Rani Mukerji & Anil Kapoor win top laurels at TSR-TV9 awards 2012

Photos,T. Subbarami Reddy-TV9 film awards
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Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee won the Bollywood evergreen hero and Bollywood ever shining star awards respectively at the T. Subbarami Reddy-TV9 film awards for the year 2011-12.

The event was held in Hyderabad today and all winners were handpicked by a committee comprising of veteran actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, lyricist C. Narayana Reddy, legendary producer D. Rama Naidu, singer P. Suseela, actor-politician Jayasudha and Shobana Kamineni, director of Apollo Hospitals Group.


support Sun Super Model@ did u see the last photo in this post? why they look too bore like this?? no need to view all of of ur photo either. I saw when bong Sok knhaknua do like this she always smile not like that reh. 0

She looks beautiful

Thats very 90''ish dress!!! She has gorgeous eyes :)

she looks really bloated and tired.

2nd pic is it a engagement ring?

Neha, Sri n Rani; three classies in one pic ♥

Rani is so pretty.

For those of u who don't know that old man in 5 th pic from top is the dad of nagarjuna..and our Sri devi has acted many Many films with this old man ,mr.akkineni nageswara rao...and went on to act with nagarjuna as well... Search Telugu film premnagar etc in youtube.

whoa Rani, maybe should've looked in the mirror before walking out of the house.

someone is preggars!!

No rani looks Okay-Okay...the make up is very bad...

She won Bollywoods ever shining star award. Congrats Rani!

No Rani no!!!! The makeup is horrendous and she has either gained weight, or is wearing Abu Sandeep.

Lose some weight Rani!!!! You are too young for having such waist!!!! Come on hit the gym!!!

Is Rani wearing an engagement ring???

In south do people know Rani and Anil??

yes.. south indians especially hyderabadis watch a ton of hindi movies.

she looks scary

What do you mean FOR WHAT? It says for what. Selective reading or what. *rolls eyes*

Awarded for what? BEST ACTRESS award was given to Amisha freakin Patel! :) Hahahaha

Rani has gained alot of weight, but she is still beautiful though. I love Rani and Sridevi :)

For what??

Rani n that guy from Zanjeer in the last pic look great

Hahahah so they meet again.... Rani CHOPRA and mr sinha hahahah

Sridevi is so much prettier than Rani.

Oh my, what happened to Rani's figure? In the 9th picture it's easier to perceive than in others that her waist looks so huge, and her arms too....She's not pregnant and only in her mid thirties and an actress who still is active... Looks like she wears an Abu Sandeep lehenga, or something embelished in a way that it could easily pass as their creation...

On the other hand, Sridevi looks stunning and elegant in a classy saree...


In south do people know Rani and Anil??

Ooh who's the guy with her in the last pic?

Please post more close up pics of Rani!

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