PHOTOS: Ranveer Singh yet again proves that he has a swag like no other in his latest spotting

Ranveer Singh has a swag like no other and he has proved it yet again in his latest pictures, where the actor flaunts his uber cool look; See Photos below
PHOTOS: Ranveer Singh yet again proves that he has a swag like no other in his latest spottingPHOTOS: Ranveer Singh yet again proves that he has a swag like no other in his latest spotting
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There can never be said enough about the much energetic and super cool Ranveer Singh. Wherever the actor goes, he carries his truck load of energy along with him. And yet again the actor has made a fashionable appearance in the city when he was spotted by the paparazzi outside the dubbing studios in Mumbai.  As Ranveer came out of the studios post dubbing, he waved and flashed his million dollar smile to the shutterbugs and then later went into his car.

As Ranveer was papped, he can be seen donning an uber cool look in a navy blue and red loose tee along with black joggers.  The actor also donned some intricates in order to complement his rapper look, which seemed very similar to the one he donned in his last film Gully Boy. After playing the role of a rapper, Baba seems to have been too much inspired by the world of hip hop. He recent also became an entrepreneur and started his own music label called incInk too boost the music of young rappers.

The actor has definitely made a niche for himself in Bollywood after giving back to back hits with Padmaavat, Simbaa and Gully Boy. It wouldn't be wrong to call him on of the biggest superstars of today who has a massive fan following all over the globe. Not just in Bollywood, Ranveer has also impressed the Hollywood superstar Will Smith with his style and films, who openly raved about his performance in Gully Boy on his Instagram handle.  


Has the meaning of swag changed??

Ranveer is dapper and smart.Has swag,style and charisma.Nobody can match him..He is unique

Lol, so many haters have time to comment here. Get a life, Ranveer Ching is living his and nothing to stop him, Greatest actor Bollywood has seen in a while, he reminds of Balraj Sani,Sanjeev kumar, they were like water blended in to their characters seamlessly and RS is one of them.

Yet you have time to comment here too. Lol somehow you're better than everyone else? Okay....


A person has swag when they are natural and effortlessly themselves. Nothing about ranveer is natural or effortless. He is manufactured.

he is beyond irritating, nothing cool abt this look, top to bottom horrible

Ranveer has never been cool in his entire life. Cool people are not try-hards.

He has NO swag. He’s making a joke out of Adidas!

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