Priyanka Chopra on Bigg Boss 7

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Priyanka Chopra came on Bigg Boss 7 to promote her upcoming film, Krrish 3. It's going to be interesting to watch the two share screen space considering their fall out after Mujhse Shaadi Karogi in 2004.

Both the stars have always stayed away from each other and with Priyanka making it clear where her loyalties lie (read: SRK), Salman always kept a distance.

However, looks like both of them have finally made peace now!

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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I love this couple pc nd salman

Mon, 2013-10-28 05:17 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
With or without high heels the man should be taller than the woman. Looks childish.

Woah Body issues much

Salman Priyanka were too good.. specially their part.. i already watched their part 5 times
i loved priyanka's mimicry of Salman Khan.. and when she ended it he said agr meri awaz inpe itni suit karti hai to main kitna karoon gha
they even danced on desi girl the was good salman couldnt follow pc hehe but yeha she managed to follow his steps on udh udh dabangg..
how i wish they hadnt cut out the english song because in the picture salman priyanka are doing the steps..
man i wish they both are in sooraj barjatiya's movie..

These 2 are so Hot together i wanna see them together in a movie soon!!

I want this outfit, does anyone know where it's from or is it custom made?

i love her outfit.

Salman wears high heels as well, those are hidden in his jeans pant's legs..

With or without high heels the man should be taller than the woman. Looks childish.

love the first pic, salman's expression was like please don't beat me, priyanka's expression was like dare beat him n see. ahahhaa

Someone should make a post on PC latest hairstyles. I recently saw her two other interviews for krrish 3 where she was channeling extremly differnt yet stylish hairdos. I think she should ditch middle parting and always opt for updos and side parted hair which makes her nose surgery invisible for a while.

PC wore this better than kareena. They make cute pair and should work together.

they were really cute on big boss. would love to see them in a film.

Doesn't matter about whose fallout with whose. Srk is my favourite, but I still like Salman and aamir too!!!

My oh My..

Very good pair! They seem to be really suiting each other. Saying it again that I love her outfit.

PC wore it better.

Kareena wore same outfit at the Satyagraha music launch event.
I prefer it on Kareena. she makes everything special and stylish

Only the pants part is the same otherwise it looks really different. It does not suit kareena at all, she looks old in that outfit. PC looks far better.

salman was flirting so much. i loved it when he said you would suit me. they've always looked together.

tone? not everyone needs to have muscles.

good to see them together

Salman rocking the show.. and loved Peeeceeeee and Asif in today's show

PC's rocking it!!!!I love the whole look!!Head to toe perfection

Omg! PC is gorgeous! Loved her overall styling!

Yea since she got the boot from srk..
loser pc

PC looks gorgeous too but I don't like her earnings

Kareena wore same outfit at the Satyagraha music launch event.
I prefer it on Kareena. she makes everything special and stylish.

Not same dear watch it

Agree, not the same! IMO PC is in modern Salwar design & Kareena looks like in legging

LOVE LOVE LOVE what she is wearing!

Probably Priyankas best appearance, styling and fashion wise.

Haha. Salman said he will suit priyanka. That was really cute

Very jealous of her outfit

PC is looking so cute..They should do movie together as soon as possible.

i have seen deepika wearing the same dress somewhere....

Hrithik is going the SRK way these days and needlessly getting insecure of Salman these days. Yes Krishh producers wanted to promote their film on BIGG BOSS hence PC is there, but Hrithik should have been there too, it only makes sense. Anyways Salman PC are rocking it.

I wont mind PC with Salman in Sooraj Barjatya's next but I know she will overact the Indian woman part, which I can't stand. Otherwise they have a crackling chemistry.

How tall is PC? With her 5 inch platform heels she is coming up to Salman's height. In Miss india contest her height was shown as 169cm that is just below 5ft 7in.

PC looks good so is salman

Love these two together. Glad Hrithik isn't here... I can't stand him

I am kinda not liking #SalmanKhan after yesterdays episode.

I agree

love salman


Priyanka needs to tone her too just like her flat body
Salman looks great!!

Lol. And look who's saying this, a fan of a certain actress who on obsolutely doesnt evn hav toned arms :P bwahahahha

Wow!! Priyanka is on a roll she is looking absolutely stunning these days!! This outfit is gorgeous and she is rocking it!!

PC looks stunning!

Please note that they appeared last together on screen was god tussi great ho which came Years after 2004 :)

They appeared in God Tussi great ho and salaam e ishq after mujhse shaadi karogi, please change the wrong information ...PC looks beyond gorgeous

No after MSK they did salaame ishq in 2007 and god tussi great was their last film. And now they share a great equation.
Btw PC is looing freaking beautiful. Love her dress. Sallu-pc look cute together. Wanna them together onscreen. :)

After MSK they did salaame(2007) ishq and the last film they did together was god tussi great ho (2008)after that she did a ramp walk for being human show. They had a fallout becoz she rejected main aur mrs khanna film that later went to kareena.

PC looks beautiful here. Love her dress. They both look cute together. I would love to see their jodi again. :D

I'm a big fan of PeeCee i prefer PeeCee and Sallu together then SRK and PeeCee . I 'm a big fan of PC Sallu SRK . They look preety together!

They did 3 movies together! My 1st indian movie was MSK then i started love Bollywood hope to see them again in movies.


can anyone tell me whether she has changed her designer. How come so suddenly she luks classy and beautiful since a couple of weeks.

they made peace long time back!

Wait a minute, she's there to promote Krrish 3? Where's the rest of the star cast? How weird!

Salman didn't invite Hrithik on his show to promote Agneepath 2 years ago either, so I'm presuming nothing's changed since then. No biggie though! :)

I love Priyanka's outfit, but she should tone a bit her shoulder area or dress accordingly.

Oh... I thought they made up already.

Vivek wouldn't come for obvious reasons, Kangana came last week, Salman and hrithik are not on talking terms according to some tabloids so only priyanka is left to promote it on Bigg Boss !

Nice, she's channelling her inner EXOTIC. She looks fab. :)

Trying to imitate Sonam hun...FLOP LOL

Sonam ???????R u kidding me now?.??.?? :PP

Btw why is hrithik not there?

can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

I love what she is wearing. Very graceful and cool.

i may just have to watch this episode just for the witty teasing, looks like they were having fun.

She looks so gorgeous! I hope there's no awkwardness between them! Looking forward to a light-hearted, fun episode for tomorrow. Today's was too high on drama/emotions!

Love her outfit, such a beautiful one.

PC spotted at Salman house many times, they were together on Star Guild award show, PC and Slaman complimented eachother on Sachins 100 crore match, so it is just they did not made film, but every year they spotted together

Salman made appearance in some charitable show carried by PC

PC made walk for Being Human

the list is endless

and PC is close friend of Arpita

Every celebrity is dying to come to Salman's show to promote their movies.. bet even Aishwarya Rai would have come crawled on her knees if her movie was being released.

Salaam E Ishq, God Tussi Great Ho, Dus Ka Dum and she did the ramp walk for Being Human.

Looking forward to the episode tomorrow :)

w/o her heels she would be shorter than salman..

Gooooorgeoussss PC.. they r dancing to Exotic

Roshans dont have guts to face Salman so they sent this kachra here.
they should be thankful to this man.

God Tussi Great Ho was in 2008, right? She looks lovely, I've always liked her pairing with Salman. I notice Hrithik isn't here. Over the Guzaarish thing? Hrithik should have got his facts straight before commenting on gossip but I thought both were over it? Or is solo promotion their strategy? Because if Kangna was here last week to actually promote Krrish, it was a fail as she didn't mention it once.

Looking forward to the inevitable banter & teasing she will face... Should be fun!

Priyanka Chopra is STUNNING! She is looking GORGE!!!! She and Salman should get married, the POWER couple in B.Town!

She looks cute in that outfit.

Since when she's engaged? :/

I absolutely love what she is wearing!

Salaam-E-Ishq was the last movie they did together, not Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Salaam was released in 2007.

Wasn't she on Dus Ka Dum? I'm pretty sure she was. That was well after Salaam-E-Ishq.

She looks great. But I'm pretty sure they also starred together in Salaam-e-Ishq & God Tussi Great Ho.

Wow! She was the only one brave enough to face him for promotions. Her loyalty is still with SRK. She looks PRETTY!!!!!

SRK is her friend and they worked together more. They clicked also very well as individuals I guess and SRK has always been supportive even when she had issues with her old manager in Temptation days.

back to pictures...These two look so off together somehow.

you forgot. kangna already made a solo appearance.

But kangana didnt promote krrish 3 there.

I love her outfit!

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