PHOTOS: Janhvi Kapoor looks every bit of a diva as she gets spotted outside her gym today

Janhvi Kapoor is all smiles as she arrives for her workout regime in her gym. She smiles and waves back to the paps as they call out her name and click her pictures; See Photos below
PHOTOS: Janhvi Kapoor looks every bit of a diva as she gets spotted outside her gym todayPHOTOS: Janhvi Kapoor looks every bit of a diva as she gets spotted outside her gym today
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Janhvi Kapoor has made a niche of herself in Bollywood with her extraordinary performance in her debut film Dhadak. Since then, she's on a spree of signing film with big B-town actors and directors. And not to be forgotten, she has established herself as one of the biggest youth fashion icons of today, inspiring millions of girls with her sense of styling. Whether it's her red carpet looks, or her gym looks, or even any casual dinner spottings, Janhvi always keeps her best foot forward.

And yet again, as Janhvi was spotted outside her gym today, she was donning a pink vest tee, along with her favourite black shorts. Janhvi could be seen all smiles as she waved back at the shutterbugs and then later went on to continue with her workout regime. The Dhadak star strongly believes in fitness and health to perfection. Everyday, we spot her following her gym and pilates session with utmost dedication. The actress also donned a big hand bag which she seemed to have clinched to her body and we wonder what's there in it.

Meanwhile, on the workfront, Janhvi Kapoor has been working on her upcoming film which is a biopic of Indian Air Force officer Gunjan Saxena, who contributed selflessly and fearlessly in the Kargil War of 1999. Not just this, Janhvi has also two other big films in her kitty, which are Karan Johar’s Takht and Rooh Aafza, in which she will be working along with Rajkummar Rao.


semes that Janhvi Kapoor new PR strategy is skin show and shorts and paying the paps to click her, no one seems interested and everyone is making fun of her...Katrina has a killer body and still even after all these years doesnt do a skin show walking in and out of gym and here Janhvi with her plastic face and dwarf body thinks shes disrable

Let her go her own way.Why make a fuss about whatever she is doing.Let her lead her own life.

Classic situation of a young, rich, unachievable woman coyly (but manipulatively) whetting the appetite of young middle and lower class men (the paps) who know that in all eternity there is not even one remote chance ever of them holding her hand or romancing her. Jhanvi plays on these unrealizable desires of young abled bodied young men, giving them a glimpse of what it might have been if she were the woman on their side. Both parties know that approachability is not possible. One party employs that male lust and desire to project a cute, desirable image. Just enough enticement to not come across as crass. While the other lustily grabs up the opportunity for the momentary triumph since a rich beautiful girl threw her smile at him. And also for more practical reason--the money that the photo will fetch. You see a strange mix of male lust and economics working here and the woman taking full advantage of both these male needs. Karan has trained her exceedingly well.

Firstly, I don't believe she is rich as her father wasn't ever great with finances. Plus they had a mysterious fire that burned there house down and was covered through insurance. Secondly, she isn't beautiful not taking away from the fact that she seems like a really nice girl at heart.
I think it's quite sad a daughter of Sridevi is more known for her gym looks than her body of work. Even Tara Sutaria has lined up better work than her before her film has even released. I don't know what Karan is training her on, as Janhvi needs work with reputable makers not the low budget movies at this junction of her career. Time will tell what happens to her, but Student of the year 2 trailer came out and that should worry Jahnvi.

Men from upper classes are no less showoffs either. Ranveer Singh's family are super rich. He married a top actress and not a peasant either. So works both ways

i mean she literally just walked out of a gym in gym clothes, and everyone including taimur ali khan does that, but ok.

Why are u wasting ur time on pinkvilla? Go write for the economist -.-

Her arms and legs don't look like she eats a healthy diet and exercises well. Too skinny can't see any muscles either.

Janhvi you are out of work? Everyday going Gym. Sridevi ji 13years old start as heroine 1976. By 1981 18years she already act in 80 movies tamil, telugu , kannada & malayalam as heroine. Why you wasting your talent only in Hindi. Explore to Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam. Learn to work hard like you mum, not goin gym everyday. Pinkvilla please post.

She got 3 films announced already and a 4th in the making so... chill

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