Latest pictures from the Temptation Reloaded tour

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With the Temptation Reloaded tour coming to an end, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, Jacqueline pose with their team.

The second picture was tweeted by SRK saying, "Backstage...the works. Some of the shades are borrowed to get the effect right! Been tiring & hectic but fun. Thanx"


Lovely pics...Madhuri looks stunning...

Madhuri, Rani, and Jacquline, they all look beautiful!! Madhuri looks the best, but then I'm biased towards her always :)

Madhuri= godess of bollywood always looks stunning!!

They must be having so much fun! SRK in 4th pic

Simply love SRK, MAdhuri and Rani. But still trying to figure out where Jacqueline features in this entire show. Why was she there anyway, she's barely an entity in Bollywood.

Jacqueline posted this under

Love this pic!!

sorry for the bad quality


Srk is quit hot!!!

omg rani :o

madhuri looks like a granny.


she is great

Srk looks amazing and sexy! Rani and Madz are true beauties. Such perefct faces they have!!! Wow!!!

Makeup critic. Can you please post the pic of Rani and Jackie together. It's one of the cutest pics ever. Its on Jacqueline's twitter :)

they are sooo amazing

First pic from another angle.

Yo yo is the cutest...;)

Ranis gorgeous smile and eyes

1st pic, Jacqueline stands out! That pic with Madhuri, Rani & SRK, they all look terrible.


this boy looks better now than he has in the past 2 decades.

Rani's eyes..

Rani Mukerji is so beautiful. Her eyes!

oooooh rani's eyes in last pic

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