Kareena without Makeup

What do you guys think..? How does she look?

Credits: www.kareenak.net

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without make up ....surely she looks lyk ''YUCK''...................


the ppl of north west frontier are mix with greeks and scynthians and to top it her mom is half english tooo,thats no comparison to the rest of the bollywood.BTW she looks good.

And regarding the north indiann/south indian,the whole of SOUTH ASIAN society where CASTE SYSTEm exists you can see the upper caste has fair skin and the lower caste has darker skin color.The upper caste of south India will be any day fairer to the labour class of North India for that matter.The diffreence is that number is more in Northern India.

NOONE CAN EVER MAKE A STATEMENT LIKE - NO SOUTH INDIAN IS FAIRER THAN A NORTH INDIAN. can u???.This is not Africa we are talkin abt.for heavens sake.

Aishwarya isn't fair she was very dark back in the days, stayed out of sun and bleaced her tone to the max she's a light brown not very fair or whatever. Hema Malini is not even NEAR 5'7" but she was and is fair. Sonali Bendre is about 5'7.5" and she's was never very fair she's just a medium nice brown tone I LOVED SONALI in her prime she was so naturally pretty, and just PERFECT. Love seeing her pretty face and smile in "aankhon main base" and other classic songs "haseena gori gori" such a beauty Sonali was.

Wed, 2010-01-13 07:22 — Anonymous

aishwara is fai,5'7" kannada and "cant help" bein fair becoz she is south indian. hema malini is 5'"7 tamil and again "cant help" bein fair becoz south indian. sonali is 5"8 and cant help fairnes becoz she is maharastrian (mid westindia). lol.

GORGEOUS!!! beautiful kareena and her skin is amazing for sure !

wow can a person be that pretty, even without make up n lences? i guess that kareena one and only...

not bad but sister needs a lip balm

she looks good. love kareena

Bleeesssssed women


she reminds me of myself, i have light eyes, light skin dont waer make up in daily day..my skins lender like hers...and people u are jealous becuz u dont have that for sure, its quite few pple who have this face, skin features!

her mums eyes..

gob smacked someone get me some water this is so beautiful, no make up watso ever

omg shes so perfect..no one i mean no one can beat that..no make up lil kajol on her top lid, shes amazing...the best so far without make up...honestly jealous of her skin eyes lips n nose...no foundation i mean none atall

wow she is so pretty :)

natural beauty can b seen in this pic

She Looks Really Pretty And Her Skin Is Flawless IM JELOUS LOL =]
And I Really Like Her Eyes X

she looks good..

aishwara is fai,5'7" kannada and "cant help" bein fair becoz she is south indian. hema malini is 5'"7 tamil and again "cant help" bein fair becoz south indian. sonali is 5"8 and cant help fairnes becoz she is maharastrian (mid westindia). lol.

this north indian south indian thing is crap. india is a very diverse country! i am a kannadiga, meaning i'm from karnataka, and i am 5' 8'', very fair with green eyes and brown hair. supposedly very "north indian", well guess what, i'm not!

wow she looks pretty darn good without any makeup.. she takes care of her skin.. no blemishes/pores/etc

she looks pretty darn good without makeup: flawless skin, very nice tone/complexion, no dark under eyes or any discolouration... pretty! all she needs is some chapstick :).

she is half and half, half punjabi half sindhi. deadly combination. she is who she is
leave her alone.

this Kareena kapoor folks. she looks better without make up than with pan cake make up.


she looks perfectly fine...even good!!!!

beautiful and very stunning here. bebo is the best

come on she is gorgoeus


someone mentioned that she's faired skin because "she can't help be light skinned because she's half punjabi and sindhi." well, have you even been to the northern parts of India. i have and let me tell you they are dark up there too. also, this poster says she has "classically north indian features." again, have you even been to the northern parts of indian, and even the southern parts for reference, because there is no such thing as "classically northern features" because india is so diverse North, South, East, and West. for god sakes stop promoting divisiveness in india, the same divisiveness that lead to 400 years of british slavery.

she still looks good without makuep.

I think she looks great without any makeup on. Gorgeous!

she luks kinda sick...but not that bad.

girls @ bollywood can do anything for money and lust..

I recently visited a hotel at bhopal owned by pautadi family. Its a 5 star luxurious hotel. The hotel staff told me that both this moral less people visits there some times and stay in same room. this is height of being moralless. Espacially for girls who thinks 24 hours about celebrity and treat them as there role model..

she looks horrible

so pale..gal wat happened..

she luks horrible .... she skin is terrible ... is hw they luk after taking off there make up ...god then they sld be covered in make up for all their life ...

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-04-14 20:39: Karisma's got the blue eyes.. she has hazel. Respect your viewpoint of beauty- but it seems u are saying she's lucky and more beautiful because she is fair-skinned and light-eyed - correct? if she had dark skin and brown eyes, would you still find her pretty? just wondering...

thats her eye colour, she got her dads eyes. looks so buff without makeup, so natural.
some people are just lucky. all bollywood heroine cant come close as that, they are so fake need blow on foundation, its really true kapoors are fair and jeans with beauty in bollywood.

aish is make up, thats her middle name..how does she breath

i think she looks gorgoeus... i mean how many actress and even actor can you name that glows as much as she does and have the confident to have her picture taken without sunglasses. opt to kareena!

shes fair but dont luk good i never found her femanine dunno y plus shes not that beautiful like aish

w/o makeup, the features stand out as the source of beauty:
anything special about her features? does it stand out from the 'ordinary' crowd in terms of angle?


her skin is so bad n dry she looks really old yukk

Wow, Im impressed...love clear skin without makeup!

atleast she have the guts to go out without makeup!
i think kareena and katrina looks awesome without makeup, and they seems to be the only girls in bollywood who would go out without makeup and are not insecure about how they look

i find her really pretty , obviously she is not drop dead gorgeous but she manages to look real all the time, which is rare in bollywood

she looks gorgeuos !!

she has perfect skin, she doesnt even need maekup

Her skin is nice and clear. She just needed a touch of tinted lipbalm.

yaak shezzzz lukin very old....wid dry skin

WooooooW, shes got the perfect n clear SKIN, i ever seen,
mashallah, sooooo natural,
no one eva can b like her, tht for sure love u beboo

she should have atleast moisturized her face its looks too dry

she looks alright...but she needs chapstick and she is looking veryyyy old.

Au natural. she looks good.

She is looking really good without makeup...!!!

yuck....her skin looks dry and aged....

too old

she has an engagment ring?

she lukz ok

nice skin!!!..she looks great!

She has a very nice skin and of course it's her natural face. She is looking tired cause these people work their ass off. Plz stop passing rude comments.Girls like Ash or Kareena or most of the heroins are better looking than average Indian girls and thats why they are in business (mainly) so stop passing dumb comments.She is pretty and yes thts her real eye color. Come one anyone can tell diff between real eyes n contacts

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2009-04-08 23:17.

this is hazel color

She has a nice face.. but exquisite: cosmetics.
These 'great beauties' like Aish/Kar are in the business and KNOW cosmetics and surgery to make it work for them and create that magical illusion to make men fall in love with their 'beauty'. That's the business of show-business.

Fear not folks, a friend in Mumbai in the business indicated NATURAL true beauties DO exist, but they are rare: he met Neelam without makeup and was VERY IMPRESSED by her beauty. The rest-- best left unsaid. He met Manisha and felt she was very kind. The rest-- best left unsaid.

she's wearing green contacts..right? her real eye color is a light hazel.

she looks good but i do agree with the comment below...when you are in a profession like this, all you spend on is-cosmetics/skincare products/anti-aging products and to top that all you have surgeons around you!! Ofocurse kareena is a pretty girl but with all that investment and grooming anybody can have a great skin and complexion! I love Kangana's skin though...she is too pretty w/o makeup!

what about the bundles of money they spend on skin care and skin improvement


she needs chipstick.

she is wearing makeup, just not the nautanki kind she always does, raccoon eyes and stuff

Eh no bad


looks normal but yea her skin is bad

she looks worried, stupid pic to put up when some1s going thru a hard time, u shud see urself under stress.

she is looking bad better wid maheup...her skin is not that good ...i hav loads of rashes

no one will do her without makeup

she is one of very few actresses who can come out of their home without make-up.. though she is not as freshe as once she used to be but still her skin and complexion is so good.. i wonder if Aish can even think about peep out of her home without make-up.. no no not even in her dreams..

without tons of makeup all the glow is gone,that what happened when you get sucked by negative energy.

get a life rockprincess...go study and stop wasting your time

looks nice

wow! she looks great!


very ordinary..makeup can do wonders to oneself...

i like her better without make up...

nothing bad, but i often notice her cheeks r very redish if she has no/or less makeup.. like also in jab we met and chameli and dev.

i agree. she looks great

is this her real eyes?


Still Luks like Kareena... Gorgeous....that's natural skin for her...and pretty eyes...

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