Rani Mukerji at ‘Junoon’ Celebrity Cricket Match

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Rani looks too cute here. She resembling her haddipa character. LOL

so happy to see you back in life..... really missed u

Rani is 13 years younger than Salman and now he's bypassing her and Preity and choosing to act opposite the Sonakshis of Bollywood who are ,like, 10 years younger than even Rani !!
These lame old heroes trying to stay young by wooing girls young enough to be their daughters!

get over her shades!! its a charity match.. she wasnt there to flaunt herself

she looks very cute like a kid :)

She is such a cutie patootie!!!

Rani needs to go shopping for a better pair of sunglasses... and SOON

She looks kind of funny with her shades and her posture. So adorable.

i want to see rani and aditya chopra together!!!

lovely Pics

she looks cute but her choice of sun glasses is pathetic...but still she looks adorable!

she looks tiny and cute :)

really after c these pics i can laugh alot ..so funny ...idiot

She's totally faking her smile, infact Rani for many times she looks fake when she smiles without showing her teeth (I'm not saying u look fake when u don't show your teeth) but in her case, she usually does! So I don't get why Aish's haters says her smile is fake when she looks more natural than her. ??
Anyways-- I think those sunglasses would have matched with another look!

Those shades look silly on her!

She looks cute! :)

She is sooo cute

they are so cute

that shade of rani so doesn't suit her... especially with her skin color.


Did Rani play too?

oh my queen is back.she looks soooo beautiful.great to see her with salman.

she is beautiful..........
but always looks silly in sunglasses
i don't know why ???????????????

She is not looking good :(

Salman and Rani look like really good friends. salman is always involved in charities these days, using his stardom to benefit others. His family has always been quite giving actually.

Rani looks funny yet really cute lol!

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