Photos: Katrina Kaif enjoyed to the fullest at Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's reception

On Saturday, Katrina Kaif attended Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's star-studded Mumbai reception. Check out Kat's inside pictures from the reception.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tied the knot last month on 14th and 15th. The couple got married in Italy in two wedding ceremonies - Konkani wedding and Anand Karaj. DeepVeer hosted three wedding receptions - one in Bengaluru and two in Mumbai. The last reception was held in Mumbai on Saturday, December 1 and had a lot of Bollywood celebrities gracing the function.
Celebs likes Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Rani Mukerji and Katrina Kaif attended DeepVeer's star-studded wedding reception. There were a lot of speculations whether Katrina will be invited to the reception or not. In Karan Johar's Koffee With Karan Season 6 episode, Kat had told Karan that she wants to go to the reception although she knows she won't be invited, but she is excited to get dressed up. Well, to everyone's surprise, Katrina Kaif got an invitation to Deepika and Ranveer's Mumbai reception.
Dressed in a beautiful saree, Katrina Kaif went to the reception to congratulate the newlyweds. While we saw many pictures of others guests from inside the venue, fans were eager to see Kat's photos. Well, Katrina Kaif had a great time at DeepVeer's reception and her gym trainer shared the photos on her Instagram page.
Considering the past Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone share, fans really loved their gestures towards each other as they try to bury the hatchet.
On the work front, Katrina Kaif will be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar's Bharat alongside Salman Khan. The film hits the screen next year during Eid.


Her eyes look sad even though she is smiling.

I beleieve Kat is a sweet and honest person she tries not to hurt anyone during interviews...shes humble...what happend btwn kat and Sal its them who i dont think Sal would have Kat as his friend if she cheated on him , Salman doesnt seem to be that kind of guy you mess with ...Kat is cool and sweet.

i like katrina . She gets along with everyone. She is a sweet woman, hope she finds Mr Perfect soon. She will be a great wife.

of course you will sweetie! :)

Kat must be feeling so awkward and embarrassed

I don’t think she looks happy. She looks in depression. She knows she hitting 40 soon with no one to marry

To the Anonymous who wrote, "I don’t think she looks happy. She looks in depression. She knows she hitting 40 soon with no one to marry"
Wow Madam genius! So true, a woman "hitting 40" and unmarried is doomed for life. Women who don't have husbands are into depression. So true. Best is that you can diagnose depression without speaking to a person and just by looking at a picture on PV. Wow!! Where have you been all our lives, o you wise enlightened one???

i am ready to marry her....

It's Salman's sister Alvira in the picture with Katrina. Salman and his family are too nice... they've been so loving and supportive of Katrina despite the fact that she cheated on Salman with Ranbir. Khan family is too nice... that's why everyone taes advantage of them.

So u think salman and his family are so dumb that they keep on supporting someone who cheated on him!!

Will Neetu, Rishi, and Ranbir support their son's ex-gfs? Will they invite her to all their family celebrations? Will they give her movies? Will they treat her with respect?

So glad these girls are keeping their past behind. Katrina seems like a very sweet person!

She’s a gold digger. Wake up and smell the coffee

Katrina is like begaane shaadi mein abdulla deewana

Came here for Kat-Deep pic, still not out. Come on, somebody release it and break the internet already.

Please do not release the Kat-DP pics on the day when PC's wedding photos are released by Vogue. It's going to be a carnage in the social media ,in favour of ,all of us know ,who.

What’s with that vein in Katrina’s head

I have a similar vein.

Thats nice.

No dpkat pic. Cold war is still on.

Kat didn't took a pic with deepika.

EXACTLY, looks like she didn't have fun and it's all Show.

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