Photos: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aaradhya return from Goa

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan along with their daughter Aaradhya were clicked at the Mumbai airport today.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are one of the most lovely couples in Bollywood. No matter what occasion or event it is, the couple makes sure they spend time with each other and make an appearance together. Last week, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan celebrated her 45th birthday. Aishwarya along with Abhishek Bachchan and Aaradya Bachchan had gone to Goa for the birthday celebrations. On her birthday on November 1, Abhishek shared a beautiful picture with Ash and captioned it, "Happy Birthday Wife. I love you!  #MyHappyPlace". 
On her birthday, Aishwarya also shared a cute picture on her Instagram page with Abhishek from their holiday in Goa. Today, the shutterbugs clicked Ash and Abhi at the Mumbai airport as they return from Goa. The Bachchans looked happy after spending some good family time together. Aishwarya looked gorgeous in a long white and blue printed dress and Abhishek opted for a white sweatshirt and blue jeans. The couple was holding their daughter Aaradhya's hand as they were heading towards their car.
Check out the pictures below:
On the work front, the couple will be working together in a film titled Gulab Jamun. The duo will be seen on screen together after a gap of 8 years. They last worked together in Mani Ratnam's Raavan (2010). The shooting of Gulab Jamun will begin from next year. It will be helmed by Sarvesh Mewara.
Abhishek Bachchan will also be seen in Anurag Basu's next. The actor was snapped earlier shooting for Basu's untitled film in Kolkata. 


Aishwarya's fans keep telling others to go look in the mirror. They should tell Aaradhya to look in the mirror. Mirror will scream in horror!

Atleast the child is loved and protected by her parents which nowadays u very rare get to see.. Love em

Do other parents not love or protect their child?

Yes the child's clothes looks like it is from Walmart. Even Target may have better styles if Aishwarys's nanny is interested. My theory about the hair style is Aihwarya had similar hairstyle in those years and she is trying to dress her daughter as she used to so people can say her child looks likes her. Sorry she does not. I also think Ms. Narcissist spends all her time on herself and when there are no cameras she gives her daughter no attention. This child will see worse comments because of the antics of her parents specifically her who drags her everywhere. Aaradhya is being robbed of her childhood.

I also feel that Aishwarya overacts in front of the camera about loving her daughter. Aishwarya has always been fake and does annoying overacting. She always clings to Aaradhya as soon as cameras appear. The nanny is in all pictures walking right beside Aaradhya. We don't really know what happens behind close doors.

Aaradhya does look like a child from the slums in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. So much for being born to a woman who is narcissistic and conceited and keeps barking about her "natural beauty".

I always find comments on aishwarya v. Personal in nature. No so called fans comments or talks about celebrities like this. It’s almost like someone taking out personal vendetta

Please stop strangling your daughter

A narcissist mother who constantly harps about her being a perfect creation, far superior to the whole world with her "most beautiful in the world", "being always the topper" etc etc, and then keeps her little child's face hidden for almost a year because the child doesn't meet the mother's standards of beauty..
While the hypocrite grandfather has already declared that the "baby looks like her mother" to create even more public interest...

This is bound to give rise to self esteem issues in any child sooner or later. This is one messed up family. RICH, FAMOUS, but MESSED Up, for sure!

No matter what occasion or event it is, the couple makes sure they spend time with each other and make an appearance together. 

No matter what occasion or event it is, the couple makes sure they spend time with each other and make an appearance together. 

Who ever commenting on Ash should go look at them selves in the mirror. Mirror will tell the truth ugly people inside out.


They read the blinds and rush to correct their image. Suddenly we see a holiday with the husbabd and doctor together

Abhi dresses gangster clothes like Kanye West, aish dresses like an aunty with sunglasses on her head while daughter was born with a headband.

The whole family needs a stylist

Is sweta pr commenting negative comands...their life they living

Not everyone who isn't a fan of Aishwarya belobgs to PR of Salman, Vivek, Rani, Shweta. These celebrities have their own life and are busy in their own activities, events, movies, ads, family life. Almost all celebrity posts on Pinkvilla include a mix of positive and negative comments.

Abhi is looking better with age.

Ash is happy that only matters to us. Thank you Abhishek.

Obviously. Only Aishwarya Rai's happiness matters. She's the only important person in the world. Everyone else is useless. Aishwarya has snatched happiness of so many people due to her greedy, selfish, cunning tactics but people still believe she's sweet humble down to earth. Manisha Koirala, Sushmita Sen, Salman, Vivek, Rani, Shahrukh, Amitabh, Jaya, Shweta..they are all used by "sweet" Aishwarya in one way or another. But yeah, these people are worthless and only Aishwarya's happiness matters.

Someone here is really sick to speculate about a child's health. I dunno how such people live with themselves. Hating is one thing, but imagining about someone's child's sickness, that shows you are sick.

Non Indian Here

I am shocked by how obsessed some of you are with complexions. You have not decolonise your minds.

Indians__ you'll always have problems if you don't consciously deal with your isms.

She's just a kid. How can anyone think its okay to start using words like that. criticise the mother, dress, parents for not dressing her nicely etc . why her colour?

What's wrong with you guys? you can do better

Just SHUT UP!!

Aish thinks the doctor has all the answers and can fix the daughter. It's clear the girl has learning difficulties which the parents try to hide by keeping her shielded and not letting her interact with anyone, lest the secret comes out. They-especially Aish probably is ashamed and is waiting till the doctor can fix her.But there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Accept the truth and work on it is the best way to help your child.

Daughter is not allowed to interact or utter a word and is closely guarded by the mom because they wish to hide that she has medical issues. My guess is low IQ or cognitive learning difficulty. The doctor is now an integral part of the family, which is very dangerous as it encourages dependency and lack of independent thinking on part of parents. If he's calling all the shots, then the marriage will be over faster than you think. Methinks Aish depends more on him than the Mr when it comes to parenting the child.

They do read the blinds and take them seriously. Hence the image correction. Whisked away to nearby Goa and not far away so pics can be easily clicked and distributed. The doctor was taken to show nothing is going on. Or maybe he is a full-time therapist to the family. If he is, then it is extremely unprofessional of him to meet his patient outside the workplace in a social environment. Maybe he is milking it so he attracts more patients from this star patient. I hate to say this, but the daughter is clearly under some medical treatment.

Indeed! There is staff and nanny, yet Abhi wonders ''how'' she does it all?

Surrounded by bodyguards, staff, husband and nanny but Mother India is still cornering the child and grabbing her from all sides. So much for the kid being "comfortable with the paparazzi".

Whoever posted the comment on "mangal bazaar" and "wheatish complexion" has some serious psychological issues. He/she is implying that kids with wheatish complexion aren't good-looking. And, what is wrong with her clothes? So, you like kids with designer wear??!! I think Aish is doing a perfect job of keeping the kid grounded. Honestly, these comments show some personal agenda... If the language wasn't this crass, I would have thought that Shweta posted this! I'm hoping Shweta's language is better than this!

I posted that comment. And I agree that I did use crass langauge. Which is why I said that I am sorry to say before making that comment. Being educated I do understand the effect my usage of words has.

As for the comment regarding wheatish complexion. I guess you didn't read my comment properly. I never implied that wheatish complexion makes you any less attractive. I too have wheatish complexion. And I love that.

I merely stated a fact that its not that Aaradhya has wheatish complexion which makes her look unappealing. Even Nitara has the same complexion (she has got Akshay's complexion). But, her mom Twinkle puts effort to dress her daughter nicely as any normal mom would do. She is always dressed appropriately according to the occasion. Never has a forced smile on her face, never imitates her mom's catwalk and always looks carefree and confident.

The problem with Aaradhya is that her mom has no dressing sense.


I am not asking Ash to buy high-end designer kids wear. But, for all the money you have in your hands, at least buy some decent looking clothes for your daughter.

And it is not the first time and I am not the first person to pin point this thing that poor Aaradhya is made to wear tacky clothes. And don't even get me started on this point that Aish likes to keep her kid grounded. As if she herself never wears designer labels.

Aaradhya's look only goes on to show that Aish has no interest in her daughter behind the cameras. She never bothers to dress her only child (God's child) according to the current fashion. Moms are so excited to dress up their daughters. Ash's interest is nowhere to be seen. Look at Sushmita's daughters, Karishma's daughter, Shweta's daughter, all of them are so nicely dressed. And they are not even followed madly by papparazi. That's how their moms have kept them grounded and real. Looking at Aaradhya, I only get a feeling that Ash asks her nanny to do shopping for her kid. The taste is so much evident.

I am hoping you are Aish's PR agent. Because no one in their sane mind would approve of this over-possessive behaviour of Ash and that cringeworthy dressing sense until and unless they are getting paid for it.

Who judges what is tacky or what is nice. It is obvious that you don’t have kids. Kids now days choose their dresses or at least have a say in the choice. Some times they may choose outfits which look tacky but who cares. They like to dress up like pricessess with blings or etc. Disliking Aishwarya is one thing, bashing her based on illogical or fanciful reasons is another thing

Who judges what is beautiful or what is not. Beauty is subjective and is not limited to one woman. Why does Aishwarya dictate us all that she's "the only perfect beauty in this world"? Who are you to decide what's illogical or fanciful reason? What's logical to you might not be to others.

It is better for a child to be held by her mother than being left with nannies all the time while parents are busy attending once more parties. Kids are safest with a mother. We know how many kids are physically verbally and emotionally abused by others even at a young age

Poor Aaradhya! The child deserves better comments! It's not her fault if her mama is clingy and the media breathing down her neck.
She must have observed mama practising her smile in front of the mirror
And also the cat walk

I don't care about the haters,Taylor Swift and Aishwarya Rai will always be my role models. Thank you for existing ♥

Finally abhi got a chance to hold Aradhya ..Reshma shettyy well done !!!

Aradhya is abnormal and cannot walk properly.Poor aradhya should be taken to a doctor asap

Aradhya just did a performance in ambani school . Aradhya and Amir’s son Azad both performed really well.

Stay pressed

Aish should consult a doctor asap as she is mentally ill who always clinges onto her daughter like a fevicol.Fake

Aradhya is possesses by aish

Look at the way aish is holding into aradhya as if she will run away.This behaviour of aish is dangerous and over possessive

Ash is glowing

Aaradhya's clothes look like those we see commonly in mangal bazar (Tuesday market on streets). Sorry to say, but she is always dressed like a maid's daughter.

Ash is clearly a pathetic mom. Doesn't even spend a single penny to buy decent clothes for her daughter. All her panama money is invested in cosmetic surgery, Botox,colored contacts and wigs.

Just saw nitara with akshay and twinkle coming out of movie theatre. So well dressed up.

Even nitara has wheatish complexion, not extremely fair like twinkle. But, twinkle has always dressed her daughter beautifully with different hair dos most of the time.

We are aware of what we know.but there is beyond gharib

Awww, gorgeous Aishwarya, handsome Abhishek and pretty Aaradhya

Good looking family. AbhiAish and DeepVeer are my favorite celeb couples

Love you Aishwarya, Abhishek and Aaradhya. Stay blessed and continue to live happily while jealous haters have sleepless nights. Haters will be here in a moment to spill venom because their life revolves around you’ll

poor aaradhya i dont think she is well

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