Kajol, Tanuja & Tanisha at Esha's wedding reception

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Credits: pv

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love you tanisha ...she looks gorgeous as her mum n her sis. after seeing her in big boss 7 full respect to you tanisha we all from south india are your new fans.support you .. pv pls post this.

Tanjua is on booz n smoke all the time may be tuts why she aged so 'gracefully' lol

Tanuja looks so graceful :) She's aged beautifully! There is something about all these yesteryear actresses, they all aged so charmingly!

Kajol, youuu beautiful thang :-* But honey, sleevless does not suit you :(

Tanuja looks lovely here. Kajol has obviously upped her game and she looks improved here, but I'm still not a fan of that sari. Tanisha unfortuantely looks quite trashy. That midriff exposure is not doing her any favours.

kajol looks so lovely and beautiful
love her

kajol is the best at the wedding ! beautiful ...

beauty meter : Tanuja > Kajol > > > > > >Tanisha

I think so far, in the reception pics, kajol looks the best. Lovejy hairstyle.

kajol looks fresh and young

wow kajol looks amazing !

Kajol looks amazing...and different. What's up with Tanisha?

kajol looks very beautiful

kajol looks beautifull

tanisha has a sexy navel

i love kojol happy to see her pics, her outfit is nice but a lot of golden color. that is ok for wedding though

Kajol looks good whats up with her sister?


Kajol looks unhappy.
She is smiling, but at the same time she must be thinking that at some time she was also happy with her husband.
Of course she must be wishing Esha more happiness.

kajol looks really beautiful

Kajol is a work of art.

kajol looks lovely
please Come back soon in movies!

kajol looks pretty and elegant

wow... kajol is absolutely beautiful!!!

Kajol is trying to groom herself but she cannot carry off these sarees very welll.......Rani is the best when it comes to anyy type of saree, even Vidya

OH plz all this people talking abt Kangana and Ajay shuld stop it now because this story is likely 2 be false people shuld stop commenting on things they dnt knw every actor goes through the affair phase where the press make assumptions because they work together example Akshay and Priyanka,Srk and Priyanka,Srk and Juhi,Hritrik and Barbara the list goes on and on, besides all this Kajol is an independent woman her parents were seperated so kajol will never I mean never accept infidelity and if u read Ajay interviews he always says the press usually link u up with someone even though its false but he and Kajol trust each other.kajol you look beautiful in that sari so people shuld stop hating because you are happily married with beautiful kids.

Kajol looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want closeup of Kajol's jewellery


why does Kajal sister wearing the saree that way!!?? Gross!! sleeveless is okey as long as it covers well enough!!

Out of the three, Kajol is the prettiest one ! ALways has been. Love her entire look here ! The hair-do is perfect ! Love it !


tanisha looks hot

Kajol looks really nice... lovely hair style

KAJOL LIGHTENED HER SKIN she is so insecure

kajol lost weight....now that she competing w. kangna

did kajol start bleaching her skin to get white like kanga r. why does she look sooo whtie???
whats w. tanisha...disgusting

Kajol is so beautiful ! but Tanisha ...

I wish Tanjuja's elegant dressing sense had rubbed off on the daughters.

Kajol and mom look good! Stupid Ajay.

Can't stand sleeveless blouses. Makes the sari look tacky. Tanisha cover that midriff woman! Gross! Every one was so nicely dressed, in the previous events.

Trust this gang to look trashy. I don't know what it is about Kajol, but she can't pull off the elegant look...

kajol looks gorgeous !!!
everything from her is perfect ! beautiful saree ....beautiful hair and make up and beautiful smile ...love her !

woooooow kajol looks really stunning !!!

Anonymous's picture

she always goes every where alone! like single ones with her mom n sis!
where is that damn hubby??????

if u knew anything abt ajay and kajol u wuld knw that ajay hates partying and never goes 2 parties and awards shows it has been that way since they were dating.he always says he n introvert

after so long kajol w3ear nice dress ,,,

Kajol!!!!!!!! We miss you at the movies!!!! Come back soon cz u look lovely!!!!!!

Kajal and Tanuja look lovely and classy, why is sis in a mess?!

wowww!!! kajol looks gorgeous:) love the whole look

she always goes every where alone! like single ones with her mom n sis!
where is that damn hubby??????

kajol has had her skin lightened!

kajol has such a beautiful face. She looks absolutely elegant. Very fresh looking, her face is just glowing I want her flawless skin!..lol. I like the way her make-up n hair are done. she will always be my favourite bollywood actress.

kajol looks beautifull..

For once I like what Kajol is wearing....but she should have avoided the necklace, as the saree already has a lot of gold on it.


Kajol so look like Tanuja in her younger days. Don't you think? Her Saree is beautiful and Elegant too. I like the gold necklace..it highlight her outfit so well.

kajol looks like a billion bucks! wow! gorgeous! tanisha looks nice, too. don't like the way she wore the sari, though.

wow - Kajol!!!!!!!

Wow....Kajol looks good! Am loving the jewelry and hair!

Oh my, kajol!!!!!! Looks so beautiful!. Gosh wat is in her water, she is just getting more and more beautiful with age. So gorgeous. I cnt wait to see her on the sliver screen again. She needs to show dat cheatin husband of hers the door.

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