Photos: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan returns from Doha with daughter Aaradhya Bachchan and mother Vrinda Rai

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was clicked with daughter Aaradhya Bachchan and mother Vrinda Rai at the Mumbai airport. The trio returned from Doha. See pictures.
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Two people who are the pillar of strength in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's life are her daughter Aaradhya and mother, Vrinda Rai. Whenever she has to attend any big event of an award show or a fashion show abroad, she takes them along to make them a part of her achievements. A few days ago, Aishwarya headed to Doha to attend designer Manish Malhotra's fashion show. The blue-eyed beauty was the showstopper for Manish. Ash went to Doha along with her lovely ladies.

Yesterday, the fashion event was held in Doha and Ash looked gorgeous in a couture outfit. She walked the ramp elegantly and with confidence. After the fashion show, she immediately left to return to India. Aishwarya along with her mom Vrina and daughter Aaradhya were snapped at the Mumbai airport in the midnight. The mother-daughter duo looked happy as they were making their way out of the airport. We could see how Aishwarya holds Aaradhya closely as they walk holding hands. 

Check out the pictures below:





Aishwarya is a doting mother to Aaradhya. Her Instagram page is full of some cute and adorable photos with her daughter. After the event yesterday, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took to her Instagram page to share a beautiful picture with her daughter. The two shared a kiss of love and we can't enough of the love between the mother and the daughter.

On the work front, Ash was last seen in Fanney Khan alongside Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao. She will be next working with Abhishek Bachchan in a film titled Gulab Jamun. It will be helmed by director Sarvesh Mewara.


She needs to let her dear mum rest. All this travelling for an elderly lady, very tiring. She takes her along like she’s doing her a favour, when she’s probably looking after Aradya most of the time. Take Abhi with you, it’s not like he’s up to his eyeballs with movie offers. Travel as a family.

Wow so many nasty comments from clearly perfect people leading perfect lives - wah right!! One does wonder what school this is which allows a child out every few days to go to fashion shows etc! I have a 7 year old and shake at the thought of having this conversation with the teacher about keeping the kid out for a few days and I ain’t bad lookin either , clearly Aish is a big donor at the school or something!

Vrinda is plain unattractive, Aaradhya is extremely ugly, and Aishwarya is covered in 25 kgs makeup + wig. What a "beautiful" family.

Lol, made my day! obviously there are more people out there who share the same thought!

Leave them alone. Beautiful family.It is so ahocking that readers here pass so nasty comments. I cannot believe it.

Yes you love her. Give her some space to breathe. Let her make friends, you are blessed she has grand parents at home , children learn a lot from them . Otherwise what’s the point of all this joint family drama. We never saw your daughter with any of the family members. I really adore Kareena in the way she handles family.

aradhya appears to be a carbon copy of the bachchans and granny jayaji.

Last picture is just plain scary. Looks like she's suffocating her child and check out her cringeworthy expression. Such a fake, unattractive, low class family.

Look at her mother. Such an average looking South Indian lady. Vrinda has a flat nose, dark complexion, small brown eyes, bald patches on head....just plain unattractive. Aaradhya is even worse looking. Aaradhya looks like her grandfather Krishna Raj Rai. It's baffling how Aishwarya has fooled the world that she is the most beautiful. It should be a crime to call this plastic as pretty...let alone most beautiful.

Clingy-ness runs in Rai family. If you look at Aishwarya's pictures from childhood, modeling for cheap ads, Miss World, shooting for flop movies, fake bought awards, holidays, Cannes, up until now. This chipku mom Vrinda is glued to Aishwarya like she will run away. It's no surprise Aishwarya is doing the same thing with Aaradhya.

A lot of parenting experts on here. To all the ones seriously slamming her, do you have kids of your own? Every mother has her own way of looking after their child/children. She’s over protective, may be that’s how she was brought up? We cannot predict how Aradya will turn out. Nobody is perfect.

That kid will never be able to do things on her own.bad parenting

That kid will never be able to do things on her own.bad parenting

She seems to have an injury on her wrist..however that does not stop her from holding on to her dear life assuming the little one would run away. Overtly possessive and too much of PDA’s.

Yes, spend time with family who must be missing her. Sheweta’s kids are very close to both their grandparents and uncle. That’s really sweet and a special bond. With Aradya, it’s a shame she dosn’t have that since she rarely spends time with them. Too busy dragging her on one plane to the next

Ash please stop being over possessive of your daughter.. we understand she’s your only child you want to give her everything but please let her be with people her age..

Aishwarya, for your information too much love is not helping Aradhya in anyway. Overdose of anything becomes poison

I remember the story of the son, his aged father and the donkey and how everyone who has no life keeps passing judgment on them!

Aradhya is possessed by her mom aish

aradhya must be missing a lot of school..shes always travelling with aish or out with her for events..better that they home school her with a private tutor who can travel with them or send her to a boarding school where she study without all the distraction which comes form being a star kid to super famous family members.

even all her holdiays&off days are spent travelling with ash..maybe she shud spend more time socializing with other kids her age instead of being with as 24x7..maybe even go out for vacays with abhishek&amitabh..amit ji seems fond of aradhya.

seesn ash in those golden sneakers many times before..nice to see her recycle her wardrobe.

Here comes the Mother India.. smh

How tiresome it must be for the child and her mother to travel every time. Leave aside that she misses school but wonder y Aish can't leave her with her mother and travel alone. Anyways she travels for a day or 2 most of the time. It's ok for adults who travel for work but that poor child and the elderly mother. Imagine how tired they may b feeling.

Mummy Vrinda looks tired and fed up

Poor kid

Look at the way aish is holding onto ardhaya as if she will run away.This behaviour of aish is dangerous and over possessive

Why cant this aish hold her mother who needs support ? Always clinging onto aradhaya

Ooh sure.. just break ur daughter’s neck in hopes of a “good” pic!

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