More Pics & Close-ups: Aishwarya Rai at French Open 2010 (Roland Garros)


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omg....she's breathtakingly beautiful

I can easily see the layer of her custom-made contact lenses in 5th picture,as i strongly belive that her eye colour is not green or blue its light brown as you can see all of her child hood photos ,she had brown eyes . For real facts please check out the video.

looking so Hoooootttttt

BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shes' not aging well... Oh BTW,IM Not going to get a life...and not going to stop calling spade a spade and rai bachchan an overrated,overhyped,PR created Monster!!!

again, she is not again very good.

who ever is tellin abt not aging well an all pls.. get a life
go and see karishmas close up pics then u will understand
Ash looks as if shez only 30

umm u can see her nipples. gross
why she wear a bra?

she is not aging very good.

like her lip colour

she is so damn beautiful.

looking beautiful in 5th close up

She cant even pretend to not be bored

Karishma Kapoor is the hottest and most good looking actress at this age way past 30 and same age is Aishwarya. Aish has really nice features and all but she isn't aging too well because of her round face. She still looks very nice I like her with natural make up. Karishma has got to be the hottest though at this age or another. When she's not pregnant her figure is like .... OMG She looks better than her younger sister lol.

hhahahahahhaa...some people cant get over the beauty of aish's eyes...they keep thinking she has contact lenses on!! it's natural baby, get over it...yes a woman CAN have eyes that beautiful naturally

Lookin like a dream
one word gorgeous

lookin very cute, beautiful and young
now which actress looks soo good in her 30s

gorgeous...even though i aint a fan of hers!

her nipples are visible na? in the 1st and 3-4 pic! her eyes have started looking old!

u can see her nipple..


you can see her colored contact lense rims in the close up photo

All I can say is W-O-W. wow

love her easy breezy style.

she looks so cunning in first pic..

she looks so bored. i bet she wishes she was in iifa. good thing salman came. he should go to all of them so bachchans never attend!

she keeps flicking her hair.... lol

She looks amazing as always, but bored to death LOL. Is that a hand over the belly in one of the pics?...mmmmm

Soooo beautiful!!! Her features really are perfect. Love her!

I have almost the same diamond and sapphire ring.My hubby gifted it to me for our 5th wedding anniversary :)

Her features are so perfect beautiful.

very pretty! She is so attractive and pleasant to look at. No one cn deny hor extemely gorgeous and jaw-dropping pretty she looks!
May Aishwarya continue like this forever and ever

for european it's a very nice, simple women, very cute, but i doubt she understands what is going on in from of her ))))

first photo looks like no idea about tennis, lol, maybe even she sleeps,
anyway she is really very nice her face

Wow, she has gorgeous features! This woman is all that she's cracked up to be.

her left eye n eyebrow look so weird

little makeup? dont make me laugh people ...

God knows how many layers of foundation is applied to make her look that fair and still achieve no make up look ...

is she even human she is flawlesss!!

i love her lips

loving the last picture!

wow , how can someone look so good with so little makeup :) just kidding but one has to admit that once you look at these stars with so much makeup most of them look very plain without it/ or with less makeup however aish manages to look fresh, pretty with minimum...if u r used to eyeliners you know aht i mean...the day u dont wear them u look sick ...she looks without eyeliner...i know she has some mascara eyehadow but very few people can pull that off...

v beautiful eyes..she looks lyk her mother..these days d similarity is seeing more thn be4...she n her mother has same figure shape now..


Stunning, although did not get this attire for a match? hmm.. weird.. but she looks awesome..

She looks nice , however cannot understand that why someone would wear a gown to a Tennis match? She should learn to dress casually.

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