Nargis Fakhri's new instagram photos

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Nargis Fakhri's new instagram photos

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no one puts botox in their lips, it is injected into foreheads to prevent lines forming and into armpits to prevent sweating. people do, however, have collagen injected into their lips to plump them out.

She said herself that she is addict to botox in lips so stop defending her when she says the true about her false lips !

Wauw, She is breath taking Gorgeous

so beautiful I love her.

she looks so pretty specially in the 3d and 4th pics !!

first of all...nargis hasn't used botox on her lips - its natural and that's pretty obvious. Katrina, on the other hand, has botoxed her lips - that's VERY obvious.

even imtiaz ali agreed in a recent interview that he made a mistake casting her for rockstar - I can understand why he cast her...because her real self embodies heer's persona. but that doesn't mean she can be a good actress and bring that same quality to a ficitional character on screen....I hope she doesn't do any more movies.

its kind of getting annoying seeing all these foreigners in hindi films.

Where have I been? She's dating Uday Chopra? Wow! She's pretty but she needs to leave those overinflated lips of hers alone.

One more import!

She looks tens years younger than she actually is.

here is Uday Chopra's dessert! LOL

Fri, 2013-06-21 11:27 — Real Talk

Is she doing any movies at all?
She's doing three actually and they all seem pretty good:
-Madras Cafe (with John as actor and producer, and with Vicky Donor director)
-Main Tera Hero (with Varun and David Dhawan, and Ileana--South remake)
-Shaukeen remake (with Akshay Kumar)

In the 2nd pic she looks like Sonam.

She is really pretty.

duck face.

How do these losers end up in India in movies?

She should have stuck to modelling...what a stunner !

always so photogenic!

uday chopra's chick

Is she doing any movies at all?

She's a pretty girl but what the hell is she doing with Uday Chopra? She deserves waaay better.

narghis fakhri is set for life if she decides to marry uday. So much money!

her lips look much better

Why are her lips like that? Kind of like protruded that doesn't look is the same with Katrina Kaif's lips...whatever they are doing they should stop cause it looks bad...I mean whose lips bulge out of their frame and look like they are about to fall down naturally?

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