society, bandra, mumbai! I found it using pictures from his official site and then searching the same scene in google maps! ahhh internet is when I go to mumbai I will try to meet him :D

oh my god, i saw the koffee with karan episode with john in it, he was acting soooo weird... it was like he was flirting with karan johar,
but then at the same time, he was just acting sooo weird, cocky but in a really weird way. anyone else felt that?

I LOVE his home

FABULOUS taste especially for a straight man xD

This is a gay guy's home. Now I'm convinced John is gay. No normal straight bachelor would have such a home.

how is living in a mostly glass house even remotely safe?

wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . nice.

Woow John house is stunning, the most beautiful BW star house I've seen!!

The house screams bachelor pad to me.. Maybe they did break up...

ghar ho to aisa..too beautiful..wonderful view..worth living ..lucky jon..all d celebs has money but few hs d perfect taste

ohhh good he is sooooooo sexxy
i love him ♥

too modern for my taste

thanks for posting! I don't this apartment is "sexual" in anyways - how KJ quoted on his show.. kuch bhi bolta hain :)

John is so freaking hot!!!!

Hahahha! Scandanavian monastery! :-)

I wouldn't want to live in a house furnished like this. Nevertheless, it looks classy.

Beautiful house - for a show home! And he clearly has an army of cleaners! All rather cold and clinical for my taste. What's wrong with photos and memorabilia of life. I think that's what makes a house a HOME. However, he has the luxury of being able to have his home exactly how he wants it so good luck to him. Most of us - with partners, relatives, kids and pets - don't have that choice. But he's a good man who has worked hard to get what he wants, so I wish him every happiness there.

jeez its so sanitized i'd be scared of leaving a finger mark anywhere still, its his house so he should have it how he wants but i couldn't live in it far too cheerless

Like his 'keep it simple without much clutter' outlook, after all most of what we accumulate loses meaning as we age. And why does KJo keep calling it a sexual home, I mean it's a typical contemporary house with all the trappings of one and it's lovely. AS Salman said it's all to sensationalize and get trp's for his show. Certainly not meant for family and kids, but then he may just buy another one when it comes to that. :)

wow, it's a beautiful house. the terrace is just stunning

In Kerala, they have a fourth name called a house name among malayali christians, but i dont know what john's is.

That's the exact type of interior decoration and set up I would like my house to have! It is divine!

very nice place.

Gorgeous house for a gorgeous man! Simply breathtaking!

This guy obviously likes his space. He doesn't want anyone to move in. He's single.

was this before he moved in? why does it look like nobody lives there? theres like nothing on the counters or anything. i mean his wardrobe is there but shouldn't there be a little clutter to indicate that a human lives there??

so how is this a "sexy house" as karan claimed on his kwk episode with john? its just a very very TRANSPARENT house, thats all. id at least like privacy on the bathroom/bedroom (for my own protection) but otherwise it has a really cool look and calming feel to it. id love to live in a house like that! thank god he doesnt have gawdy taste like every other b-town celeb

In Kerala, where John's father is from, the father's first name is taken to be the family surname. So it makes sense for his father to be called Abraham John. That would mean john's grandfather was called john.

i would love to live in this house..with him of course ;)

Amazing house,gosh,I would love to move in w/him in
He does seem like a sweetheart,man,why did him n bips break up,I loved them 2gether

Beautiful home!

Did Vogue India make a typo? Look at the first sentence of the second paragraph, "...if his father, Abraham John,.."

So John Abraham's father's first name is Abraham John?

he is a sweetheart

omg..this is the coolest bachelor pad i've seen in my life....overlooking the ocean too..hez really worked hard for this n totally desrves
it all..but i still cant seem to get over how awesome the house is perfect..if i ever hav a house of my own..i want
it to completely look like this...its my dream home...ohhh john adopt me plz..i will do all the chores arnd ur house if u just let
me live'm in lov with this..!!

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