Priyanka chopra at Miss world 2009 photos + video

Priyanka chopra at Miss world 2009 as a judge. She is here in a Suneet verma saree.
She looks very graceful and confident.

Credits: youtube.comdaylife

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she looks good.

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-12-21 07:15: you're not well. you obviously sterotype. you're not well.

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-12-17 20:06: why u indians r so proud of ur bad strong accent. everybody makes fun of u guys..u should appriciate atleast someone like pc is trying to get rid of that ridiculas accent. ==> first of all, your comments seemed tunneled, sterotyped and kind of sad. secondly, Pri did have an Indian accent of today-- today nearly every desi has that 'strange' mixture accent of East and West, including Aish, AB and the big stars-- in an attempt to hide their real accent.

she is luking really very hot!!!!!!!!!

why u indians r so proud of ur bad strong accent. everybody makes fun of u guys..u should appriciate atleast someone like pc is trying to get rid of that ridiculas accent. she has lived here in america...with her it's not surprising that she would speak american english..and please concentrate on her presence..not on her way of talking...!!

i watched the video............sshe outshoned all the contestants.............she definitely has an alluring presence, i did not even have a good look at winner.....just staring at PC in awe...............and she was like this even on the day of her crowning.........very confident, likeable and so of the paegants where she was the outright winner..............

wow, everyone who is concerned about her accent are idiots. she went to school in america, so of course she will have somewhat of an accent. but that is besides the point, she is on a global platform making us proud which i doubt any of you ppl critizing will ever do

Pri does look younger and far more ravishing than the contestants.. Pri is really a stunner..

priyanka was looking more hot and beautiful than other 112 contestents in miss world 2009

omg who cares about the accent .. I was just glad to see her on the miss world stage! lol

She always tries to show this 'Americanized' accent when she is outside of India on an event. You can see how she makes sure she pronounces every single syllable and word perfectly, it’ clearly visible that she is trying too hard to hide her normal Indian accent! This is so fake and tacky; while back home in India she does not speak English like this.

She looks so good! hottay!

i dont think shes put up any accent. its a confident indian accent from growing up in any metropolitan like mumbai or delhi and such. i am from mumbai and my "accent" is exactly like hers. Lets just be proud of what she has achieved instead of criticizing her accent or her features. When you become a successful indian actress or a famous personality, then you can go ahead and criticize. but for right now, lets just be happy for her.

Pri outshined the winner, she looks stunning !!

She LOOKS GREAT! So glad she wore a Indian traditional outfit and the way she carried it on stage! I can Imaine Aishwarya wearing something western - her favorite suit outfits that she usually wears- here ...
But PC handled the techniqual difficulty well here I thought ... Most ppl wud panic but I thought she was a bit rude to the other girl when she was like "Give me that" lol

whilst i agree tht she puts on an american accent alot!! she studies in the US so it is understandable that she has picked up the accent!


Why is her skin looking as if it has some serious bronzer on it?

And she's wearing the saree properly for once & not hanging half out of it to show the goods! Amen! She's such a pretty girl she really doesn't have to resort to cheap tricks to get attention.

hey great !! who won? where can we see the Miss World video of the show?

it got fake written all over it...
i jst saw her old pics and she gt work done def.. lip job, nose job, face modifications.. and its easier for her because her dad runs the clinic..

love her saree, shes lookin prety here!!


thats a thats a plain flat indian mumbai/delhi accent nothing american about it pleaseeeeeeeeeee in response to piya27 below

She looks absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!! Wow. Glad you draped the Saree properly. That's how it's done ladies....

i loved d host of d miss world show..she was really polite nd warm 2wards everyone!!!

thank god she didn't bring up dat crazy accent of hers..i guess she picked up d clues from us pink-villans.. ;))

She was looking nice but she shouldn't hav put on an american accent. . . I mean, she's representing india isn't she?

love itttttttttttttttttttttt

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