Kareena and Saif at hospital during Karisma's baby's delivery!!!

kareena and saif spotted at Breach Candy hospital during the delivery of Karishma's baby. Also spotted are Reema kapoor and Babita kapoor.Only if there was a picture of Karishma's baby!!!

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Credits: http://twitpic.com/1j1sritwitter

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Maybe they are already married/engaged? We don't need to know everything!

omg .........I find it so the shit kareena shahid together is no longer .... they fit so well together
but I love kareena and saif still useable ......... saif is so sweet
♥♥.......I wish good luck to the two live in their be shared

They don't get married probably because marriage is the kiss of death for every Bollywood heroine's career !
Even Ash is being a good bachchan bahu and choosing safe boring roles.

Aww, they're a cute supportive family . Imagine this could have been Abhishek and Kareena's baby, so close!

lucky 2 have a nice sister and lolo congra and keep well. bebo and lolo r gorgous looking girls.

ok i have to state the obvious here. why don't they get married?? he's practically part of the family looking at these pics.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love it how saif is there too. Now thts family.

I just adore kareena for loving her sister so much that she takes her time off from her busy scheduale to support Karishma. ANd that is sweet of Saif too! This is what i like about kareena she is so famous yet she is grounded and loves her family to death.

Thu, 2010-04-29 12:37 — Anonymous

U mean Kareena is lucky to have Karishma?
Girl, Kareena is nothing without Karishma!

Bebo says saif is more than just a lover. She's found everything in Saif. A lover, a guide, a mentor, a best friend.
Lucky girl! Actually they both are lucky to have each other.

She never goes any where without Saif.

i love kareena and she is the best.
cogratulation lolo and u r so lucky 2 have a sis like bebo.

Aww!!Bless their dear hearts

that was prbly one of the happiest day of her life as i read that she loves her niece so much, she so natural n pretty without makeup

Thu, 2010-04-29 05:53 — Anonymous..quick to blame Kareena because of hatred...get UR facts before putting R foot in your mouth.

god bless them...my husband wouldnt wait like that ,if my sis were to deliver.

who is reema kapoor

this is carrying publicity 2 far delivery room pics

I just love kareena so muchhhhhhhh
shes jus soo sweet and natural.......muahhhhhhh

its a private moment but trust publicity seeker extraordinary kareena to give these
pictures to the press for her own selfish reasons

bless them!

babita and kareena really look like each other - same facial features

saif is looking so cute n so kareena

dey r real not fake publicity hunting couples..i love kareena she is so natural..

Oh who are other couples who pose for paprazzi??? n these people r actually in loved like they were with Shahid n Rosa n god kns who else. All husband wives in bollywood r in strong marital relationship n thts why they look in love n survive rude comments

That's a nice gesture on his part. Best wishes to the couple.

awww, that's so sweet of them (especially for Saif -it's expected of Kareena) to support Karishma like that. so cute. and, yeah, it's really clear that Saif and Kareena are truly in love and not just posing for the cameras like others in Bwood do.

Muah! LOve Them!

They are one couple who are ACTUALLY in love. hence that they are seen at these places together. unlike other couples in b wood who just pose infront of the papparazi.

Saif in the delivery room!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

Saif in the delivery room!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

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