Karan Johar’s twins Yash and Roohi Johar look adorable as they enjoy their playtime

Karan Johar is a doting father to his twins Yash and Roohi Johar. Yash and Roohi Johar look adorable in a photo that is doing the rounds of social media as they enjoy their playtime.
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Karan Johar is a doting father to his twins Yash and Roohi Johar. He often shares snaps of the munchkins on his social media account. Karan welcomed his twins through surrogacy last year. This year, he hosted a lavish birthday bash as his twins turned a year old.

We came across a photo of Yash and Roohi Johar enjoying their playtime. Yash looks adorable in a red and white tee-shirts, whereas Roohi looks cute as a button in a pink dress.

Check out the photo:

In an interview with us, Karan had talked about embracing parenthood. He had said that his children are like his sunshine and the thought of them makes him happy even if they are not around him. He had called them his ‘true happiness’

Recently, Karan had posted a video of Yash and Roohi screaming in their nursery. The munchkins looked cute in the video.

Earlier, there were reports that Karan Johar will take a break to be with his children. Karan had, however, denied it saying he has all the time in the world for them and his work. He had said that he will bring them to the office of Dharma Productions.

This year, Karan will be producing Raazi, Drive, Simmba, Dhadak and Kalank. He has also narrowed down on a script for his next directorial venture. Karan had hinted in a recent interview to Hindustan Times that he would like to reunite with Shah Rukh Khan for his next project. There has not been an official announcement yet.


If Karan and manish are togther . They should come out and live together without care of others say or react. My advise that people’s thought process won’t you happy but it’s a barrier between you and your happiness - just kick this barrier. In life there always be people who will support or put you down regardless what you do. Both these babies are cute

the son looks like karans mum.

Roohi is a copy of Karan!

Impossible, sorry, she's not from him

like neil patrick harris and david burtka had twins..
just like that... kjo and manish.

You got it !

if indeed yash is from kjo and roohi is from manish then manish must be so damn upset...
because to the world - officially - it isnt his kid - they are both just karan's !!!

Yes I know, unfortunately, for the official side, he can be only the " uncle " until they decide to say something or until the law allows them to do so. Now, in private, with Karan, and the kids and closest friends, he is a father. It must be a little sad to be forced to play this role i think but after all, both Karan and him decided and planned all this for years and were mentally prepared. I believe that they do live like a family but, unfortunately, the media will never know, at least for now. Anyway, I love them and wish them all the best anyway, i'm sure they are super dads.

Sorry but they don't look adorable

Kjo-Manish family !!!! So cute :))

They are just too cute and their expressions!!

I like how people put a thumb down just because they cant handle the truth and dont understand how it is possible )))) Google it guys, be smart !!!

It's incredibly obvious how much Yash is from Kjo and Roohi is from Manish, and with time it will become more and more obvious. I'm just so happy for them everytime I see their kids :) Genetics has made incredible progress in recent years, it's amazing

A Roohi looks like manish malhotra

She does indeed, the more she will grow up the more it will be clear. He must so proud i can't imagine. She wil be just gorgeous like papa.

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