Priyanka Chopra's UNSEEN photos as a Ralph Lauren and Sabyasachi bride are a treat to one's eyes

We came across a few unseen photos of Priyanka Chopra from her wedding with Nick Jonas held last month. In the photos, Priyanka looks drop-dead gorgeous in her both the bridal looks.
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It's been a month since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had their fairytale wedding at Umaid Bhavan Palace Hotel in Jodhpur. The couple tied the knot in dual wedding ceremonies - as per Christian and Hindu traditions. For the Christian wedding ceremony, Priyanka and Nick wore outfits designed by Ralph Lauren making the actor the first celebrity to do so. Whereas, while marrying as per Hindu traditions, the couple donned outfits designed by Sabyasachi.
Today, a few more photos were released of Priyanka in her bridal avatar for both the wedding ceremonies. Ralph Lauren tweeted Priyanka's bridal look by tweeting, "@PriyankaChopra’s one-of-a-kind wedding gown, by the numbers: 135 satin-covered buttons, 700 spools of ivory thread, 5,600 pearlized seed beads, 11,632 Swarovski crystals, 2,412,000 high-luster sequins. Totalling 1,826 hours of handwork by 15 skilled artisans." Whereas, fan clubs posted beautiful and unseen photos of Priyanka as a Sabyasachi bride.
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During an interaction, Ralph Lauren said, "The placement of “Nicholas Jerry Jonas” at the front of the coat was mirrored on the back by the names of her parents. ‘Family’ scrolled along the right sleeve where Priyanka has a tattoo reading “Daddy’s lil girl”. Just over her heart the word “Love” was stitched."

He also said, "This isn’t about a dress. It’s about a woman and a moment. @priyankachopra knows exactly who she is, and so I wanted the dress to reflect not only her love story but also her unique sensibility, strong, smart and beautiful."


Even Harry and Meghan's wedding didn't stress the general public as much as Priyanka's did.

I think Priyanka looked beautiful.

PC's fake wedding pics are back and so is her rabid lone supporter abusing everyone for calling out Chopra's fake wedding.

From all the Bollywood weddings, none of them have publicized their pictures as much as priyanka has. Seems sooo fake now


We've seen these pics nearly hundred times. Give us a break Chopra! YAWN!

you should get a life

How many unseen pics will they release?!

Stop trying to release UNSEEN...everything about Priyanka's circus wedding is SEEN now

Go to hell haters

She’s such a show off

Ok that’s old now .. get over it.

yet you're still the first to click and comment. obsessed much?

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