Manyatta & Sanjay Dutt's Daughter Iqra

Ameesha Patel tweeted a photo of Manyatta & Sanjay Dutt's daughter Iqra.

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Credits: twitter

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she is sooo cuteee baby

this baby is so cute :D

Yeah i must agree that with drugs ability to conceive it affected, so it must be that the sperms are donated, also there is no history of blue eyes in both parents so most likely the sperms may be borrowed!

She is so cute and precious. Sanjay is really good at heart and so good things happen to good people.
I am in U.S and have worked in infertility clinic for 4years. Men can have kids even at the age of 60. So u people there don't b jealous.

Good things happen to good people. He must be really good at heart.
I am in U.S and worked in infertility clinic for 5years. Men can have kids even at the age of 60.
So please don't be jealous that his baby is so cutee. He deserves this. This is all because of his dad's blessings.

Tue, 2011-06-07 21:40 — Anonymous
this IS from a doners egg. sanjay dutt can not have children due to his age and his drug past. these babies are the talk right now because they are NOT his REAL children. a doner was given to them and that is the truth. trust me i know.

PLEAASE slap yourself RIGHT NOW! For making a completely moronic statement.. Dumba--!
First of all, Eggs come from the woman's side. Its the SPERM that comes from the man. Are you like a gavaar who never went to school?

And they ARE sanjay's kids because they look like him.

only a very stupid person would take a pic of someone elses baby n spread it elsewhere n a completely stupid person would spread it on the net!!!

did she took permission from the dutts?? celebrities even sell the pics of their kids exclusively to magazine for a good amount....

Both Kapoor sisters have green and grey eyes so what are people bugging about, Oprah also has 1 green and one brown eye so......

Such a sweet and beautiful baby. God bless. Would love to see her twin as well someday:)

May Allah grant you long healthy happy peaceful life baby Iqra :-)

my eyes were like light gray-blue when I was a baby until I was around 8 months...sadly, they changed to super dark black-brown :( I remember when I was kid and looking back at the pictures and being so disappointed lol but now I love my brown eyes haha. It can happen. Genetics is a crazy thing! (My parents both have dark brown eyes, apparently I gained a lot of melanin within the first year) And some of my cousins retained their gray eyes, despite having parents with dark brown eyes.

I am Indian muslim and I must say that many Indians have blue, green and brown eyes, in my family my two cousins ​​have beautiful green eyes and light brown hair, although their parents have black eyes.
There are many examples front of you such as Aishwarya rai, Hrithik Roshan, Kajol, Rani,Varsha Usgaonkar, Aditi govitrikar , Arzoo govitrikar,Sneha Ullal, Etc. And one more example is here


I am Afghans but she has exactly the same eye color as me LOlz Cute Baby btw


this IS from a doners egg. sanjay dutt can not have children due to his age and his drug past. these babies are the talk right now because they are NOT his REAL children. a doner was given to them and that is the truth. trust me i know.

egg donor is white perhaps?

Eyes are like Sanju baba's and nose is like manyata's , very pretty baby!!

I personally believe tht if Sanjay Datt has not officially released his kids pics himself, Amisha Patel has no rights post this on twitter..this is juz so wrong on so many level..donno wot was she thinkin? if i'd him, i'd be really upset at her..

She has light eyes?
Sanjay dutt genes are pretty strong.

Je dirais même super mignonne :)

amisha should have asked the Dutt's before posting photos online

She looks so adorable. I heard the Dutts are mad at Ameesha for posting their personal picture! Uh oh.

Whoa she resembles sanjay a bit

I totally agree with Mon, 2011-06-06 20:59 — Anonymous

That is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! the only reason SRK and AAmir did not get any slacks because they married Hindus.

oh and I wonder if the other one is named "Isra" that would be so cute

Ok I said it wrong before she doesn't have Dutt's eyes the eye shape is more like Manyatta BUT the baby looks so much like Dutt like a lot like him. So adorable I would love to see the other twin and see how much of a difference if any or if they're fraternal or identical. So cuteeee

she is so cute......... does she have blue eyes

Mon, 2011-06-06 14:15 — Anonymous



Trop mignonne !!!


how does she have blue eyes?

how can someone be so dumb and say that its because of a sperm doner that this lovely girl has those lovely eyes.foolishness is what i would say.i'm studying genetics and i can tell you this is no wonder. its all because of the genes and their matching and mismatching.

LOL anchal you got rather very emotional dint you while writing your comment. you are a proud Indian is it??

she got blue eyes ??? i fink they'll go as soon as she is 4 months cuz wen a bby iz born their eyes r diffrent n l8r they change cuz i know sum1 hus daughta gt grey eyes n then they changed wen i saw her later so yhhh, anywyz she is cute xx

she looks like her dad but i wonder how she got blue eyes when both parents has brown eyes. She's like akshay kumar's kid, hes got blue eyes out of nowhere

ahh, lovely eyes!! she looks very cute.
one of my friend's name is iqra, i like the name.
for people who are wondering how is it posible for a child to have blue eyes, when the parents dont have,its coz of genetics and not coz of some sperm doner.LOL

2011-06-06 20:59
anon, this is India. people dont get arrested coz they are Muslims.there are many examples of Hindus/Sikhs/Christians who have been wrongly convicted and then released, please dont have such thoughts that the police department is prejudiced against the can say that when this nation has given you so much??
FYI, shiney ahuja isnt a muslim. he was arrested wasnt he??

her father is 51???? may God give them all security and happiness in life! NO lose of parents for next 30-40 years at-least!

she dont have twin sis...she has twin bro..named shahraan..shah means 'royal' n raan means 'knight' or 'warrior'

Muslims are so freaking good looking!!! Just saying.

hmm...dis baby looks nothing like them at all....wonder how?
but gorgeous baby with beautiful eyes.

Why you all so stuck on this religion matter??? For once again... religion and ethnicity are too different things!!! All of you are Indians despite having different religion!! Religion doesn't make how you are....religion can change....ethnicity can not.So i don't care if Sunjay or Sunjay's daughter is Muslim or Nargis is's only a religion!! Their ethnicity is Indian.

She is a doll, she has blue eye. adorable baby.

such a darling and so beautifullll

she is sooooo cute lolz...............

what a lovely baby with beautiful blue eyes,
God bless you Iqra

She IS their child idiots! Saying that she is coming from a sperm donor because her eyes are blue is the stupidest thing ever. I know many people who have colored eyes even though their parents have black eyes. Take Aishwarya for example, her parents are not blue-eyed does that mean she's adopted?! Seriously do some research before talking because you sound ridiculous!

really really cute, an angel

and where is the problem if it's a muslim or a hindi name, it's just a baby calm down guysss

wow so beautiful

i really l0ve this girl she is just like my c0zin .... i think ... .but can u tell that she resembles t0 iqra

Awww... cute little doll face where is the other twin?

@6-6.20:59... LOL you're all over the place! And no SRK is not the one going to jail, haha... I can't believe a baby picture can get that kind of reaction out of someone, you are sooo funny! :)

guys, this baby and the other baby is not their actual child...they had a doner given to them.


You guys are super lost Sanjay Dutt's mom is Nargis .... a one time big actress and she was a Muslim which is why they made a pointless case against Sanjay Dutt because they somehow got a pointless clue and had to frame because his fathers supported Muslims a lot and the politician at tht time didn't like them. Same thing happened with Salman even though he wasn't driving the car whn the accident happened he was jailed and for God's sake who doesn't hunt animals? ppl kill children and women in India .... all the Muslim actors get framed even with a little clue because the police knows they can get a lot of money and also because of the general hatred .... one day they get a clue against SRK and trust me he'll be in too for sometime. Anyway the baby is adorable she is super cute she's got his eyes .... Sanjay used to be so handsome in is youth .... poor guy!!!! The baby has blue eyes awwww but I thought he was having twins .... where's the other!? and trust me no one in the right mind would get involved in underworld be it Salman or Sanjay because they both had money and were too busy with work at the time.

ah that u can say cute she is really cute and iqra is an arabic name meaning read and nargis was als0 muslim u may remmeber it

So adorable...

manyata is muslim too...

OMG , look at her eyes.. magical :)

omg those eyes!

baby's mom is also muslim

So cute !! just like her dad, anyone noticed that sanju has light brown eyes and he is hindu punjabi

she looks like her dad,,,,,,frm kubsy

wowwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!

Awww, she looks a doll. I would like to see her twin sister and wonder what that kid's name is. I hope their crazy parents give them a solid and sound upbringing and impart some sense of values.

blue eyes??...



sanjay or manyatta .. anyone has blue eyes????

baby looks soooo beautiful!

What a beautiful child! Children are a blessing!

thats not their child, they had a sperm doner.



Nargis was muslim

bless her.

Sanjay's Dutt's mother Nargis was half muslim/half hindu. Her mother was a courtesan and her father was a Punjabi but they were not a married couple

Manyata is prolly muslim her real name is Dilnawaz Sheikh

she looks just like her grandmom, nargis

woow she has blue eyes, she looks so cute!

From whom did baby inherit beautiful blue eyes from? Definately not from parents. Cutie. Seems to be a trend with Hindu actors choosing Muslim names. Before it was Konkana naming son Haroon now here baby Iqra. Lovely names.

sanjay's mom was MUSLIM... anyways. it should not matter what u name ur kind.. religion has nothing to do with ie.

she looks like Sanju.. yay!!!

the baby's got gorgeous eyes!!!

sunjay dutt's mom was muslim

Mon, 2011-06-06 12:06 — Anonymous

is iqra muslim name? dutts are hindus right?


Yes Iqra is a Muslim name (from what I know). The Arabic meaning is 'read'

is iqra muslim name? dutts are hindus right?

look at those baby blues! What a stunner!!!!

Sooooooc cute and lovely name. She looks soo much like her father. God bless :)

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