Kajol & Ajay Devgan's unseen old pic

Kajol & Ajay Devgan's unseen old pic

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Ajay nd kajol superb jodi,..we love u..

Kajol I

they have the perfect height difference



good choice...ajay looks great!

Kajol is a very loud, rude and arrogant lady. I have seen her soo many times in award functions hopelessly laughing and giggling when someone is performing. Its so rude...She lacks class....I hate the way she talks...She is so full of herself!!! She is an OK actor...but I don;t think she is amazing or all rounder....She cannot dance...n is just so stupid.


Love Kajol :)

schmuck she has not had a bad experience as shes never allowed a fan 2 take a pic of her!!!! so yes a snob

schmuck i find it 2 be very snobby....come on she says that she does not like it??? why because maybe they are not sucessful as her....its plain wrong and you know it...even this year at star screen awards she was very rude ti the anchors now dont say that is right as well!

Thank you all others that commented and told me that its kajols family in the pics....makes sense! :)

Guys, if Kajol does not want to have pictures clicked with fans. It's okay. It's a personal choice. May be she is not very comfortable with strangers. May be she has had a bad experience. I would not call her a snob for that. It's her life goddamit.

people always comment.....Its nice to see Normal family....Not that its any bad...
But if I have to see things NORMAL....I MIGHT aswell see my own...lol!!
I enjoy seeing glamour, over the top houses n clothes..,

The devgans look uncomfortable n embarrased in this pic....

They are not fans. They're family. Kajol is vry snobbish

Everyone looks uncomfortable . Nice! :D

that is not kajol! ajay did not look like this when he was young lol. that is probably some relative of kajol hence the resemblance!

wow!! They both look so young and lovely!

these look like Kajol's Marathi reaatives from her mother's side

I think they are her relatives.

dey look like a normal family :)

I love looking at stars' old pictures.

they look like normal family :) that's good.

i herd that snob kajol doesnt allow a fann 2 take a photo wid her so how did this happen???

^^ So now you know that all these stories about her not being nice to her fans are just rumours! :)

they look like a middle class indian family

i herd that snob kajol doesnt allow a fann 2 take a photo wid her so how did this happen???

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