Katrina Kaif with her family

Here's a rare picture of Katrina Kaif with 5 of her 6 sisters and her brother. The family resemblance is clear, but seeing how Katrina is neither the youngest nor the oldest, do you think it's belivable that she's the only one with a "kashmiri" father?

Credits: www.facebook.com

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Thu, 2013-06-06 21:49 — Anonymous
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I think its entirely bs. Katrina "kaiff" is a made up figure. I do not believe she has an "Indian Kashmiri" father. I believe it is all made up. Basically, she is a white British woman who dyed her her black and decided to break into the Indian film industry. Also, her real biological father, if he were Indian, would definitely have come forth and given a public interview of some sort. Look at all her siblings, absolutely zero Indian resemblance. Katrina herself has very little Indian resemblance, even at her claimed 50%.

although I dont hate katrina, I have to agree with this above statement. she seems made up...and its bollywood im pretty sure half of the industry is phony. they are just fooling everyone...its been years and years since katrina got fame her father would have surfaced somewhere at least once.
but instead he is no where to be found.

I think its entirely bs. Katrina "kaiff" is a made up figure. I do not believe she has an "Indian Kashmiri" father. I believe it is all made up. Basically, she is a white British woman who dyed her her black and decided to break into the Indian film industry. Also, her real biological father, if he were Indian, would definitely have come forth and given a public interview of some sort. Look at all her siblings, absolutely zero Indian resemblance. Katrina herself has very little Indian resemblance, even at her claimed 50%.

Katrina Kaif is really a good actress but her sisters are not more beautiful than katrina.

Christine is Christine Raphael on facebook.. Isabel Turcotte has a Wiki page without even doing anything... Her sibling names in that are so funny.. I dont know why they have made up so much BS
PV post this

In this photo from left to right its- Stephanie Turcotte, Michael, Katrina Turcotte, Melissa (Melissa Roberts on FB), Isabelle(Isabelle Ann on FB), Sonia Turcotte(Sonia Turtle on FB) & Natasha.. Christine is blonde not seen in this pic.. btw Ronald Turcotte is dad to Stephanie, Melissa, Sonia, Isabelle, Michael.. I'm not sure about Katrina & Christine coz Christine is blonde & Katrina looks different from the others.. Beet was married to Johannes Maurits who is a photographer & has his own website..

how can her dad be "Mohammad Kaif" if ayesha shroff candidly admitted that they (boom producers) made up that name. and before that they had thought of kazi. what a liar.

Anonymous who mentioned The Family International--- can you please say where you got that information from?

How do you know Katrina's family is/was associated with this group?

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kat is the only one who looks indian in her family ,,,

she is a liar simple & no acting skills i never understand why she is famous

but kat doesnt look like that she and the rest of her sibling are from the same father

wow anons thats quite an interesting insight into kat family...u guys knows it all bt still i do wonder why her family background is so often discussed on pv ...i personally found this behaviour weird and silly...

it seems her family is like a Mormon family, who believes in the institution of having many kids...basically, the mormons don't believe in birth control. But still, I believe Katrina's father is someone who's not white. As everyone knows, if you are born white then you don't become katrina's colour if you stay outdoors a lot..also, Kat's childhood pictures show her as a light brown kid. Her dad probably abandoned her mum or didn't want to take responsibilities of a child, which does explain why Kat has some daddy issues. Kat did say that Akshay Kumar reminds her of her dad, so I'm guessing they have the same features and colour.

They were part of 'the family international'. their dad ronald is now remairried and lives in montreal with his wife, beet turcotte and step kids, nicole and kevin maurits. beet was previously married to johannes maurits and has a lot of kids with him. I think the maurits family was also part of 'the family international' because i have seen a picture featuring some of the older maurits children and stephanie and natacha.
Ronald has all his kids as friends on facebook except Michael and Christine. Katrina is not on facebook, so he doesn't have her, either.

Michael and christines father is Jean-louis Duran, hes australian. jesse tincher is who her mother is with right now and part of the Relief Projects India Organisation. this means her mother had stephanie with ronald turcotte then michael and christine with Jean-louis and then went back to Ronald turcotte and had the rest but for some reason i really believe katrina has a different, indian father she cant fake it when she talks about him in video interviews. they must have been part of 'the family international' which explains the different fathers and why they travelled so much

OMG. You were right. Did some research and actually figured out that Michael's Dad is the Durand guy.

Katrina's dad is Ronald Turcotte. He's of French decent and has mediteranian olive skin & dark hair. Her sister with the short hair is Sonia. She has a similar complexion to Kat, but Kat gets quite tanned working on out door shoots.
The other sisters pictured are: Natacha (in the black top with long hair), Isabelle (in the grey) & Melissa (in the brown, behind Kat). Their other sis is Stephanie, but she's not in this photo.
Stephanie, Natacha, Katrina, Melissa, Sonia & Isabelle all have the same father, Ronald.
Her brother Michael & sister Christine (also in the pic on the far left) are only their half siblings. Michael & Christine share a father, but he isn't Ronald Turcotte. I think their dad is Jesse Tincher.

either she has no INDIAN blood in her or the elder turquotte (her mother) REALLY got around the neighbourhood if you know what i mean:P

kartina has no lips....shes injects them hahaha

they all look alike. especially the one right next to katina is her carbon copy. katrina prolly spray tans herself to look darker lol.

lemme say katrina is not indian at all. n shes deffo not the prettiest .

i like the girl with short hair, they are look cute together

Katrina beautiful than her sister becuase her father indian

How DARE she try to pass of as an India - this bimbo. Shame on Bollywood and the Indian junta for accepting this fake, talent less woman - let me say, if she had talent then no problem because India is such a generous and welcoming country - but we should not tolerate such fakes who lie in order to progress. Sadly, the reality is that fakeness does get you success :(

u idiots have never seen mixed raced indians or asians
she is half indian her father is indian, why would she lie and embarress herself
as katrina states her dad is kashmiri

Miss fake and lies of Bollywood please she needs that award

Katrina looks so much like an afghan southern pashtun=pathan girl....mixed though. Even if not mixed, afghans are generally fair people or olive coloured. Her beaked nose, her dark and thick hair. People remember Madhubala? She was also Afghan and her family was sent to India by the Afghan army. Iam not saying she looks like madhubala, but i can totaly see the Afghan pashtun=pathan connection in this.

I believe her sister sitting next to her with the brown hair is prettier...she is whiter and also has a more appealing fae....she is only tiny...but in bollywood thats not a problem...in bollywood katrina is almost always taller than all the heros..

Feeling so sad for KATRINA>.......She is living a life of LIE!

kashmiries are whiter than katrina she must have greek father just look at her roman nose.

Katrina kaif is the only who looks like an indian girl

they dont have different fathers...theres a pic were kat and her three older sisters and brother are with their mom and dad. they all have the same dad. its just genetics some people take after their mom and some take from the father. mom my is fair skined and my dad is dark. my sister and i dont look alike shes more fairer and im more darker lol

Kat has an Asian Dad, & not kashmiri,
Her other siblings are from different fathers ..

Who cares about this just like making a mountain out of an ant's mole meaning out of nothing that's exactly what media about Katrina is either you put her against another actress so that you can run that actress down or post certain things to make her look larger than life all I know is she is a FAKE.

you guys need to understand that discussing a star's moral values is different. a star is objectified through media and is manipulated as an endorser. but discussing their family is different. how many of you out there think that priyanks' father and mother taught her to become and indulgence for married man. no parents chose such a moral value for their child. so we are not entitled to discuss the parenting/parent part either. how could you even think of commenting on katrina's family then? just have some limits.

i do believe katrina has a kashmiri father... she stands out among all of them, as she's the only one who doesn't look very western.

Katrina looks ill here and unhappy

Please kat is nothing at all but a press hyped actor

Katrina looks mixed because of her constantly dyed black hair. Let her just tint it a bit and you see her like the rest her body language is as foolish as the white when they tend to imitate other race. Nothing nice in this pic as far as I am concerned. All those Katrina's fans who put up her pics and try to run down other actresses for her sake will not make her any better than our Indian girls........ She is what she is a media made number one who was lucky to be in films that heros carry because the way she is being hyped is even more than Akshay Kumar who single handedly brought her out after her BOOM

Her father could be very well SPANISH or arab or afghan!

She is not brown Idiots! She's simply fair, nor white either as her british sibilings! Katrina loves to get tanned, specially to look like a Indian, but recentley if u guys noticed, she's totally white and it's not photoshopped and she's not wearing too much make up as always!

Aww cute ... She the only desi looking one !!

i was reading some of the comments and really who cares....thts her family.

Katrina needs to stop tanning so that she can maintain her fair skintone....even Kareena and Karishma are fairer than her lol. Anyway, to me she looks like a typical Kashmiri that Ive seen. Furthermore, India is a vast continent. Yes, majority of people are brown but not everyone is brown in India.

Nice pic - it's good to see that she's close with her family. :)

We all know that she has an interesting background but at this point people should just appreciate Katrina's hard work and charisma. Who cares if she uses a stage name? She's not hurting anybody.

isabelle is really beautiful and seems to have inherited her moms great body but its Katrina who
has that indefinable 'star' quality. she looks soooo beautiful even without a snitch of makeup.
her face shows not just outer but inner beauty as well.
as for that tan, she must hv been out to the beach or somethng just before she took that pic;
the thousands of pictures where she is clearly fair cant all be photoshopped or pan stick.

Not that a woman who is in her late twenties or even thirties is old by any norm. Only, Katrina is not as young as she proclaims herself to be!!

Looks like Katrina's mom has been around!! Maybe she was one of those flower power girls and Katrina happened to her! But Ms Katrina Kaif, nevermind what her real name is or who her father was, is no spring chicken. She must be in her late twenties or early thirties.


I doubt she is related to any of these people, she doesn't look like them except for the girl wearing the black necklace who looks like Isabelle Kaif.

She has told that she tans A LOT her skin to look more like a Indian! That's the reason guys.

She's not white she's just fair people!!!

She looks kinda dusky here! I always knew and wondered why the hell she always looks TANNED?! It must be her Indian father genes, as well as her long Indian/Arab NOSE! But I know that Katrina is naturally FAIR but not WHITE as her sibilings, period.

Katrina looks and is for sure MIXED but her sisters and brother are totally BRITISH! Katrina Kaif has said to the public once in a not too old interview that they DON'T have the same father! So that's why they all look different!
Only Katrina and Isabelle looks alike. And the girl in the middle looks like Isabelle.

HELLLLL NOOOOOOOO none of them look like a Indian!!!! Only Katrina has that "Indian" nose and hair! And none of them look alike each other only Katrina and her younger sister Isabella does!

HELLLLL NOOOOOOOO none of them look like a Indian!!!! Only Katrina has that "Indian" nose and hair! And none of them look alike each other only Katrina and her younger sister Isabella!

Its hard to say what the reality is but look at the pic! All seem to have to make up and Katrina Kaif is clearly the only one that has a desi skin undertone!! .....not just the tan she doesnt not have a caucasian skin undertone like the rest of the people in the picture

OMG!! none of her siblings look alike................ how she's the only one that looks desi out of all?

how many baby daddies does mrs turquotte have?? I dont think Kat has any Indian blood, this whole kashmiri dad thing is just bs, for all you know her father could be arab or mexican, brown skin is not limited to just the Indian subcontinent.

How may baby daddies does mrs turquotte have lol

As shocking as it may seem to be Britain is kind of broken in terms of family structure. The standard mummy, daddy and babies family format has been shed ages ago so she might not have even met her father. Her siblings could be step , or have different fathers, or something. Or maybe India could have just given her a tan lol!

And why does having a single drop of Asian blood seem so important. For me it's not having a parent or grandparent to be a certain ethnicity but having a feel for the culture, language and people. Kalki is definitely more Indian then Katrina could ever be.

But really why is her being Indian so important to the general audience. You wanted a generic, pretty, white looking chick and you got it. She never claimed to be able to speak Hindi or know the culture or even act so why the fuss about her desi father. He could be a Punjabi or a Kashmiri or whatever but it still wouldn't change a single thing about her.

I think people are so blinded by Katrina's popularity that they fool themselves into thinking she looks 'white'. She doesnt, at all. Her skintone is very 'asian' (not a tan!), as are her features. Her hair is black and so are her eyes. Karishma Kapoor looks more european than her and she doesnt even have white genes. Katrina looks completely out of place in her family, the only one who looks completely Asian. She looks slightly like her younger sister sitting by her but thats it. The rest of them definitely come from different father. Either that or they are adopted!

Katrina Kaif doesnt look white or even mixed race-im mixed race (3/4 bangladeshi and 1/4 white) and i look a lot more european than katrina, who in my opinion looks completely asian. Her siblings are definitely not mixed race, they look european english.

i agree it doesn't *really* matter at all - she is always called the hardest working actress in bollywood and her success definitely cannot be attributed to luck or looks alone...but i dont think it would take anything away from her to at least admit the made up kaif name (which was created for her by the makers of Boom) - if anything, i would probably admire her more for her success as a confirmed true outsider to india!

but why are these pictures appearing now all of a sudden from nowhere????

awwwwww cute pic...

Kitty is right. Kaif is just a last name that was made up and she keeps on passing off her dad to be Mohammad Kaif. Nothing she says is believable, girl is full of lies.

look at this possibility , she got herself tanned in india

Kat looks alot like Kashmiri, I believe she's mixed.

must be due to tanning coz of our climate here.. Childhood pics definitely show her fair

she and isabelle look alike....the others look like each other

BEAUTIFUL family!!!
they all so happy and that what is more important

they all have thin lips. No wonder she got them done.

its pretty amazing how most of her siblings look like her mum, even her brother..her mother, looking at them, must be like looking at a mirror!

Katrina looks like she has some Middle Eastern or Afghani blood in her . Of the whole lot ,only she looks remotely Asian.Her sister ,Isabel resembles her.Her olive skin looks very Mediterranean. The others look very British.

damn it seems lik i havent seen her in a while. love the new slice ad and cant wait to see her new chocolate ad.

Her father is asian Tajkistan or or afganistan somewhere bit not indian

aw one cute happy family..kat look gorgeous as always

deffo shes brown

Why has that post with her and ranbir been deleted?

kat was adopted - she is 100% middle eastern

if she hasnt been tanning then why does she look so different to race and singhh is king days? In singh is king she is FAIR and has VEERY predominant caucasian features.


are bhai kat is not your daughter so why are pinkvillains are so bothered huh..


WOW so they all have different fathers?

All her siblings look white, but she looks desi. All the sisters are attractive though!
Must be odd for them that she made it so big among all of them.

my kid and your kid are beating up our kid!!! :P

well she's the only one who looks mixed. the rest look completely white.

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