Ranbir, Kareena, Karisma Kapoor at Randhir's birthday

courtesy: Mid-day.com
Kareena and Karisma Kapoor celebrated their dad Randhir's birthday (February 15) at a lounge bar in Bandra.
Their mom Babita was missing but the rest of the Kapoor clan was in attendance.
There were the Kapoor brothers Rishi and Rajiv with their wives, and Rima Jain with her husband Manoj. Even Ranbir Kapoor was part of this impromptu party (see pic alongside) organised by Rima for her older brother.
Kareena took special permission from Karan Johar, her producer, to take leave from the shooting of Short Term Shaadi to attend her dad's birthday bash.
"The venue Bungalow 9 was chosen as B-town celebrities don't frequent it.
The Kapoors didn't want to bump into anyone at their private do. Kareena was to shoot till midnight but when her aunt Rima called her, she requested director Shakun Batra to relieve her early and she joined the party.
Bebo has an annual tradition. She takes her dad out for a birthday lunch every year.
Says an insider, "Randhir's face lit up when he saw his two daughters and Ranbir drop in to wish him."
There were no gifts for Dabboo (Randhir's pet name) as it's been a strict rule followed by the Kapoor clan for years.
He doesn't like gifts on his janamdin, and has told everyone to respect his wishes. Even his children Kareena and Karisma stick to the no-gift policy.

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neetu is the only brown one. otherwise all other are so fair!

now, for a long time the kapoor star girls used to ignore rishi, neetu and in extn ranbir because he was not a star then but they were. times have changed karisma is not a hit giving actress anymore, kareena may not be as popular anymore. but thanks to male dominated bollywood ranbir has become and is going to remain a star for long. so they are building bridges with neetu now!

Fri, 2012-09-14 23:51 — Anonymous
Hi i just want to see my childhood photos....Iam Karishma Kapoor...


ur lie got caught dear..............she writes her name as Karisma Kapoor and not Karishma........lolz

Hi i just want to see my childhood photos....Iam Karishma Kapoor...

@Thu, 2011-07-28 08:05 — Anonymous
That's not Babita. That's Reema Kapoor (Randhir Kapoor's sister). You talk so authoritatively, but you don't have ur facts right here.

gus babita kapoor is between neetu kapoor n kareena kapoor...blind ppl....and this family lives and breathes films...atleast some of them do...and among the industry arent in the category of alcoholics...just becoz u read some shit doesnt mean its true...and its their family so stop being so gaito n commenting about other ppls family when u r not sure

guys..babita is between neetu kapoor and kareena kapoor...blind ppl

Babita must be with her property developer lover.

wow............ what a picture man.........................
good 2 see every1 so happy 2gether.............
every1 has a problem with babita thats y she is`nt here.......

Who took and posted this online? :-)

plz post new pics of samaira kapoor.

nice pic.i luv this family. lolo looking great. m very happy to see them togather. plz post sum new pics of samaira kapoor i want to see her.

Kapoor men are a bunch of unfaithful spoilt uneducated alcoholics I must say and the disgusting thing is they are proud of their uneducated background and loose character. Ranbir is the most educated of the lot. He somehow managed a Bachelor's degree, though he accepts that he almost failed all his exams...None of them could match Raj Kapoor though. He was the worst of the lot..biggest womaniser and alchoholic.
Wonderful family my foot .

Great reunion kinda pic but missing Sanjna, Kunal(Karan is in UK) & family & Shashiji, the most handsome debonair Kapoor. If Jennifer Kapoor was around things would have been so much better for him-he would have been fitter for long. Things wud have been rosier for Sanjna and maybe she wud have done some sensible films...Hope the spirit of the dignified Kapoors make them choose a good bahu for Ranbir & not any1 frm the streets...

All ya Bebo fans are going gaga over this pic. This is faaaarrrr from a loveable family. A lot of people here are just being civil to each other.

Kareena and Kareena have a cold relationship with Rishi, Neetu and their family. At Karisma's wedding only Rishi Kapoor was invited. He was present minus his wife and his kids.

At Riddhima's (Rabir's sis) wedding Kareena wasn't even invited. Rishi Kapoor told in an interview"I called Karisma and Sanjay Kapur, but they wrote to me saying that they were busy in Delhi. I did not call Kareena."

Rishi Kapoor, Neetu and Ranbir are all closer to the Bachchans(who are also related to them) than bebo and her family. They attended Abhishek's wedding despite his unceremonious break up with Karisma and Bachchans attended Riddhima's. Ranbir calls Aishwarya his bhabhi :D He addressed her as "bhabhi" even during KWK.

Rishi and Neetu have separated atleast twice after marriage due to his alcoholism etc. They were even on the verge of divorce. This is a fact.
Both Rishi and Randhir Kapoor are alchoholics. Babita left Randhir cause he was too much into drinking and partying.

Chimpu Kapoor their youngest bro has married and divorced upteen times. Karisma was on the brink of divorce as well. She and her husband have a strained relationship just like her parents.

So what's so nice and gorgeous here guys, all show no substance..we all celebrate our parents' birthday...so are they minus their mother. Big deal!!!!!!

what happened to babita? i always got bad vibes from her.

why is my comment not published about this dirty family. Starting from grandfather who had affair after affair while still being married with Krishna to Rishi the wife beater to Ranbir the cheater - the males are notorious.

No wonder babita left.
Kareena who I dont like comes off much better atleast she was faithful when she was with shahid she didnt handle her own decision to leave him maturely. but.. that is ok compared to ranbir the cheater.

I would hide if i had such a family.

@Thu, 2011-02-17 17:22 — Anonymous
Ugliest family in bollywood

I agree. All the women in this family look like men except for neetu singh because she married into the family.
The men were average in their careers baring maybe rishi and even he wasn't a force to reckon with.
Too much hype and only in India you will have people blindly worshiping a family because of light eyes and light skin.

wow, thats one totally loveable family.its so nice to hav one big family reunion.i love them so much.

Wish it was better picture quality.

Wish Rishi would lose his flab, stay off the booze, so he can stay together in good health with Neetu for a long long time. They made such a cute couple in their younger years.

Awww... nice to see them all together, and the cousins bonding is also very nice. Wonder what happened to babita as she is still not willing to forgive and forget. As far as I've heard it has something to do with Neetu & Rima...Guess Krishna Kapoor doesn't like to step out much and there's another sister too right?

sooooo ghattiya khandan first kapoors were angry becoz bebo and lolo entered showbiz against there will and now they have no greviences becoz people like bebos ass and filthy body !!! diplomatic

im from israel end hir ol love kapoor fameli from rag kapoor shasi shami risi karisma kareena babita nitu geta bahli baeutifool fameli big honor tu india

whole of the family is morall corrupt starting from the grandfather who had multiple well known affairs to rishi's wife beating to Ranbir's cheating on deepika (why cheat, why not break up and start with katrina??? what kind of moron does tis sort of thing?)

Babita left as she couldnt stand.

Karisma is used to this environment so puts up with a cheating husband as long as he is rich.

Kareena is ok, i mean she was faithful to shahid for few years except when she ditched him she was quite nasty!

I am not a fan of ranbir the person, but I credit his star power as the main reason why kareena and karisma are at this family event.

WOW..So nice...

It's the first time we've seen Karisma, Kareena, and Ranbir all in one photo, other than their childhood ones!

Lovely family and all r looking happy.
Lolo bebo and ranbir r looking lovely together and they r the best in our industry. I wish i am their cousin or family. Kapoor family seem to be fun loving and joyful. God bless u and kapoors r our royal in industry

umm, no, only kareena and karishma are looking good, most of the the guys look fat and ranbir was never good in looks department. but who cares, they're happy. but are anil and sonam kapoor part of the kapoor band? just wondering.

long live this family..!!!

Ugliest family in bollywood

babita and damad ji - absent.



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