Photos: Sara Ali Khan distributes sweets outside a temple along with mother Amrita Singh

Sara Ali Khan has had a good year, and December has obviously been a greater year with not one but two releases. The actress was spotted at a temple in Juhu along with mother Amrita Singh.
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Sara Ali Khan has had a great year, or a great month to be precise. December did not just mark the release of Sara's debut film Kedarnath, but she had a second release in the same month too. And while Kedarnath received mixed reactions, Simmba seems to be a blockbuster already and Sara's performances in both the films have been immensely appreciated and loved. And well, looks like Sara decided to express her gratitude for the great year, and also the success of Simmba.

Sara was spotted outside a temple in Juhu along with mother Amrita Singh, and she was distributing sweets to everyone outside. Sara was humble enough to go to everyone standing outside herself and give them the box of sweets. She seemed elated, and also folded her hands before everyone as she handed the box over. Sara looked pretty dressed in a white salwar-suit, and paired it with a pair of bellies. She had a no makeup day, and well, she looked just as pretty as she does. Check out the pictures right here:

In an interview with Mid Day, when Sara was asked how is it like to romance Ranveer in Simmba. She said, "Surreal! I think the first time when I went to Hyderabad, where he was performing at a wedding, my only motivation to go there was to see him (Ranveer). And the second time, when I was in Hyderabad, I was shooting for Simmba with him. So, I think it has just been a very surreal experience. I'm a die-hard Ranveer Singh fan.


The joy on her mom face, to see her daughter being liked,seeing her talent ,good manners and humblessness, is liked by masses! Must be great for her mom and dad too! She looked like have great relationship, with him, and Kareena is very progressive ,who have become friends with step kids, and mom babita should be appropriated for up bring Kareena ,too!

Sara please become a fashion icon or Fashionista of simple,
affordable low price clothes which anyone can easily afford to buy. Change the trend and become very famous for doing that. Show to people how to buy shoes, chappals, clothes, jewelry at low price you have worn low price costume jewelery and looked very pretty and elegant.
You will connect with masses and do something very different when others are running to high expensive designers.We need a brand embassdor for low price shop smart clothes etc.

Sara has the elegance and grace of all of the great actresses of the past

Sara always work on improving your acting by taking workshops in your free time, look at great actors and how they exhibit different emotions on screen, you are very natural on screen and you have amazing screen presence, hard work will set you apart from others, so make good career choices by choosing great scripts and try to work with good directors, wish you all the best, you are doing great my dear. Happy new year, love you so much

Lovely, to share your fortune with less fortunate. I wish we see more stars giving back to society, they can really make a difference! Kudos to Sara and much respect for her mom!

Sara keep up the good work and your humility. When you meet people in simple clothes you tell them you are also one of them and you like dressing in not so expensive clothes. This is very impressive and will take you very far.

Sara keep up the good work and your humility. When you meet people in simple clothes you tell them you are also one of them and you like dressing in not so expensive clothes. This is very impressive and will take you very far.

Aww bless her, hope she doesn’t change with growing stardom. Stay real, be you, stay near the poor. Giving increases happiness.

Congratulations to Amrita Singh...she has been great. wonder why saif couldnt make it work with her. She is strong and so level-headed.

Sara you are already making a difference. You are winner already by doing things out of the Box meeting people in simple clothes, taking an Uber to the movies, distributing sweets and money. God bless you and give you loads of success. Do not copy others just keep moving forward with wonderful personality and charm. Do not talk Negative about others.

Sara Humanitarian work suits you. I hope when you are making much more money you will do something on regular level to help poor people in India. Not as big as Salman Khan but something on a smaller level.

Refreshing change with Sara. Love her simplicity when she dresses up like this. Love her distributing sweets and
sometimes money to the people.

We have seen actresses walking in the market with revealing and skimpy clothes. Sara, you are on the right track. When you become succesful and make much more money you can do something on a bigger level for poor people open a school etc. Yes that will be very kind.

Best thing that happened in 2018 was Sara Ali Khan, wish her a happy successful 2019, can't wait for her next release

just love everything about this girl, her mother most be so proud

and father, too

Mad respect for Amritaji, Sara inherited all her Mother's charm, great personality humbleness natural acting. Sara looks gorgeous such a natural beauty with simple cloths no makeup, an angel in White, never ever change Sara and stay blessed

I live in Juhu and Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan distribute food packets and sweets every week outside the same temple.. Amrita has been doing this since many years as far as I can remember.

Amrita has put so much effrots in her kids upbringing, but she never got any credit throughout the promotions of Kedarnath and Simmba.

Saif was seen on koffe with Karan, they would have invited Amrita too.

And no doubt this star kid is different, well educated and her talet is visible in screen too.

Thanks to Nepotism. There are more talented kids in India who never get a chance to be who they are. Yet rich bollywood kids can dream of anything and get it without trying despite not good looking or talented. And this kid is one of them.

How does she look so much like Preity Zinta! I hope she'll watch her performances and work on them, she indulges in play-acting a bit too much when she could really let herself be 100% vulnerable on screen and let her emotions talk. She has a great future ahead if she continues being down-to-earth and humble.

Sara does not look like Preity Zinta. Preity has a round chubby face with round features.
Sara has a long face with sharp features.

Sara is going to make her own Mark she does not have to copy any one.
I have a strong feeling she is going to be very well liked she is different than all the new comers
her intelligence, her looks, her personality, her education and able to connect with masses.

She seems grounded and hopefully will find a firm footing in films..You go girl!

please distribute something healthy.. what's up with these sweets - so unhealthy! argggh

So natural and down to earth mother and daughter duo. No pouting and posing for the cameras. Keep up the good work Sara

This is so disturbing for a bollywood star to go out and do this.

Her Mannat is granted.

How come suddenly she became this active ?

She is a good girl but sometimes these people do just to gain publicity ,,,like media walon ko ya defiantly pta ha k sara gym jate ha or time pta hoga because she is regular there ,,lkn aj mandir bhi jaege tou ya kesy pta chala.

If we had more star kids that r "grounded" like this, than I wouldn't mind as much about their background.

Just to get attention these nepokids let me laugh

You also go seek some attention and distribute sweets. Seeking attention with your negativity. Love you Sara


So nice sara.. Never change

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