Katrina Kaif's latest photoshoot

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Credits: facebook

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katrina i heat u
dipika i luv u

woww kat u rock the bollywoodddddd............

in nxt birth.......my only wish to make salmaan khan,but u remains as kat.....

katrina you are most beutiful, most cute, most gorgeous actress in the world

Good Actoress give us more films.

i luv u katrina

katrina you are most beutiful, most cute, most gorgeous actress in the world

i just love katrinaaaaaaaaaaa:-)

its so kewl..................kat u roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
keep goin .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katrina my wife

katrina u r the image of urmila as (sayed in granth) ,,, that we heard only

about u also i only HEARD



rc...bad 1..........

where is SALMAN Kat

ok not so good

u r great
love u alot

u r cute .... and best actress of bollywood....u r gorgeous .... i like u a lot ... so best of luck in futur

you are very cute .... u are the best actress of bollywood ...u are gorgeous u r best best best ......



She is beyond gorgeous, she is so etheral and naturally beautifull, I have yet to see her look bad in ANYTHING she wears.

her lehengha is very beautiful !!

the lengha pic is quite pretty...beauty!

She looks good in every cloth she wears .... a true beauty !!

yeah m agree with u she slightly resembles wth vidya balan

looks really pretty in the first one!

in the last picture you can notice her lip job

she's starting to look like vidya

Trying too hard to look hot.

One gorgeous lady with the combination of hot,cute and all the elements.

she looks ok, not very prett as usual


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