Photos: Taimur Ali Khan has something to say to the paparazzi; Inaaya Naumi Kemmu joins him for playtime

Today, cousins Taimur Ali Khan and Inaaya Naumi Kemmu were snapped in Mumbai by the paparazzi. Both were seen heading for their playtime and looked cute as ever.
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We have to just accept the fact that we will never stop gushing over Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's baby boy Taimur Ali Khan. Since the time he was born, he often becomes the topic of discussion all thanks to his cuteness and adorable eyes. A year after he was born, we got to see another cutie and that's Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Both the cousins have been making people go aww over them and their photos, of course, go instantly viral on the Internet.

Today, the paparazzi snapped both Taimur and Inaaya enjoying their playtime together. Taimur, who has become paparazzi's favourite was seen waving and talking to them while the photogs clicked him. Baby Tim looked cute as a button wearing a blue striped T-Shirt and blue denim shorts with a pair of blue sneakers. On the other hand, Inaaya was seen nestled in the arms of her nanny wearing a collared floral printed frock, white shoes and bow-style headband.

Check out the adorable photos of Taimur and Inaaya below and tell us about it in the comments section.


Recently, reports suggested that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena wanted to keep Taimur away from the shutterbugs for now. But, Saif dismissed the rumours stating that these speculations were false.

Meanwhile, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Saif spoke candidly to us about how Taimur has changed Saifeena's life. "Our timings have changed. We've become more responsible. We sleep earlier. We wake up earlier because he is up at the crack of dawn. Your mental timetable is more based around him than around yourself. And that's a welcome change. I like a bit more stable routine and he is helping me do that. I'm very happy about it!," Saif gushed about Taimur.


nice to see the no-pics rules in full PR-effect. ;p

I love our cutie sweetie rosogulla- Taimur little boy is the best

My darling baby boy Taimur. People stop being so mean to his mother, just yesterday you saw her carrying him for his walk and he was snuggled up to her with his head on her shoulder and arms around her. Day before she went to his Diwali social. She’s with Taimur just as much as any other celeb but the kid does a lot of activities, not hidden in the house, so he’s seen more with the help/nanny. Everybody has a social life, so does she and also the nature of her work requires her to attend social events. Her sons happy, secure personality is proof that he’s not lacking parental love and bonding. Damn if she does and damn if she doesn’t

You can see even the pictures/videos from inside these activities nannies are always with him while kareena is just watching

90% of the time the kid is captured with the nanny. Its just so weird. With Lara or Aishwarya most of the pics are of them with the kids but with Karan's kids, Kareena's kid and Soha's kid they are almost always with the nanny. Soha started out being seen with her daughter all the time and then went the Kareena way. I have seen Saif more with Taimur and he actually is shooting for Sacred Games and Sacred Games 2.

So true, Saif's been working a lot more than lazy Kareena and he's seen more with him. All Kareena does is gym party dinners pose pout but no time for Taimur so sad

Kareena is anything but lazy. Going to gym everyday takes a lot of discipline unlike PC who goggles hot dogs and vodaka and party all the time with OPM and borrowed jewelry and dresses

Soha is uber rich, her husband hit the lottery. No need to work. Damn ! My mortgage is due soon ....

Taimur is a sweetheart...

How does Soha pay for nannies and home when living in Mumbai, both her husband and her are jobless....and looks like Kareena is the only one makes the most money anyway...

Soha has a finance degree from London school of economics. And she had capital. She is most likely an active investor and doesn’t need to work for someone else.

She's a nawabzadi, babe. You forgot? She is the heir to the Patuadi royalty. Royalty don't sweat. They give hukums. You and I meanwhile need to sweat our asses off to earn our daal-roti. The merits of having a Nawab as a daddy :)

What royalty?? From whom?? Saif always talked about how he is broke and plus they are "nawabi" only in the name!! I am sure they have $$ saved from their estate, passed down from their father but how much would that last?? And, besides Saif, none of them work, including the mother, so they are living on savings????

Soha NEVER shows any affection for Taimur, neither she greets him when coming out the car and meeting Taimur's nanny for the play date, it's all on the video...and she gives off very jealous vibes...I kind of hate Kareena for not spending as much of time with her kid, she is also pawing her kid off to the help or sending him to others's home for play dates, knowing Indian into voodoo or not...please save your child, keep him close and dont send him to boarding one will have best interest for your child than you, even rich children are abused.

Taimur is such a cute/intelligent baby!! I know, people are going to hate this but has anyone noticed, Innaya isnt as interactive or curious as Taimur even when he was at her age!! Taimur is such amazing kid and yes, tell these roaches off!! They freakin keep calling for him and when he already has said hi and bye, come on, dont harass the kid, he was clearly upset during Halloween!!

i love taimur


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