Photos: Kareena Kapoor Announced Brand Ambassador for Malabar Gold & Diamonds

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Kareena Kapoor: "I am immensely happy to be associated with Malabar Gold & Diamonds who have introduced the Brides of India concept showcasing the traditional and vibrant rituals and colorful jewelry of brides across India."

Credits: kareenak_FC

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Dont particularly like the blouse but she rocks it.
Way to Bebo!

oh em gee ... she looks spectacular.. love the lipstick shade and even more that necklace!!!

she is very good actress. but she is not sooooooooo beautiful that she called stuning or god gifted beauty or this dress get-up she is looking bad, old & .............!! I like her as a actress but she is not beautiful like madhubala. todays Bollywood beauties depends on makeup, dress & jewallary but old actress had a natural beauty.........

She looks great ;)
I love this dress

she looks so pretty

wow she look amazing..perfectly done makeup..her eyes are the jeweleries specially necklace is very pretty

Wed, 2013-04-03 15:32 — Anonymous

I agree! They create such a bad reputation for us Indians all over the world...INDIANS need to WAKE UP! strive to make india a better place, I'd love to be proud of India but atm I really am NOT. The people are so shallow and they cant even dress well and keep their country clean. ARGH

she is wearing a beautiful dress, pretty jewelry and she is looking stunning without photoshoping.

In my opinion, Indian/desi guys are the most perverts especially the older ones who are old enough to be anyone's father or grandfathers, and also the ones who grew up in India. I live in USA and they would always stare at you constantly in trains or make perverse comments especially when they think you are an Indian also. And, it's just a shame as in this desi culture how everyone talks about customs and values yet these same people would do something despicable like this. And, other group of men that also perverts are Mexicans, etc. It's just so annoying, there should be freakin laws for this perverseness. Of course, anyone group of men can be perverts but majority of them are from these groups.

Her jaws are getting wider and makes her mouth smaller!

Beautiful lehenga, but that blouse is ruining it for me. It badly needs some embroidery work around the neckline and capped sleeves wouldn't hurt.

That necklace is so beautiful.

Beautiful as always, she is most beautiful actress in bollywood,keep it mrs.khan

She looks like a porcelian doll in the last pic!

Necklace is amazing. wonder what the cost is?

i dont think these guys are looking creepy,this is how aam janta look,very normal very ordinary,they are not celebrities so yeah its absolutely free from creepiness,may be a bit uncomfortable and why not kareena is there,so standing with a celebrity can make anybody a little nervous..but boy kareena does need to tone her arms,those are huge,she has a very pretty face though..


Divine....kareena looks so ravishing here:-)

She is the real beauty of bollywood after madhubalA, hema ji, aNd madhuri

Beautiful! Bebo looks like a princess! One of the last true beauties of Bollywood :)

she is so beautiful. she has lost weight but definitely she needs to tone her arms

Hi bollywood lover i want 2 ask how to post da pix on pinkvilla i hv sm unseen pix of her bt dont know how to post them can any 1 gid pleaz???

She really has a unique facial structure but still very beautiful..btw her arms are humongous..

super gorgeous bebo :)

whats with the arms? i bet none of you are half as pretty kareena! she is the perfect indian beauty, and she's got those enviable curves! this is what a woman should be like, not like a malnourished beggar with an appetite for men and fake accent! such jewelry looks good on beautiful faces like kareena and aishwarya, not cadaverous molls like pc !

She looks like a Diva

Tue, 2013-04-02 21:10 — Anonymous

so so beautiful...
Gods Greatest Creation..


All God's creation is beautiful. Even you are! Also, please don't call her Gods Greatest Creation.. She's a normal human being like us..Did you see Kareena's earlier pic.. I'm not critisizing her but she is a heroine, a star, she has all ways and means to take care of her skin... She uses one of the best & expensive product which is called La Prairie (which she said in one of her earlier interview).. And in this pic, she is wearing a good foundation and make up... Just look at her arms... I like her but don't like the way people over praise her.. She's fair and that's the advantage for her... But she is beautiful but won't proclaim as God GREATEST creation....

He looks humongous..

Its enough brands for kareena, there are other actresses in bollywood too. At the end it will look boring.

Elegant...chic...beautiful...kareena is killing here:)

I don't think she looks old but because she's gained weight her face is looking boxy and weird. Her skin is too amazing to let her look old.

stunning lehenga!


omg!!! Just grace this lady...beautiful outfit...and kareena rocks as always:)

her arms are really huge compared to her body


KKK represents
Fair, Freshness
Indian Princess


so so beautiful...
Gods Greatest Creation..

how about posting a pictures of life....
let us judge what ur definition of creepy is..

reply to voicewriter...
atleast Kareena looks confident, elegant and just out of this world without Photoshopping..
what say...

if u think these men look creepy, go look Ashs photos with Kalyan Lalas, they all were FATT, OLDD, ACTUALLY LOOKEDD VERY DISHONESTT, THUGSS , I guess they could all associate with.Ash and their brand- Namesake Kalyan...
mooh mein raam raam, bugle mein shuri...



Truly A Rare Gem.of Bwood.

Age has not been kind to her.

Tue, 2013-04-02 19:14 — Bolly bird

Why Is she looking so old? she is just 32 years old. I think Bad make - up.
Her face looks fine. I don't see any wrinkles or aging spots on her face. She has flawless dewy skin however it's her hands and arms that make her look old.

Her face looks too an unnatural way.She looks fine but should always cover her fat arms.

damn she looks stunning

how did she get so fat!

She looks beautiful

Why do all four of those men not only look creepy but also uncomfortable?

Kareena looks so gorgeous from head up but then her arms and hands make her look 40! She needs to start toning her arms and moisturizing her hands.

stunning ..just superb

Why Is she looking so old? she is just 32 years old. I think Bad make - up. She should take some tips from her elder sister. She should have covered her arms.

Sleeves would have polished the outfit ! Latest sleeveless fashion trends are so odd with Indian wear which usually sit asymmetrical, sleeveless just doesn't work it looks unbalanced with sarees/dupatta's when they sit on one shoulder and not the other. A simple cap sleeve makes all the difference and gives the illusion of slimmer arms in Kareena's case!

But she does look beautiful in a bridal avatar, it's always been a treat to see her in Dulhan rivaaz!

Kareen'a face looks lovely but she really needs to tone those arms. On a side note, Malabar has some really fine jewelry. It's definitely not in the tacky league.

Her face is so weirdly shaped...she looks chubby better

Beautiful Bridal Wear & Kareena is Glowing

she looks old here! :(


NAY, makeup is very bad and she should have covered her fat arms.
The jewelry is good, but looks like it is worn by some foreigner with a box like square face.

She has such beautiful skin

lover her garara but the blouse is really bad.

Oh my!!!! how beautiful does she look and its not even a magazine or advertisement photo!

her hands looks old


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