PHOTOS: Arjun Kapoor plays the protective boyfriend to Malaika Arora as they make way post IMW's screening

Malaika Arora attended the screening of beau Arjun Kapoor's upcoming film, India's Most Wanted. Post the screening, the two were snapped by the shutterbugs. Check out the pictures right here.
PHOTOS: Arjun Kapoor plays the protective boyfriend to Malaika Arora as they make way post IMW's screeningPHOTOS: Arjun Kapoor plays the protective boyfriend to Malaika Arora as they make way post IMW's screening
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Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are no longer keeping distance and the two do not shy away from making public appearances. And while they are often seen hanging out around and with each other, they also seem to be supporting each other in whatever they do. Only recently, Malaika was all claps as Arjun's film Ishaqzaade achieved a feat and now, she was spotted at the screening of his upcoming film, India's Most Wanted.

While Malaika was spotted entering the screening alone, the paps spotted Malaika and Arjun making an exit together. And, if that's not enough, Arjun also protected Malaika from all the crowd around there and we think it is adorable. Malaika was all smiles as she made her exit and so we'd like to assume that she did like the film after all. Check out their pictures from the night and drop in your comments right here:

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Meanwhile, many people attended the screening of the actor's upcoming film. Arjun also went on to reveal in one of his interviews how father Boney Kapoor turned emotional after seeing the film. The actor revealed, "My father’s reaction actually surprised me. He got emotional seeing it. I think somewhere, he is also a commercial viewer, so he said my son has taken a matured decision to do a film which is sensible and there’s an underdog texture to the film rather than the boisterous ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ texture."


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Calling out cheaters is not small minded trash talk. Its just a fact. Arjun deserves it after his non stop saga about his broken family and how difficult it was for him.

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Sushmita is with much younger man and so is Priyanka and Urmila.. ppl are picking on Mailka because it’s Arjun who is happy with her.. ppl are hypocrites! Her son is old enough and i am sure he wants his parents happy.

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and yes, im sure arhaan wants his parents to be happy, but is it he is expected to be mature enough to deal with arjun, when arjun at age 33 still isnt mature enough to deal with his dad's late wife?

None of them were cheating their spouse. Ofcourse Arhaan is supposed to be the matured one here who will understand his parents happiness while Arjun is still crying about coming from a broken family in his interviews. lol

Neither Sush, PC or Urmilla were married like Malaika. Besides that Arjun was her younger sister in law’s bf!! That in itself makes it more weird and desperate! Add to that the massively obvious age difference! It’s a dysfunctional relationship in every which way!

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