Rahul Roy's wife - Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

Rahul Roy's wife - Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar 0
Rahul Roy's wife - Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar 0

She has put on soo much of weight...

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Anonymous's picture

rahul is with far more killing looks then her

Anonymous's picture

Omg! I can't believe that's Rahul Roy!! He was soooo hotttt in his Aashiqui days & all his movies after that! He looked better than all the other actors back then! Don't know why he let himself go like that!! So sad... I loved him in aashiqui & I just only watched it last year lol...

Anonymous's picture

She looks a 100 times better with long black hair, what is this nonsensical firangi avatar ?

Anonymous's picture

SHE has put on weight? what! Have you seen the dude next to her? Rahul Roy's completely let himself go!! He was such a hottie in Aashique, can't believe it is the same guy. :((

Anonymous's picture

whats wrong with u people..she still looks great..doesnt look like she's had any 'procedures' ..has aged really well...she's not overwieght just needs to get toned a bit thats all and she sure looks younger than ash

Anonymous's picture

I still remember....she used 2 known as ''extremely pretty'' woman.wat has happened to her ??? why dis hair color ??? can sum1 tell me are they not together ???

Anonymous's picture

I am fed up of ed hardy t-shirts... seriously wear GAP for a change..

Anonymous's picture

I agree with others here, both are way out of shape. Rlaxmi was a beautiful woman once upon a time, what has she done to herself and that hair?!!

gudgal's picture

i used to like them...but now both luk so out of shape :-(....if they try they cud go back to their better-looking days! rajyalaxmi lukd out of this world before...now...uhhhh no-more *sigh*

Anonymous's picture

cant believe dat rahul roy frm aashiqui is gone sooo fat he was slim b4 jus watched his old film gumraah wid sridevi in it he luked really slim in it he played a baddy in gumraah

Anonymous's picture

she was his wife i mean his ex-wife now

Anonymous's picture

Cant believe..she used to be so beautiful and she is much younger than Ash,Sush n all..Why dint she maintain herself..?She was far better than Ash..

Anonymous's picture

She used to be so pretty..She is much younger than Aishwarya ,Sush etc...Remmbr Pankaj Udas album..?Wonder wot happened to her?She looks pathetic..Makes me realise how Ash has maintained herself so well..

Tindolu's picture

its looks like Rahul is standing with some statue... ha ha ha..


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