Priyanka Chopra new photo

Priyanka Chopra new photo 0
Priyanka Chopra new photo 0

She looks great . But the photo has been photoshopped to a great degree

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Anonymous's picture

she looks lovely

mgurlgurl's picture

omg she looks lovely!

Anonymous's picture

her hair is fine
but the HAIRSTYLE is boring since she kept the same style for 10 years!
she looks pretty

Anonymous's picture

finally she lookin good
i like her hair there better than now

Anonymous's picture

i hate her hair

Anonymous's picture

this is old it came out during the promotion of 'Don: the chase begins again'..but never the less she looks gorgeous

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-03-17 03:56 Loser. Were u the doctor?

Anonymous's picture

So her lips amazing shapes..

bollywood lover's picture

bt shes still lookin very pretty


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