Photos: Katrina Kaif is giving out chill vibes as she steps out of her gym in casuals

Katrina Kaif stepped out of her gym in a casual look. The star of Bharat managed to steal the show with her chilled out and easy-going attire. Take a look.
Photos: Katrina Kaif is giving out chill vibes as she steps out of her gym in casualsPhotos: Katrina Kaif is giving out chill vibes as she steps out of her gym in casuals
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While Bollywood actors are often busy with shooting, some of them make time for fitness and never miss their gym session. One of the fittest actors in Bollywood is Katrina Kaif. Katrina is known to be a fitness lover and always sticks to her routine workout sessions despite her busy schedules. The star of Bharat is often snapped when she comes out of her gym and today, Katrina gave us all chill vibes despite coming out after her work out. 

Katrina is among the actors in Bollywood who end up setting major fashion trends with just a simple look. Today was no different. Katrina walked out from her gym looking quite fresh and chilled out. In the photos, Katrina is seen sporting a military green oversized shirt over a grey tee and blue jeans. Katrina teamed it up with a pair of white sneakers and black sunglasses. Her hair was left open and as she stepped out, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

On the professional front, Katrina is all set to be seen as Kumud Raina in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat alongside Salman Khan. The film also stars Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Tabu and Sunil Grover. Based on a Korean film Ode to My Father, Bharat is the story of a man and nation together. It spans across various eras starting from 1964 to 2010. Salman was seen sporting the salt-and-pepper look in the trailer and the posters of the film. The trailer left everyone stunned and Salman and Katrina’s sweet moments stole the show. Bharat is slated to release on June 5, 2019. 

Check out the photos:

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Katrina ki jawani gone! She is already 36yrs.

Just love this girl, she is not only beautiful but also confident strong positive and with good heart.

She looks beautiful. Her dressing is never over the top.

Honestly i am biggest katrina fan and i never gave hate comments against alia, and iam sure other fans also do the same, alia fans are also good, katrina doesnot need others validation, i think some ppl r trying to cteate fan wars

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