The whole 9 yards....

The whole 9 yards.... 0
The whole 9 yards.... 0

Vidya Balan was once upon a time ridiculed for her dressing sense. So much so that during hosting an award show, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan gave her a 'Worst dressed' trophy, which she did not accept BTW.

Anyway, after seeing and hearing the worst of it, Vidya Balan apparently vowed to go with the most graceful attire that they say, can never go wrong. Yes, this is the Saree and which to this day makes any woman look gorgeous, adequately displaying the curves at the right places, don't you think?

Are you happy with Vidya's sartorial choice?

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Anonymous's picture

Vidya is going to bring Benarasi sarees back,The traditional saree industry will be revived:)..i hate chiffon , see through , low waist sarees.

Anonymous's picture

I just love silk sarees and on vidya they look perfect :))

mystic river's picture

Rani, Aish, sridevi, madhury even katrina looks best in saree but vidya wears saree like late 40s.

spicylia's picture


Voiceswriter's picture

Thanks @MysticRose

Anonymous's picture

Vidya has the worst styling sense in Bollywood. I think the only reason she wears saris nowadays is because she's gained a lot of weight but I don't understand why she feels the need to do her hair and makeup in a bahaanji style too

Anonymous's picture

I think she wears the saree out of not knowing war else to wear. You can clearly see she doesn't belong to sarees. She wants to dress like the other actresses but because of being picked on for the bad dressing sense she is too afraid to experiment, which is sad. Because she is young n with a bit of tonning and a good stylist she can dress the way she really likes.

I hope you are posting this and I hope vidya reads this ;)

Anonymous's picture

she's just hiding her lacklustre look and physique and making herself look "traditional"

Anonymous's picture

No. It is possible to wear a sari well and look stylish and sophisticated but Vidya never looks fab. All Vidya does is channel Rekha and she ends up looking like an Ammaji. I think Sridevi wears saris a 1000 times better than Vidya, despite being much older than her!

Anonymous's picture

What a gorgeous collection of Sarees !! And she does them justice. This is a million trilion times better than PC's uniform - short tight sleeveless dresses.

Anonymous's picture

It is 6 yards not 9. Nine yard saree is longer and is worn in a different style

Anonymous's picture

Out of 48, my guess 38 is from Sabyasachi! Man she is making that dude rich by buying the same saree over and over again! How some of these designers make a fool of all these actors! Same goes for Manish Malhotra. But guess, that is the style of designers, they stick to the one that has worked. Kudos to Rekha for patronizing the real people, the karigars. These designers are mainly doing cut and paste! Cut the traditional border and stitch it on another fabric, there you got your "designer" saree!

Anonymous's picture

Am I happy with Vidya's sartorial choice? Well, yes and no.

Yes, I'm happy that an Indian actress has chosen to showcase an Indian outfit like the saree which can never go out of style, and is beautiful and graceful and flatters every kind of figure.

But no, I'm not happy because, having chosen to wear sarees in all public appearances, Vidya has not troubled to learn how to drape a saree!! She always looks so sloppy, with the pallu flipped over so we often end up looking at the wrong side of the pallu design (see the right hand photo on the top); even if that doesn't happen, the pallu is thrown so sloppily over her shoulder that it has no definition of shape, something that can also be said of her pleats many times. So I feel that most of the time she picks a very pretty saree and proceeds to ruin its beauty with her sloppy draping.

On top of that, she doesn't look natural when she wears the saree. She seems to be always going for a "look" that is very severe and overdone, especially in terms of hair style and jewelry (or else the hair is also left sloppily down, falling all over everything). I never get the feeling that she can be comfortably lounging around the house in a saree. It is such a pity because I really love silk sarees and long hair in Indian women, and think they look terrific in this styling, but somehow Vidya always manages to look less than her best, which is all the more puzzling because she is a beautiful woman.

So basically, I see a beautiful woman wearing beautiful sarees (most of the time -- sometimes Vidya's choices can be hideous), but just not looking elegant, which is the hallmark of the saree. Just compare the photos of Vidya in a saree with the ones of Rani in sarees to see the difference.

Mystic Rose's picture

Initially it was a bit weird like she was single white female-ing Rekha but she has definitely come into her own with these sarees. She has such a stunning face, especially with the bindi.
@Voiceswriter, that is such a cute collage!

PizzaPasta's picture

Awesome post,me like!!!! I think Vidya understands her body type & the kind of clothes she suits.I mean it's better to wear saris all the time than wearing miniskirts and end up embarrassing yourself:-) She has created an individualistic sense of aesthetics & fashion though her sarees do tend to get repetitive at times. Gorgeous saris though and a superb collection.Love.

Kitty's picture

Superb post! Love it.

Anonymous's picture

Vidya has worn some beautiful sarees. No way does she belong to 'worst dressed ' list. What were they thinking? If she's worst dressed, every woman in India should feel insulted coz she represents what majority of Indian women wear ( if they can afford Vidya's expensive sarees !! ).

Those award shows are painfully un-funny. That's why I never watch anymore.

Anonymous's picture

@lasenza..Dude Vidya was not criticized by SRK and Saif for what she wears off screen it was wat she wore in the movie Hey Baby...they were jus making fun of her coustumes in dat particular movie and presented her wid da Narial award(coconut award)which she refused saying it was all designer's and Sajid khan's(director of the movie) fault...

Anonymous's picture

She should try out other forms of clothing too :( but when it comes to acting, she is just awesome, the best actress we have today... unlike the highest paid actress, who has the same boring expression in all her movies.
Vidya rocks !

Voiceswriter's picture

Even though this used to be Rani's forte, I like Vidya's style, she looks great in sarees so she sticks to them.
Saree all the timeSaree all the time

BlueHenna's picture

She's a trend setter! Just hope and wish that banarsi silks come back into fashion. Vidya would look stunning it them.

Anonymous's picture


MakeupCritic's picture

She looks beautiful in a sari. However, she chooses some very repetitive styles.. I think she looks her best in saris that are more form fitting such as pics #3, #16 & #17.

Btw, the side parting in her hair suits her lots! She should do it more often.

Mystic Rose's picture

Some of these sarees are super beautiful and she wears them well but I still hope she mixes it up once in a while.

Anonymous's picture

i think she looks fine how she is....for me all that counts is that she is a great actress and shes just started! shes an example of an actress where her talent has got her somwhere rather than her looks

most other actresses ...well most arnt even talented so afterall they hav to be gd at somthing to stay under the spotlight so they jus opt for looking stylish, hot and beautiful...nd that in bw gets u somwhere aswell

Anonymous's picture

just wow...true indian beauty

Anonymous's picture

Ohmygosh, her daughter is going to inherit the best saree collection EVER. So jelly...

Anonymous's picture

wow! i wish i could blink and suddenly all those gorgeous sarees are in my closet :) She looks fab!

Anonymous's picture

To Fri,2012-09-14 11;44
Vidya's saris are lovely but boring.To do her justice,she is remembered for her acting & not her clothes. Why drag Rani into it? We will know about Rani hogging the limelight only after her movie is released & if it's a hit.

Anonymous's picture

Vidya looks awesome in sarees! I suggest though she lose the TDP weight. Silk sarees make you look heavier. SO, lose the weight Vidya. Otherwise, you ROCK!

Anonymous's picture

OMG LOVE this post!! i was in HEAVEN heheh thank you SO much for posting..please continue with these collage posts PLEASE

Anonymous's picture

She is BEAUTIFUL!! She looks really very gracious nd gorgeous in saree! She has that classical kind of beauty which is rarely found these days.. She is an epitome of beauty nd graceness..

Anonymous's picture

Im sick of seeing her in the same style. Would love to see her in salwar kamiz !!

Anonymous's picture

Poster, are you having Vidya Balan withdrawal symptoms. Are you feeling left out on behalf of your favourite actress, what with Rani hogging the lime-light recently. Nothing new to write about Vidya so "heY" let's just post anything about her!!!!!

Green's picture

Vidya has tried different looks, and obviously it didn't work for her. I'm glad she sticks to the saree; she carries it off gracefully, and it suits her the best. And she had impeccable taste in sarees.


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