Rani Mukerji At Asia Vision Awards 2013

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Seen here are some Twitter pictures of Rani attending the Asian Vision Awards. She was awarded with the Excellence In Hindi Cinema Award for Talaash and Bombay Talkies.


Now this is interesting... it seems that my comments were removed but the replies to my comments which are bashing me, "Aish Fans", and Trashwarya are still there. How strange. I hope PV wasn't hacked by a very insecure person!

no insecure loser called kitty

If I'm the insecure loser, how come I have the guts to log in before commenting and you don't? And if you know what happened to my missing comments then please elaborate. :)

Rani looks so pretty!
She was amazing in Talaash and Bombay Talkies. Especially in BT; it was only a short film, and she still stole the show and made a huge impact. One of the BEST actors in India today.

Kitty seems to be so jealous that Rani won that award and not Aish.

+1. For some reason, Aish fans are very bitter. They seem to think accolades and awards only matter when its Aish getting them. Thats why being number 1 post on PV is thr biggest achievement for them.

ole ole Kitty... tch tch...loser ..ole ole... Trashwarya didnot get any....ole ole ole ole

other award recipients include Mohanlal, Shreya Ghosal, and Academy award winner Resul Pukooty...just because Karisma happens to win one doesn't make it completely baseless. if u are going to question the reliability of this award, u should do the same for all indian awards because they are all nonsense.


Karishma won the Pride Of Bollywood award actually. Rani won the Excellence In Acting award.

Two very different categories. Rani fully deserved her award, you cannot deny her performances in both movies. She stole the show in BT.

Yes, Karishma won the "Pride Of Bollywood" award from Asiavision. I rest my case. ;)

Yes, and this year Preity Zinta won the Pride Of Bollywood award... So what is the point you are making? Cause I really don't get it.

If you are trying to undermine other actresses by making these comments, it is not working. Awards are not just credible when awarded to Aishwarya Rai.

Or are you trying to say that Rani doesn't deserve the award, and her acting wasn't excellent in Talaash & BT? Cause that wouldn't make any sense either. It is pretty obvious that her acting is unmatched.

She also won Excellence in Acting at the GQ Awards. Two awards praising her on her EXCELLENT acting can't be a fluke.

Anyway, as I was saying... this award was most likely handed out to anyone who would show up. Even Ajay Devgan said the same thing about awards which is a front page article on PV today. But ones like Asiavision are most suspect because it is like a TV ratings grab, I mean they gave Karishma the "Pride of Bollywood" award 5 months prior and now they gave the same award to Preity after such a short time. Bogus award! And BTW your dragging in Aishwarya does not make my opinion any less valid.

I love how John is with Rani, he seems to be her number one fan :)


Complete Indian Woman....Simply Stunning. The package concept of Simple yet Elegant goes perfectly with Rani presentation. Best Versatile Actress of Indian Cinema :~}

She looks lovely. Congrats

Totally deserved. She looks beautiful

So cute, I wish there were clearer pics but this is the only one

gorgeous!! love rani

Very well deserved and she looks very beautiful.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. One of the greatest actors. Deserves every award

So graceful she is :) :)

queen of acting

Yaaaaaaaaay so well deserved!!!! She was brilliant in both movies.

Congratulations. One of the best actors in the country. There is not a single actress today, from Deepika to Kangna to even Vidya, who can come close to her. If anyone thinks otherwise, they're dreaming.

Congrats. Fully deserved. She looks so pretty. Eagerly awaiting Mardaani!

Even if she never does another film again, she will be remembered as one of the greats and she is only 35. That is a feat to behold.

She deserves to get all the awards this year. her performance in BT was awesome. non of current actresses can beat her in acting.

CAN somebody post pictures of john abraham at the asia vision awards

Congrats Rani

I find it so funny how actresses take their clothes off in films, especially rani in the movie aiya there was one song were her everything was hanging out. and then in real life at awards they are so overly coy, and try to cover themselves up in an extra way. its such a weird profession bare all on screen, be modest in real life.

bcoz its acting which is not real......u want actors to murder people outside just because they murder villains onscreen?

Can't believe they gave the national award to Sarika for parzania instead of giving it to Rani for Black. All these award shows suck. So biased and bought.

Congrats, Rani! Very well deserved, and good luck for Mardaani! :-)

can someone post the link or photo..of Rani and John together

P.S Well deserved and she looks amazing

13000 view already? :O

My favorite actress. My favorite dancer. My favorite off screen personality. Just, my favorite. So happy to see her still get so much recognition, awards, BO success & critical acclaim, seventeen years later when she is so reclusive & does such few films. She is truly special.

Is there any actress like her left? There are the wannabes, the item girls, the deluded has beens, the arrogant ones who need to proclaim their own greatness but no one like Rani. Miss her.


One of the best actresses of our times. KKHH, Hey Ram, Saathiya, Chalte Chalte, Yuva, Hum Tum, Veer Zaara, Bunty Aur Babli, Black, Paheli, KANK, Baabul, Saawariya, DBH, NOKJ, Aiyyaa, Talaash, BT... There is no actress right now that can display even half that versatility. Fact. These awards need to be showered on her.

Just love her.

So nice to see Rani for a long time!! I missed her so much! Love you Rani!!!

My favourite scene in Bombay Talkies: When Randeep comes home from work & Rani is in the bedroom, having just found out about him & Saqiub. He tries to kiss her & she's moving her head away each time. She looks like a doll, the black kajal in her eyes, hair framing her face. He carries on trying & her hand just shoots up and grabs his neck. Her expression then... It was so perfect. It had hate, fury, disgust. Her eyes convey all that, she didn't need to say a word. I can't describe it without sounding super cheesy, but in that split second, her eyes had fire in them.
Very few actors, male or female, have that ability to convey so many emotions in a simple three seconds & still remain subtle. So glad she got this award. Hopefully, she gets many more.

Absolutely right!

She is so lovely & so talented, it depresses me that she does so few films. There never has been & there never will be an actress with Rani's talent, versatility, beauty, grace & sheer skill.

Therr is such a cute puc of her & John, please post.
Love ya Rani

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is so owed this & more. Cannot believe Filmfare & Iifa didn't give her the award for Talaash. They will probably snub her for BT, too. Well, such an excellent & natural actress is too good for such crap award shows, anyway. It is really their own loss.

she looks great but i wish she'd do something with her hair. she has the most amazing, thick long hair, although the layers thin it out, and she always leaves it loose.

still, hair up or down, shes still one of the greatest actors of hindi cinema. congrats, rani.

she did SO great in bombay talkies! Very well deserved! :)

i am so happy for rani..rani was remarkable in talaash,it was sad that she didnt get any award for that role last year..n she was the best thing in bombay talkies,as much as i love nawaz n dibarkar's vision for nawaz's part i have to admit he too didnt shine as much as rani did in her part..but i am sure filmfare n iifa will snub her this year too..rani is indeed an excellent artist in Indian cinema..she is one of the very few prized possessions bollywood has..

agreed, she was the best thing about bombay talkies. and that's saying something, considering the movie also had nawazuddin.

Looking beautiful. Congrats!

I don't think any other actresses out there can come close to Rani's legacy . Box office queen is merely figures and hoopla that dies down in to time. But being consistent and remaining solid for 17 years is the secret, which takes hard work, blood, sweat, tears, loyalty, integrity everything.

Her bangles wow. Where can I get that online, anyone please?

Where is the pic of her and john. They looked sooo good together, that ufff my heart melted. She looks absolutely gorgeous btw!!

She fully deserves this award, those two performances were actually flawless for me, especially Talaash. Not one false note, so real. That scene where shouts at Aamir & the one with the seance... I wanted to cry, she was that good. And credit here goes to Reema, but it was so different seeing a grieving mother onscreen who wasn't revelling in her misery, she wanted to be happy. I love the scenes between Rani & Aamir, whenever she tries to talk to him, lighten things up & then her reaction when he doesn't reciprocate. I just love that film & Rani and Aamir's characters.
She looks nice here. Are there any more pictures?

Omg I love the part in talaash when she shouts at Aamir, the way she deliverd her lines and with the power in her voice, wow!

she looks really pretty. love the sari. her performance as roshni in talaash was one of her best ever. so restrained, so subtle but her grief still hits you in the face.

I know she's considered the finest actress of her times & will one day be remembered as one of the greatest of all time but I still feel she is underrated. She is so, so, so talented, she puts most actresses to shame. BT... In less than twenty minutes she gave a master class in acting. I look at the other performances of this year & think, in that small segment, she was still better than those who got 2hrs+ screen time.

Her public appearances are so rare :( More films, please. Is Mardaani ever going to start? July is not that far away & shooting hasn't even begun.

Gorgeous. Glad she got an award for Talaash, she owned that film, her performance was heart breaking.

She looks lovely but her hair is a bit too flat from the top. Award is most definitely deserved though. Is this the same event John was present because I saw a really cute pic of them together today.

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