Juhi Chawla with husband Jay mehta at Karan Johar's birthday bash

Credits: pv

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juhi chawla....one of the most good looking actresses of her times....she can still give tough competition to the newbies if she decides to join in....love this amazingly good looking actress...!!!!

CUTE COUPLE....sooo elegent and classsyyyy....!!!!!

jai mehta looks same as juhi...chirpy and gigglyy...gosh such a cute couple.....!!!!!

juhi is very humble & genuine person. i love her lot.

Nobody else is carrying a present apart from this couple...Someone could have at least put the present aside before they had photos taken.

I love Juhi!!

very cute actress,. i LoVe juhi

Its actually a very lovely suit and she looks nice in it

love juhi!

My favourite couple in bollywood- decent and low profile, thats class, not like the publicity hungry crass Kundras.

I like to juhi Chawla

Juhi does look gorgeous and classy but i wish she would have worn a western outfit she kind of sticks out as everyone else is in dresses.

They are so made for each other- sweet gentle souls!

Love the second pic. she looks very sweet

what a great couple, I love Jay and Juhi alot.

They look so lovely together. Juhi is such a genuine and warm person and that goodness radiates from her!

Love her

omg is he her husband ?!!!! mahesh bhatt looks better than him !!!!! juhi still looks the same, cute

juhi is one of the few actresses who looks really pretty out here

juhi is so down to earth person.madhuri should learn from her.

Juhi is cute as always. Nice to see decency in her dressing sense, unlike some weirdos.

Wasn't MADHURI DIXIT invited? If yes, where is she???? I know she shares a good rapport with KJo

What a GRACEFUL couple, love it.

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