Rani Mukerji at the launch of Times Green Ganesha in Mumbai

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As the 'Ganpati' festival draws near, there have many initiatives to control the pollution caused by immersing the Ganesha statues in lakes and the ocean. One way is to use Eco-friendly Ganesha statues. Here is Rani supporting this cause.


That's Sophia again :) My college ;D

Beautiful as always!

Indian beauty!

she is looking simple yet elegant! :)

she doesnt look good :(

I want that chudidaaaaar

Love the minimal makeup and the bindi. A "perfect 10" look.

She's soo beautiful! Wow! Her face looks soo refreshing. Stunning. Love the whole look and that killer smile! Woww

She looks younger and younger

Her smile is wide!

Absolutely beautiful!

I am in love with her makeup, this is how you do the "no makeup makeup" look. Her skin looks fresh and dewy, and the best bit is, we can see her freckles.. CUTE!

Also, the suit is just so refreshingly simple, I want it! And the turquoise ring.

Spot on

I love Rani. She looks beautiful no matter what she wears. Can't wait to see her movies this year!

im so happy that she back with another film.. was honestly tired of all those clones out there.. same clothes.. hairstyles (wigs)..make up.. same untalented foreign girls ...here is a quintessential desi girl who looks gorgeous, doesnt paint her skin white.. and can act her socks off..

Rani looks good in such Indian outfits, she should stick to them. Rather than making a fool of herself in western clothes. There is nothing wrong in wearing Indian clothes and looking very pretty. Same with Madhuri.

So beautiful she is :) :)

wow what a desi beauty...her eyes stand out more on her natural skin colour

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