Priyanka Chopra or Sonam Kapoor - who rocked the Shehlaa K saree?

Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor were both spotted in a Shehlaa K saree. Sonam Kapoor wore the saree at Shehlaa K's store launch while Priyanka Chopra wore the Shehla K saree at the CBS/BIGFM awards held on the 24th of January 2013.

They both looked absolutely ravishing. But who according to you, rocked the saree more?

Credits: pinkvilla

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the lighting conditions are so different making the saree color looks different. The lighting under sonam's saree is nice and the saree looks beautiful.

Sonam looks like movie star of the 50s.. amazing style and charm.. but if i had to dress up, i'll go the priyanka route- simple yet elegant!
so both!

Priyanka Chopra looks predictable. Sonam looks stylish, as always.


Sonam rocks this look, looking very fresh. PC's same-old hair is her downfall.

Sonam here.

Both looking great :)

definitely sonam

Is this even a question??? It's like comparing a hooker with a graceful woman

sonam has a hot body that carries this saree better than pc

sonam looks much better


PC wins here easily.. sonam is good too

Sonam's class, face and hair makes her the clear winner here!

Sonam is so so so stunning! her face is so beautiful! classic!

love this sari and look on her!




Sonam for sure

Really, they both look awesome. Well done, ladies!

Sonam any day :)


Sonam looks classy and elegant

The Desi Girl Of course PC..she Looks Perfect head to toe!!

sonam has a very cry baby face like tragedy queen so I simply dont like her. Also, both r good but the saree isn't


sonam for sure

sonam without a unbiased since im not a fan of either

Priyanka gorgeous as usual.

Its Piggy Chops for me.


Priyanka, I think She looks stunning!

Sonam original beauty Pc fake beauty


Sonam looks like a movie star from the golden age. Her styling is elegant and charming. Priyanka looks pretty enough, but her look isn't memorable. Sonam wins, IMO.

Is this even a question??? :O

pc looks great*

I am going to say Sonam. Her jewellery and makeup is perfect and I love how she has the flowers in her hair. The look is very elegant and pulled together. Priyakna on the other hand, the ring she wearing is off and so is the makeup.

it's sonam for me.

PC all the way...elegance!

ofcourse PC....

priyanka looks awesome...

PC for me...

priyanka all the way...


It's Priyanka. She is looking hot and beautiful. Sonam looks like mannequin in a store.


Sonam looks classy!

sonam, somehow i don't like when priyanka wears a saree it just looks too tacky for some reason other than desi girl that was hott

Both Rocked It..Just that Saree is not that great!!

Sonam + she was first !

Priyanka's body and Sonam's face!!!

sonam is so poised n elegant... pc as usual boring

that wud be sonam, pc looks filmy

They both look good but Priyanka looks amaaaazing in here

sonam ofcouse

sonam looks poised and elegant - something i've never seen PC looks (not that she looks bad) but never elegant

sonam ofcourse

Has to be Sonam

Sonam, looks regal....the other one has a buster face.

Both. Priyanka's tiny frame always takes away from her when it comes to these sort of 'who wore it better' fashion face-offs but she still manages to look gorgeous.

Both looks stunning!! But for me PC looks better!

Sonam, hands down!!!

For me Priyanka...Even though her pic is not that clear, she looks awesome.


Love priyanka saree andsonam hairstyle...


of course sonam


Sonam. She looks classy and I love her hairstyle...


both bt sona rocks


I think it is the prettiest these two have looked.

Of course SONAM!!!!!!

Both look stunning
... i hadnt seen this pic of sonam before but her hairdo is wow!!

obviosly priyanka......she'z looking amazing like always......

obviously priyanka.........

Priyanka !




Sonam..she has the perfect make up and hair do

soman is far better

sonam kapoor looks good....


SONAM . Hair pulled back.

PC saree and sonam hairstyle.

Definitely Sonam

ya both re looking awsome but thums up with snam

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